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  1. 3. Death Star 2 starfield and a jakku from the stele open. The starfield works with both to make a 6x3
  2. Shenannigan

    Snap Shot

    My 1.0 list of choice was a snap tactician rhymet with a ruthless tractor double tap vessery and an atc Vader. It was sick nasty. When the bomb/ auto cannon era came, I rotated out rhymer for a shuttle with kylo to blind with Vader.
  3. Defender not defenders. That’s the biggest change. It’s hard to fly two. But yeah. You may want to check all your dials.
  4. I don’t remember seeing anything about card packs from ffg. The closest we’ve seen to that is the conversion kits.
  5. Cienna ree on an omnicron with the title Paired With juke vessery and another ace for maximum damage and squirreliness
  6. Personally nah. But wven if tbat was a yeah, only if the app supported offline mode. Conventions can have terrible reception.
  7. Is there a “clone” ship feature? Tie swarms are a pain to build otherwise.
  8. On the other hand, the Ewing has some great rogue squadrons references.
  9. I came in with imdaar alpha. A tournament where the top 4 players got an early version of wave 4 months beforehand. Kessel Run was awesome too i miss the themed events and am really excited the designers have mentioned bringing those back. Early xwing was not the great nirvana. It just had different problems. In those days named pilots were overpriced pilots. Reposition jousters ruled the day. Biggs walks the dogs was a crazy good when flown correctly. An occasional named Ames tie pilot like backstabber or dark curse were viable options.
  10. Things I wish for a-wing swivel guns. Mexhanically, use an action to flip the cardboard around on the small base. Shooting behind you as you fly, but taking an action to flip.
  11. I fly the lambda (still) with baffle for the full stop. If the reaper lacks slow maneuvers, the lambda will still have a place.
  12. Imperial vader vessey omnricon black squadron howlrunner Rebel dash poe biggs green sq corran
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