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  1. Did you try hot water straight to iced water? If you haven't tried that, give it a shot. Use very hot (scalding) water and then hold the wings firm when you dunk it in the ice water. This worked for my Barrow Wyrm. Going to the freezer might not be as good as an ice bath.
  2. Only the owner of the faction banner can score VP from that faction banner. In other words, an enemy unit occupying a hex with one of your faction banners on it will not score points from your faction banner. But he can still score points from a regular banner in that space.
  3. The before modifiers means that a unit rolls two dice when attacking into or out of a forest and then you apply any effects that change the number of dice rolled. For example the Blood Harvester's "rage" ability. Or a melee unit attacking a flying unit. These effects modify the number of dice rolled, but they are applied after the forest's effect of bringing the unit down to 2 dice. Let's say there is a Blood Harvester unit with two figures remaining. Normally due to rage this unit would roll a total of 4 dice in combat (3 base roll, +1 modifier due to rage). When attaching into or out of a forest they roll 3 total (base roll goes down to 2 due to forest effect, then apply +1 modifier from rage).
  4. I just gave mine a purple prime, wash, and highlight to keep it simple/fast and bring out the details. But here is a paint job someone posted on BGG. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1450406/painted-undead
  5. It looks like this question was answered today on BGG. Nothing is missing. https://boardgamegeek.com/article/20573351#20573351
  6. I just checked and I only have Graveyard deployment cards. No deployment card for Plaguelands.
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