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  1. An occasional source of confusion IRL is the use of "doctor" as a title by someone with a PhD, leading to the incorrect assumption that they're a medical doctor. In the right (wrong) circumstances, this can have life-threatening consequences. However, you could certainly use this for RPG-worthy confusion and/or comedy; the character has a doctorate in something completely unrelated to medicine, thus the title. Or somewhat subvert it: they have a doctorate in something unrelated to medicine, but they're ALSO reasonably competent at medicine. Just not as much as people would assume the title "doctor" to mean.
  2. The power would end as soon as you no longer had the dice available to commit and keep it sustained, so single-check boosts to FR wouldn't be useful for sustaining anything. If the talent boosted FR for an entire scene then you could commit them and keep the power active until the scene ended, though.
  3. It's perfectly reasonable to limit this to one increase to the stat active at a time. Getting juiced up on performance enhancers can only improve on what you already have by so much.
  4. Do not use random die rolls to increase individual stats (whether skill ranks or anything else). Whatever is given should be given to everyone equally. Granting extra XP is usually the safest option because it can be spent in whatever way the player feels is appropriate to the character. What isn't clear to me is why the characters had different careers in the past. If the concern is that the player wants to use a career from a different core book, that's not a problem at all: you can use an EotE or FoD career in an AoR campaign without any changes. Obligation/Duty/Morality aren't required to make any of them function. In an AoR game you can have all of the characters use Duty regardless of which book their career came from, and that is generally the simplest thing to do, especially if you are new to the system.
  5. There's no need for Sense or to wait for a check in most of these cases. If someone has any ranks in any remote-relevant skill then you can simply say "The Den Mother's rage doesn't feel natural." (or whatever else fits) when describing the situation. Most of the time the players will pick up on that. Whether they decide to act on it is another matter, but if they do, that's when you move on to the resolution mechanic.
  6. A few individuals or small groups might also be convinced to defect if they're presented with solid evidence of the Empire's crimes against (whatever matters to them) - evidence that had clearly been concealed/covered up by the Empire while they were working in its service. Even better if they were involved in the event and can have a "Wait a minute, I thought they..." moment. Large-scale conversions are still unlikely, even so.
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