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  1. Again, the base power has no pip cost to activate, unlike Protect/Unleash, which specifically requires that you spend a certain number of pips to activate it, and in fact Ebb/Flow uses the same wording as Enhance for the basic power. You roll the dice and may choose to spend pips thus and so - but you've got a successful activation regardless of whether you spend any (or even if you somehow don't generate any).

  2. 1 hour ago, Tramp Graphics said:

    Of course, if said character has the higher ranks of Mechanics 9and the Attribute to go with it) combined with an Ebb/Flow check, he'd really nail the check.

    He'd get lots of symbols, but the non-force guy would have a lot of XP not spent on Ebb/Flow, Force Rating, etc, to throw at relevant talents, so they'd still get better outcomes with (and probably have more ways to apply) the skill.

    By the time the force user catches up to that the non-force guy would have something else(s) they're fully specialized in and you're talking about game-breaking XP totals anyway.

  3.   The potential for 'double tap' on skills is one reason why Ebb/Flow doesn't negate the other force powers. Someone with both Flow and Enhance has the option to use Flow on round one and Enhance on round two, with Enhance letting them fill any holes left by the guesswork of round one's Flow use. Is this preferable to a smaller benefit every turn (using either Flow or Enhance each turn)? That'll depend on the circumstance and the number of rounds you have to put into it (with the added possibility that it might all be wasted if the situation changes by the next round). And, as with all of these powers, someone who wants to be reliably good at a particular thing is usually better served to invest in skill ranks and talents.

      As per my post above, I'd say that any obvious attempts at gaming the system (especially outside of structured time) don't really work because those pre-action actions aren't really separate activities. Something like repairing system strain on the ship with Mechanics every turn is valid - but at that point you're in structured time and using your turn up with each check anyway and a character who'd spent equivalent XP on being better at mechanics would easily outperform the Flow user.


  4. On 2017-06-16 at 11:33 AM, DerWish said:

    I just do a medical scan, before I apply first aid to you.

    Let me do a quick scan of this network for a defending slicer, before I hack it.

    I clean all our materials and check for mechanical weak spots, before I start the crafting.

    "You mean you don't do those things normally?" (Here come some extra difficulty/setback dice...)

  5. On 2017-06-15 at 2:04 PM, LordBritish said:

    Leaving a long line of bodies drained of their life essence cries out to get the Dark Lord of the Sith involved personally. It is his job to ensure that anyone with advanced experience of the force has to be made to become an inquistor, or most likely die. 

    One of them might also decide that whoever is willing and able to do that would make a fine apprentice, making "take them alive" an imperative - and any further carnage along the way seen as a further example of their potential.

    Would that potentially throw canon out the window? Sure, and that's exactly what PCs are there to do.

  6. The difficulty for their Dark Side Temptation is made up of the character's Force Rating and the character's Dark Side Rating (ie: as in a skill check).

    It's worse than that. The higher your force rating the more dark side inclined you inherently become. Umm, no.


    Given the number of posts and the general verbiage (Dark Side Points, etc) I can only suppose that the OP is new(ish) to F&D and is trying to import old systems' notions of light/dark mechanics into this one. That isn't going to work.

  7. 7 hours ago, Donovan Morningfire said:

    There's also the matter that assigning Conflict can be a judgment call; yes there's a chart that offers examples of actions that would earn Conflict and how much should be assigned to the offending character, but there can also be a lot of room for interpretation, and not all GMs are willing to deal with players that decide to argue that their actions shouldn't merit Conflict to begin with.

    Judging by what I've seen in other threads on this forum the reverse is also an issue: GMs who are overly enthusiastic about assigning conflict to the PCs. (These also tend to be the ones who later show up complaining that the PCs aren't willing to do anything because of conflict concerns. Go figure.)

  8. 2 hours ago, KungFuFerret said:

    Besides, it's been shown many times in the various canon materials, that once someone turns to the Dark, to try and NOT use Dark side power is hard.  They can't find the right balance of mind, the calmness, the serenity.  Because they are so Conflicted.   Which would translate mechanically to having to use a Destiny Point.

    It could equally be argued that the mechanical translation is them having to take strain, which is still going to happen without the DP-flip requirement.

  9. 21 minutes ago, syrath said:

    To those that do away with the DP flip for using dark side points , this is something the group I play in used to use until it was realised that it empowers the light side to be much more powerful than the dark side.

    I'm pretty sure that was written on the assumption that PCs are light siders. If the PC was a dark side character then they'd be able to use light side pips without spending a DP. (It would still cost strain.)

    This sort of thing should be limited to PCs though.

  10. On 2017-06-09 at 6:23 PM, Cannibal Halfling said:

    Ross over at Dice for Brains is great at this; whenever they have to choose between spending dark side pips or not he's always telling the players outright what tapping into the dark side will get them, and then lets them deal with the consequences whether that's dipping into the dark side or knowing that they could have accomplished something and didn't.

    The problem there is that the dark side isn't supposed to be more powerful, and granting extra benefits makes it objectively more powerful.

  11. 25 minutes ago, SavageBob said:

    As for the family thing, two of them actually have Obligations that tie to family (it's a hybrid EOTE/FAD game). In those cases, families are fair game, in my opinion, since the PCs picked them as their achilles heel. I wouldn't kill the family outright, but you better believe if their Obligation gets rolled, some family member is showing up having just sold the party out to the Empire or having joined COMPNOR or something. 

    Obligation/Family is about the PC having an obligation TO their family, usually one of support. Having the family sell them out would effectively put an end to that obligation. (Presumably replacing it with Bounty or something equivalent.)

    Now, if one of them has ended up in Imperial service (COMPNOR or otherwise) and is using that position to try to protect the PC while still doing their job, it creates various potential plot hooks that don't require the family member be in personal danger, and any danger that might come up is more to do with being discovered than with being strongarmed/taken hostage/killed/etc.


  12. The trouble with "dark side = evil" is that you can easily end up dark side without doing anything evil or even particularly questionable. Someone who spends enough black pips when using force powers can go dark side on that alone without ever having done the lie/cheat/steal/murder/etc stuff. Besides that, the notion that lying enough automatically turns you into a psychopathic killer as well stretches credibility well past the breaking point.

    Yes, Star Wars as a setting wants 'the dark side' to be evil, but there's a disconnect between that and the way that the game handles it. In the game's case, someone may well be dark side and not evil - which, considering that PCs are supposed to be exceptional types, is perfectly okay. (That, and the descriptions of light/dark come from ever-so-slightly biased sources in the setting - maybe they were wrong about this point too.)

  13. 25 minutes ago, P-Dub663 said:

    Look into the PCs back stories and see if they have any family.  Then, have a big bad ugly come and take that family member.  Possibly even kill that family member to drive the PC into a rage. 


    This is the sort of GM stunt that results in every PC thereafter being the "My family is all dead and I don't care about anyone." type.


  14. Given the situation with skills vs FR 1, an alternative would be to not grant the spec skills if they're getting FR 1 out of it. Yes, that's going to be costly, but it's also a good reason to look at Exile/Emergent first, or at least to go into a F&D spec that syncs up with your established career/specs, skill-wise.

  15. By the time someone has enough XP that they can manage FR 4+ (and supporting talents/power selection/etc), weapon-users ought to be able to do equivalent damage even with Soak being a factor. Combat at that XP value is generally pretty high damage regardless - the only way this might be an issue is if the rest of the party is non-combat oriented, and in that case he's still doing an important job of being their go-to damage dealer.

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