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  1. So love the fact that we see both brothers have these black out moments of anger. The idea that the mother regrets Daisetsu is also interesting. (There is confirmation she loves but had basically abandoned the boys. Such a loving family situation that is.) It does occur to me that when Satori previously talked about Daisetsu being mean, he may have been right and that the switch flip for Daisetsu we see may not have been the first time.
  2. Was this the first time we saw the mention of how the marriage wording tripped up the Unicorn? (Customary being read differently between the two sides) As for the novella as a whole, I think I enjoyed this one more than the Phoenix one. The fact that it felt more ties into the other fiction helped. My biggest complaint is that it was a novella. The story felt like it would have benefited from being told in a longer format; allowing more exploration of the characters.
  3. I love the idea that the Unicorn are facing a culture war in clan.
  4. I have been in that exact situation in work so it isn't really hard to "justify". And I don't deal with nearly the same level of intrigue and politiking that we see in the fictions.
  5. With how much everyone keeps saying Sumiko's descriptions are at odds I would like to point out a few things. She felt he was loyal to the throne/empire. This doesn't mean she trusted his judgement in all things or didn't think he would do things she felt weren't in the empire's best interests. You can get along with people and work well with them and not truly like them as well. Rather than being contradictory, these help paint a fuller image of the man. A more complex and real one at that.
  6. People were asking how Sotorii would eventually be shown as more that just an asshat and here we are. Based on the but we get from him, it really seems like his largest problem stems from being an heir. As a normal kid he might get the attention and hello he needed.
  7. Just pre-ordered 3. If it takes off in my area then j will grab ones at tournies. Otherwise I have three to rotate between when I play with my SO.
  8. Just did a demo yesterday and Bad Penny is wonderful. Cards that needed a sacrifice- Bad Penny. Cases where a card would dmg multiple targets but my opponent didn't have enough to eat it all-day Bad Penny. She is an incredibly useful sacrificial lamb depending in the deck she is in.
  9. @Schmoozies It will probably be resin unless their other mini-crates have been metal. PP has been moving to all resin for several years now.
  10. I am really looking forward to these. Hope the run is successful enough to warrant more being made.
  11. It could still be competitive. Make it almost a race style competition. Which groups can down the raid- I mean Shadowlands threat quickest/most efficiently. If they can make competitive DnD this can easily be competitive.
  12. Where is Bat in that list? (Yes I know they have been established yet. )
  13. I will be interested to see if the Dragon Championship works the same as it used to or if they have changed it, i.e. actually Togashi anymore.
  14. Not sure how to feel about the story resetting to this point. On the one hand, it is a pretty good spot to introduce new players to the setting and to start over. One the other, the old novels were a large part of what drew me into the setting and this resets it right before the first novel (the Scorpion Coup).
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