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    Shadrack reacted to kmanweiss in Mass Combat War Stories   
    Mass combat is tricky.  It's not difficult, but it removes control from the players in an odd way.
    My advice:
    Plan it out, in heavy detail, ahead of time.  Have ways to increase/decrease rolls planned out ahead of time so you don't have to wing-it so much.  What happens if they succeed on this wave, what happens if they fail.  What am I going to do with triumphs, advantages, threats, despairs.  Make sure to understand that a failure in one phase is not a loss.  Also, set end goals.  Are the player just trying to delay the enemy while waiting for reinforcements (success slows their attack, failure lets them move faster), or do they need to wipe them out/make them retreat.  At what point does the enemy retreat.  Think these things through.
    If possible, allow the players prep time.  Maybe they can set up defenses, or help in repairing vehicles that give their side an advantage.  During one mass combat scenario my players set up mine fields, recruited allies and had them hide in some ruins to snipe enemy units.  The enemy units had to fly through a debris field to get to the base, so they put explosives in some of the debris, or set up automated defense turrets in the debris.  Inside the base they set up multiple barriers that they could use, retreat from and blow up so the enemy couldn't use them against them.  They set up heavy fire zones and assigned various troops to various positions.  They even set up some tractor beams to be used as weapons.
    Give players things to do between waves of mass combat that can aid the battle.  Have the group flank the enemy forces and attack a certain unit or weapon emplacement. Have the group react to a group of enemy units flanking them with speeder bikes.  Give them something important to do that changes the dice roll.  At the very least, let them play out a combat scenario against a group of stormtroopers, or TIE fighters.  Wiping out all the forces in X amount of turns reduces the difficulty of the check.
    While not part of the mass combat idea, I like to give my people something to do during each phase.  A successful medical check against a tough roll means he was patching up people in the field and that gave your mass roll an extra blue die, or an automatic advantage or something.  A successful leadership check could rally the troops.  Set a number of targets (say 5 or 10) enemy units and if the players can kill that many they get a bonus to the roll.
    Mass combat can take a lot of control and authority in the game away from the players.  Make sure you do everything in your power to make them involved.
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    Shadrack reacted to shineyorkboy in Across the Burning Sands Discussion   
    The image of Phoenixes as Sisters of Battle is quite amusing.
    I have to raise an eyebrow at Shinjo's original mortal followers still being alive a century after they left the Empire when she divided her hordes.
    But overall this was a very enjoyable book. Can't wait to see Shono get his crystal replacement eye.
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    Shadrack got a reaction from phillos in Across the Burning Sands Discussion   
    Was this the first time we saw the mention of how the marriage wording tripped up the Unicorn? (Customary being read differently between the two sides)
    As for the novella as a whole, I think I enjoyed this one more than the Phoenix one. The fact that it felt more ties into the other fiction helped. My biggest complaint is that it was a novella. The story felt like it would have benefited from being told in a longer format; allowing more exploration of the characters.
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    Shadrack reacted to Doji Hyōkin in Across the Burning Sands Discussion   
    There’s been an interesting trend in the first 3 novella. The Phoenix showed us the northern border and interactions with yobanjin. The Scorpion takes us to Ryoko Owari, the cosmopolitan city where the caste system is weakest. And now the Unicorn giving us Khanbulak, the Ganzu, and international politics.  While the regular fiction is concerned with life in the Empire under Bushido, the books have been remarkably good at putting the Empire in the context of a larger world. 
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    Shadrack reacted to aermet69 in Who’s Left?   
    Depends on the playgroup. Right now, it's small enough to die if anyone leaves or if the organizer doesn't want to anymore (ofcusing on still "living" games instead). Until such times though, I'll stick in. It's too much fun.
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    Shadrack reacted to a1bert in Who’s Left?   
    I would say it's "complete" as of currently. Until FFG announces that there are no more reprints, the game is not dead.
    Heck, we play BSG every week and there won't be any reprints coming, so it's perfectly alive for us.
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    Shadrack reacted to ElSee in Who’s Left?   
    My partner and I just picked up all the remaining Imperial Assault expansions we don’t have and wanted. There’s a few that we aren’t fussed about (General Weiss, Bantha, Greedo), but we have everything we need to carry on playing for years; and that’s what we intend to do. We haven’t played many of the later campaigns (pretty much Jabba’s Realm onwards) because we haven’t had time, even though we bought them. So there’s plenty left for us!
    Plus I think Imperial Assault gives a nice system to use for campaigns I have planned (X-Wing/Imperial Assault combined thing). I’d just need to pick up a few Clone Wars things from Legion and I plan on running a campaign from just before the Invasion of Naboo to Jakku!
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    Shadrack reacted to KalEl814 in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    "I'm not one for online fights, but let me reference the Nuremburg defense in response to a tabletop game playtesting NDA."
    Come on.
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    Shadrack reacted to Trevize84 in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    News from Italy. On the SWIA FB page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/assaltoimperiale.italia/permalink/2299525100323270/), AsmOPlay Italy replied to fans. I attempt a translation here, but I'm not a professional translator so this isn't a 100% correct and literal translation. Consider they are answering to several posts of people scared by weird and not very well defined rumors about FFG dropping translations and abandoning the game.
    Hello guys! Few replies to your posts:
    There's no will to abandon the game. We've always translated paper components on time for official releases and we'll keep doing it as soon as we'll get new content. As Filippo pointed out in the previous post, silence doesn't mean FFG isn't looking for a way to finally bring Yoda into Imperial Assault. 🤩
    For what concerns kits for OP, we keep producing them and asking more than what stores pre-ordered, so that we are ready in case a new store or community wants to joing this game.
    For what concerns the app, our initial plans were to release it years ago. We had delays because of workload (digital content has no deadlines, for this reason it has lower priority than paper unless mandatory for playing the game, like in Mansion of Madness or The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth mentioned by other posts above), also FFG didn't take into account gender and number (those don't exist in english language, but unfortunately they do in italian and other languages) and code was changed only a couple of months ago, forcing us to edit again what we had already translated. We're working on this and we've never said we don't translate the app. It's not priority right now, but we can't wait the time we'll ship the app finally translated in Italian 😎
    Thanks as always to everyone for your patience and the passion you put into this game. 🚀
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    Shadrack reacted to cnemmick in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    @GoldSquadron we appreciate you getting this so we had an answer... whereas the past 6-9 months we didn't. Thanks.
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    Shadrack reacted to GoldSquadron in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    I tried to get you all the answer we deserve although it wasn't the one we wanted. 
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    Shadrack reacted to Bitterman in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    Counter-point: no, it's not. It's literally nothing whatsoever like that. Nothing remotely similar to that at all.
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    Shadrack reacted to Fourtytwo in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    I'm sorry, but comparing a hobby-related NDA to the feeble apologies of war criminals is not only grossly hyperbolic, but utterly out of place. The rhethoric here is becoming petty base. I'm convinced you can do better than that.
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    Shadrack reacted to Bitterman in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    What (s)he said.
    NDAs aren't "meaningless". If you agree to not disclose something, then disclose it anyway, you are breaking your word and revealing yourself to be a fundamentally dishonest person (regardless of the chances of getting caught, or likely consequences if that should happen, which I'm not going to speculate on or argue about here). Most people aren't fundamentally dishonest - thankfully - and you might like to consider what it says about you that you think it would be such a non-issue to break an agreement that you would have committed to, in writing no less.
    Anyone has the option to not sign an NDA, if they don't agree with it. They then won't get told whatever the NDA protects. Fair enough. To sign it anyway, intending only to break it - that's a very sad state of affairs.
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    Shadrack reacted to Bitterman in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    Yeah, this.
    The thin line between optimism and delusion is getting pretty comprehensively crossed when people start taking "we have no plans for any more physical product for this game" to mean "we have many plans for lots more physical product for this game". Alright, they never said "never", but come on.
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    Shadrack reacted to mazz0 in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    Yeh to be fair this could just men they have nothing they want to talk about yet, eg maybe they're have thought bout doing Clone Wars but haven't really started yet so didn't want to mention it, or something like that.  It may be a long shot, but it's possible.
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    Shadrack reacted to chibifozz in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    I saw that panel and was really bummed, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something new is on the horizon. IA has a great community of players and here in Melbourne Fl. we have an active league that meets and plays skirmish and campaign every week for the last three years. I know that there is a custom campaign that was released through boardgamegeek and other people in the community are making fixes for older cards that don't see competitive play, so that tells me that the game is not dead for the fans at least. I really hope that FFG does monitor these forums and sees that people are talking about this. I for one have invested a lot of time and money into this game and would be very upset if they just scrapped it completely. I know that there would still be fan made content, but there is something to be said when the game developers still care as much as the fans do and still create licensed content for the players at large. Sorry for this rambling bit, but I felt that I needed to say something in hopes that someone who works at FFG sees it and knows that we still care about Imperial Assault are are not ready for it to be done. Thanks
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    Shadrack reacted to Rikalonius in No plans for new physical product for Imperial Assault   
    Yes but Campaign players generally don't mind replaying because we can try new heroes and new combinations, or different agenda decks. Skirmish players go through withdrawal if new plastic and new meta breaking command cards aren't put out on a regular basis.  Unlike skirmish players, campaign players don't repeat battles over and over again.  We generally just play on weekends with friends.   It's not a blood sport. 
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    Shadrack reacted to KommanderKeldoth in I really want the First Order.   
    You forgot Preatorian Guards as special forces.
    For a lot of younger players that was the star wars they grew up with, like it or not.
    I still don't like the prequels as films but I've come to have a greater appreciation for them through the Clone Wars TV show and through various media like comics and video games. Basically the movies sucked, but I like the overall setting and aesthetic and I appreciate the bold vision that George was trying to accomplish (but failed to deliver on)
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    Shadrack reacted to Nitenman in The Last Stone Played - HERE BE SPOILERS!   
    What I can't forgive is how they took complex writing and characters and made it mass entertainment using weak characterization. And being indirectly responsible for folks who wouldn't have touched a dnd book with a stick years ago now popping everywhere claiming they always loved dragons...
    Oh and of course they can't be forgiven for effing up Stannis character and having sacrificed his integrity to pander the masses.
    But indeed, since their GOT, feels death is cheap, and cheap death becomes meaningless. 
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    Shadrack reacted to Mangod in The Last Stone Played - HERE BE SPOILERS!   
    If there's one thing I will never forgive the Benioff & Weiss Game of Thrones show for, it is its part in the fetishizing of killing off major characters for "shock value". Everyone was actually shocked when Ned was killed in season 1, but that was because people weren't expecting the main character of the series to die in the first season. But then they kept repeating it, reducing it from "shocking turn of events" to "M. Night Shayamalan movie twist" - something that would be more shocking if it didn't happen.

    It's on par with the WCW "swerving" its audience every night until the audience just stopped caring about the product, and switched the channel.
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    Shadrack reacted to Nitenman in The Last Stone Played - HERE BE SPOILERS!   
    The problem with tropes is that you end up realizing everything has already been written anyway. 
    Problems of tropes isn't that they are overused, of course, they became tropes this way. It's more some are outdated/archaic or a mark of creative laziness. 
    A war for power/succession crisis is overarching a story, it's a classic framework, it's been used indeed but it works well with faction based story developpment. History has proven it can makes  compelling stories. Is it lazy to follow this trope? Only if the writing that follows is lazy. 
    Fridging a wife is a rather gratuitous heinous act, leftover from when women were barely more than faire-valoir for the heroic men. It's an archaic trope that has its uses but is better left in the Charles Bronson revenge flicks domain. Is it lazy to follow this trope? Most probably, as it make a vilain being vilain by sheer vilainy, yet a good writer might work something different out of it. 
    Let's not be too quick to denounce tropes, else nothing is worth giving a read anymore. 
    Kaede isn't a disposable woman trope, she doesn't exist as a Toturi faire-valoir and so isn't needed to set him in motion. 
    Killing her just to make Aramoro more detestable would be a waste and a lazy move, unnecessary. 
    Kind a like GOT laziness in having Stannis Baratheon kill his beloved daughter for fallacious reasons that book Stannis would'nt even consider. Lazy, unjustified, and only aimed at serving one dimension people who didn't like Stannis feel even more righteous to now hate him and make of a complexely written character a poor base tv show vilain. 
    tropes are bad only in the hands of bad writers.
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    Shadrack reacted to Kinzen in The Last Stone Played - HERE BE SPOILERS!   
    No, it really isn't. Fridging a guy's pregant love interest just to motivate him is an incredibly tired and overused trope seen in a thousand novels, movies, and TV series, and in this case it would require Kaede inexplicably forgetting how to shugenja and just lying there passively while Aramoro murders her. It's bad storytelling all around.
    If you want a ballsy option that isn't falling face-first into utter stereotype, have Aramoro butcher Toturi with an ambush attack while Kaede watches helplessly through a Void vision. Turn him into the "sacrificial lamb" to propel her into motion. Players would lose their minds even more.
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    Shadrack got a reaction from Nitenman in Rule From Horseback   
    I love the idea that the Unicorn are facing a culture war in clan.
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    Shadrack reacted to KelRiever in The Land Endures   
    Just saying, when it was on sale, that was not the very best sign, either.
    FYI I was never rooting against this game, but I have to admit every time I turned around, it was a 'nah'.  And let me tell you, I play some esoteric miniature games, like Wargods of Aegyptus (love it very much) and pick up miniatures for Star Fleet Battles, right up there with the most ancient of games (wasn't even designed for miniatures, but a chit based game).
    Anyway, I do feel for everyone, and I'll say this...I loved Confrontation, my still most very favorite of all fantasy games ever.  I still play it with friends.  Add to that I still play Warhammer 6th and 8th edition with friends because we were tired of chasing releases for the point of only selling miniatures.
    A 'dead' game is not necessarily a bad thing.  I'm sure FFG would love if people still bought their minis, and with the right group of people, you do not need game company releases to keep you going.  Sure, sure, I get it, it's better, but I've never seen constant releases versus ability to keep up to be ideal.  Honestly, I just think too many miniatures have to be sold to operate at huge scale...it's just not a hobby meant for that.  Sure, there's a few companies up there, but...and I dare say this...even Games Workshop is absolutely nothing on the scale of real toy companies, as big as it is in this industry. 
    Play it, love it, if it's good enough.  And the real play that matters is what you do locally to me, not some put together show or tournament at a convention, though they're fun too. 
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