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  1. Not going to happen due to FFG not owning the Burning Sands. AEG didn't sell that part of the IP when FFG bought L5R.
  2. That adventure makes me suspect that this book was intended to be announced at Gencon during the Inflight but was cut to make time for the Marvel miniatures game.
  3. Either path can lead to good drama. If she ended up sacrificing her own life to extend his (just like her Akodo Kaede card effect), it sets her up to die (possibly in childbirth) leaving Toturi to raise their child alone. If she ended up sacrificing their unborn child (and possibly her own fertility), drama will result in a culture focused on leaving descendants.
  4. Kaeda either shortened her own life to save Toturi or traded her unborn child for her husband.
  5. The new rules even cover those problems. Earth Stance doesn't do much when a single successful Crossing Cut will win you the duel if your opponent doesn't draw first blood on their attack.
  6. One other thing is that there are expanded rules for traditional Crane style Duels. There are new rules to prevent pretty much every complained about strategy.
  7. The adventure Winter's Embrace introduces a few new factors to this mess. The biggest is:
  8. Current Crane and Crab have 7 schools and everyone else has 6. If Crab and Crane are skipped 1 time each all the Great Clans might end up with 11 schools. If instead each clan gets 1 school in the 5 other books with the central clan getting 2 we will end up with 12 schools each for the great clans. Shiba Artist is a psuedo-Courtier School and Togashi Chronicler is built around the Monk advisor achetype. Unicorn will likely get new courtiers in the future but they will likely not be courtiers focused on the courts.
  9. Mask of the Oni didn't come with any playerside rules, but then again the adventure was more a GM only supplement of Shadowlands.
  10. I disagree. Kuzunobu's actions were very Crane. It might not have been Doji or Asahina style Crane actions, but they were Crane style actions: Kakita style actions. Both Asami and Kuzunobu did things that followed with the "One perfect strike is all that is needed" mentality of the Kakita. There were no feints, parries or counters. They prepared themselves, waited for the perfect opportunity and then made a Perfect Strike their opponents couldn't do anything against. Asami's sections of the story has her setting up and executing a perfect strike that could not be blocked by Seishin. Kuzunobu's later sections have him doing the same against Akodo Kage after determining that his host needed a champion. Each of the three Crane characters performed a perfect strike in this story. While Tactical Maneuvers is a good name for the story a better one might have been "Three Perfect Strikes."
  11. I've head that the version number is 3.1. I wonder what are the differences between it and the published book.
  12. It may feel to some like the Lion are getting worfed because they got defeated in the last military story by the Unicorn and they were driven back by the Crane in their first story. In story battles have been mostly defeats while out of story combat is where the victories are. It is a show not tell problem.
  13. Max actually said it was GMs prerogative with the default being that the TN doesn't change, commenting that allowing for the TN to be modified made Fire opps more powerful. He did end that it was more important that the GM be consistent.
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