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    apkendrick reacted to Daverman in Reanimates Combat Dice   
    I think they work out fine.  Yes, they have a strong attack if they strike first... but chip away at them with ranged attacks, or make certain your melee gets to them first and you're looking at a much weaker unit.  Compared to the special abilities Citadel Guards and Blood Harvesters have I think Reanimates are kind of lacking on their own.  Their real strength is how they, as minions, interact with Graveyards, Necromancers and Lore cards.  Plus, yeah, the fact that they have a 4 die attack when they're fresh.
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    apkendrick reacted to Daverman in Best Reinforcement Pack   
    If I had to pick one, I'd say Dragon.  Good mobility, hard-hitting, lots of health plus the Flying defensive bonus and some strong special abilities.
    Razorwings and the Giant are nice too, and have some very strong Lore cards.
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    apkendrick reacted to Julia in Best Reinforcement Pack   
    Yeah, good point about the Dragon. I'm just a little bit worried that with a mustering cost of 10, it won't be fielded that often in normal BattleLore. Still, it's a great pack too.
    May I say a heresy? For some reasons, I prefer the reinforcement packs over the new armies. Not that they are actually better: new armies are incredibly more complete and interesting than reinforcements, but reinforcements dare doing things that you don't normally see in BattleLore, and the specific scenarios are really interesting and fun to play
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    apkendrick got a reaction from Madmartigan in Missing HoDF deployment card?   
    It looks like this question was answered today on BGG. Nothing is missing. 
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