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  1. Ultimatecalibur

    New dynasty pack; For the Empire

    I think Disguised is more a broader version of the CCG's experienced mechanic. Disguised Dynasty characters are less going to be surprises and more likely to be easier to get into play high cost characters.
  2. Ultimatecalibur

    New dynasty pack; For the Empire

    Well he can give glory to a dishonored character to make them worse off and the target doesn't need to be a character you control. In decks that can honor or dishonor characters reliably his ability does become "give an honored character +3 Mil/+3 Pol or give a dishonored character -3 Mil/-3 Pol."
  3. Ultimatecalibur

    Children of Tradition

    There might also be foreshadowing being done with the italic text. On first read through of Sotorii's perspective nothing really seems odd, but when you reread it a pay attention to the italics you can start to notice that they interrupt the text.
  4. Ultimatecalibur

    Children of Tradition

    I fully understood that. The question was mostly rhetorical and more implying that the italic text was the voice of a kansen or possibly even Fu Leng.
  5. Ultimatecalibur

    Children of Tradition

    So those words might be those of a really powerful spirit of darkness? It is easy to miss but the the link is the word "here" in the first line after A Bloody Challenge under the picture "can be downloaded here."
  6. Ultimatecalibur

    Children of Bushidō

    Not every character needs to be interesting, unique or a tragic soul. Sotorii seems to be set up as a catalyst rather than an antagonist. Sometimes you just need a simple evil character to make a mess of things so you can focus on the protagonists trying to fix things.
  7. Ultimatecalibur

    "My buddy with the shuriken"

    From what I understand Shuriken and other throwing blades are not illegal. Being found to be carrying them concealed or poisoned in a place where having weapons is socially unacceptable will get you in trouble though.
  8. Ultimatecalibur

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    That won't happen. If they are playing Defend Your Honor they are likely going in from a position of equality or superiority. Both players choose which personality of theirs is going into the duel and to effectively play DYH the player interrupting needs to have a character that can beat any other character in a Mil duel. The only way interrupting DYH with DYH does anything is if the interrupting player is playing Crane out of Kyuden Kakita and has yet to use the reaction. In that case it is discarding a DYH in order to honor the personality you will be using to win the original DYH. Only if the second DYH would trigger a reaction or trait like Kyuden Kakita. Composure might change in the second DYH but it would end up being redetermined in the first DYH making playing the duel to influence composure meaningless.
  9. Ultimatecalibur

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Why? The second Defend Your Honor would likely involve the exact same characters as the first since both players can chose which ever character they want to participate in the duel.
  10. The Japanese "no" is more a possessive equivalent to the 's of English. Minamoto no Yoshitsune means "The Minamoto family's Yoshitsune." The proper way to parse the character names are "The Damasu family's Akodo Maeda," and "The Tsume family's Doji Takashi," (the Daidoji name on page 21 is an error) The adventure NPC names are setup (Vassal Family) no (Personal Name). Isawa Kosoro no Kaito doesn't actually parse properly unless you were talking about Kosoro's vassal family. Isawa no Kaito Kosoro or Kaito no Isawa Kosoro would be the proper methods depending on which family you wanted to emphasize prior to the Kaito becoming a non-vassal family.
  11. Ultimatecalibur

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I'm seeing several cases with the CotE duelists and composure where losing a duel could be advantageous. For example, Scorpion players may want to use Loyal Challenger's own duel to blank her when losing a conflict to prevent losing honor from her text.
  12. Ultimatecalibur

    Togashi Monk Discussion

    One thing to consider is that the Tattooed Order's school ability gives one free Kiho per rank and you can reliably trigger those Kiho's Burst effects. These Kiho should be your go to Kiho while other Kiho you pick up can be more utilitarian. When you can reliably trigger the burst effects of various Kiho dancing between Kiho rather than sitting in one Kiho becomes a viable strategy.
  13. Ultimatecalibur

    Future books

    Unarmed Kata are likely to be added in the future. Kiho are more supernatural techs than unarmed techs and both of the new monks have Kata access.
  14. Iaijutsu isn't just applicable in dueling. A single draw strike allows them to react faster to any dangers to their charges. The Kakita are not bad at dueling. A Rank 6 Kakita can end pretty much any Iaijutsu duel on their first action with Strike with No Thought something that even a Seppun can't do. Kakita may not start out as the greatest duelists but they do become them.
  15. Sounds like they might have plans to introduce something based on the events that Gyushi Kageto and Daigotsu Kurogane experienced with Emma-O from WC4. The birthmark sounds like the brand both received that would be then inherited by their descendants.