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  1. Was wondering if there is going to be a limit to how many copies you can get at GenCon? If it take 3 Copies will we be able to purchase 3 so we can play competitively or can you say now? I am also curious on how many people have choose their clans already and what the tally is at the moment.
  2. Name: Beau Roudebush Where are you from, tell us about your playgroup?: I am originally from Dayton, OH. where I picked up L5R during high school with my best friends and his family, I now reside in Madison, IN. where I am the only one who plays so I am teaching my son and my wife. How did you hear about or get involved in L5R? My best friend and his dad Did you/Do you consider yourself a clan loyalist? Yes always been Scorpion to the core. in the ccg and rpg. I played other clans in ccg but always had a scorpion deck ready What did you like about or what drew you to your clan of choice? Part was the colors red and black, also the story of the Scorpion clan coop. was an amazing move by the clan, and of course who cant forget the Ninja lol What was your first L5R tournament experience? been playing on and off all these 20 years and I still rmember my first tournament didn't do well partially because never knew what Swiss ment(noob at the time). Anyway it was late 90's and it was at Origins in Columbus, OH. The top prizes were clan swords. Favorite story or quote from the fiction? Why? My favorite story was from the first clan wars novel Scorpion Clan. Love the scorpion and can understand why they are the way they are by reading this novel Favorite character? Why? Bayushi Kachiko, and because she was a force to be reckoned with, she was as dangerous as she was beautiful Best memory or experience you had playing L5R or because of L5R. Playing 1st edition L5R RPG Tomb of Iuchiban with my best friend and our friends. also over the year I have made new friends from different place while being involved in this game. Favorite deck that you built or played and why. Shadowlands Oni deck. because it was fun and Toku always got eaten Favorite Arc and why. Would have to say Coils of Madness. Because I got to see Pan Ku again as well as a few other older characters that were no longer around. it got me back into the game. Favorite Tournament experiences I have only been in a few tournaments during the 20 years but one thing stands out in my mind and can never forget is the story before we play, the UTZ! and the BONZAI!. this gets you pumped up to play. love it every time.
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