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  1. Ska man spela Mutant ska man spela Undergångens Arvtagare. Förstår inte alls hypen bakom År Noll, men sen är ju smaken som baken. Symbaroum, där har du svenska rollspel som det ska vara IMO.
  2. Dom hade ju Dangerous Covenants i alla fall, så gruppens Hired Gun kommer nog bli glad om inte annat. Mången tack!
  3. Swede here as well. Any of you Scandi lot happen to know a webshop that actually has EoTE books and stuff in stock? I've got the Core book by a stroke of luck, but anything else seems to be out of stock indefinitely (until FFG goes for reprints, I'd wager).
  4. Yeah, pretty much. Getting a hold of books in Sweden has proven really hard, only got the CRB through a stroke of luck after scouring every retailer I could find. Oddly, I never had this issue with their 40K games. Wouldn't be much of an issue if shipping wasn't so very expensive.
  5. Maybe, maybe not. Many of them are far less zealous and only do what they have to to earn their paycheck. The trick is learning which types you're dealing with. Pretty much this. They're human too, and will act accordingly. A beat cop at the end of his shift that just wants to go home and knock one back might tell a PC to stow that blaster back on their ship, and they'll let it slide. A new recruit who feels he's got something to prove might apply the law to the letter. Of course, the former kinda depends on the severity of the crime. A blaster pistol might not be a big deal if the PC decides to leave it at their ship, while a missile tube might be harder to let slide with a slap on the wrist. That's where corruption might come into play. So to the OP, yes there should be a legal response to walking around with a missile tube in the Core Worlds. As to the nature of that response, it can run the gamut from crooked cops seeing an opportunity to line their pockets to a platoon of stormtroopers bearing down on the PCs (assuming stormtroopers are actually used in a law-enforcement role). It provides a challenge for the players to overcome, either through wit or force, and can provide a GM with some hooks for when ideas become rare. As for already owning a Restricted item, that doesn't mean it suddenly ceases to be restricted. The rules are pretty general though, IMO. An E-11 blaster is probably illegal for private persons to own wherever the Empire holds sway, but who's gonna bother you about it in Hutt space? Heck, no one will probably care that you're packing a missile tube in Hutt space either, unless they perceive you as a threat that is (or just want to stay the hell out of your way). I'd consider a few things, like where the PCs are and the actual gun laws there. Some worlds are very Wild West, and everyone and their granny has a blaster. Some worlds might allow commercially available sidearms, and anyone packing anything heavier would need proper paperwork. Some still might totally forbid firearms in the hands of private citizens, regardless of papers (might be something you want to take to the local Imperial representative). The rules being what they are, a lot of it falls to the GM I feel, and they as always have final say in anything related to their table.
  6. When my old DH1 group finally tracked a cult leader to his lair only to find him being possessed by a daemon. Half the group panicked and ran away... Then the Guard mechanic returned, fired his lasgun and made something like 4-5 Righteous Fury rolls (they were funny back then) and killed the thing outright. Or facing the Dancer in that included adventure from DH1. That has wiped more groups than I can count (until one very lucky/brave Acolyte ran up and gouged the eyes of the thing with his thumbs).
  7. Fair point that. Never did bother with the 40K line beyond DH and Rogue Trader (once), so wasn't even aware BC had something like that.
  8. Many of the Battle Sister talents also get better the crazier she is, so it's not impossible that a Sororitas player would actually endeavor to get more IP. I'm inclined to jump into the camp of "doing and seeing", so to speak. It's not just what the Acolytes see, but also what they do. Same as you might gain Corruption Points from reading a tome with Daemon names in it or whatever, reading a book about - say - the Fall of The Eldar might incur Insanity Points. Granted, at a certain point you become a jaded pick due to just how crazy you are, but would someone who's pushing 80 IP think twice about staring into the naked Warp or equivalent? Naturally that part falls a bit more on the players, but a friendly reminder from the GM that the character is indeed bat-sh!t crazy can go a long way.
  9. I'd assume that wherever you find Ordo Xenos Inquisitors of any rank you'll also find the occasional Deathwatch team. As for Astartes in DH campaigns, I'm in the camp of keeping them as far away as possible. Unless they're allies, I'd probably never go beyond the lone Marine as an antagonist, simply due to how vastly more powerful they are (that, or give the Acolytes tons of plasma, power and melta weapons just to stand a fighting chance).
  10. Search function came up with nada, so here I go. In short; are there any rules for Daemon weapons in DH2E? I've not gotten my copy of Enemies Beyond yet, so I've yet to have a gander there, but if the rules are included there then pardon my question. If not, anyone know any good online resource, or am I gonna have to rework one from DH1? Shouldn't bee too much of a hassle, I guess, but I'm a creature of comfort, so... Anyhows, cheers in advance!
  11. Pretty much right there in the title, with a few twists. So, I found this game and introduced it to my group. They seemed to like the idea of playing as themselves in a zombie apocalypse, so we're looking to get a campaign going sometime when we finish up the current one we're running. Then something occured to me. We live in Sweden, and while the game makes locations and encounters generic enough to easily adapt to our cold north and it offers a somewhat novel perspective on the zombie apocalypse, there is one thing I'm having a hard time trying to incorporate. That'd be the the lack of the great equalizer; guns. In Sweden, guns are pretty much soley the domain of police, military and hunters. You get the odd collector and sports shooter, but in the former its often required that you remove the firing pin (or whatever the word is for that little thing that ignites the powder). Most stores will not sell guns and/or ammo over the counter either as far as I'm aware, so even if you could raid a store chances are you won't be able to get any guns. So, how do you reckon this will affect survivor interactions once the government collapses? Early on I reckon deserting police and military units will probably be top of the food chain, but when ammo supplies run low and those guns become litteraly empty threats then what? Anyone got any ideas, maybe run a game in a similar setting? Cause frankly - and blaming US centered zombie fiction - I'm drawing a blank. Cheers to any replies in advance!
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