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  1. Did you miss the bit where Satsume said that "very good" was not good enough for the Crane? Radon was playing with the irony.
  2. I understand where they are trying to go with Hotaru. She is a young naive Hime-kishi. I'm also going to ask if it had been Hoturi moving to fight against the Ronin would you have the same problems or is it just because Hotaru did it?
  3. The connection makes a lot of sense if you are familiar with how prominent the philosophy is in Japanese Samurai media. The life of a Samurai is often directly compared to short length of the beautiful Sakura (Cherry Blossom) season.
  4. The Falcon clan are a bit tricky. How do you represent Ghostbusting Bushi when there are no ghosts to bust?
  5. Ick. Hotako was just as bad if not worse.
  6. Yoritomo/Daigotsu Hotaku? Her XP3 in Celestial/Emperor that was splashed pretty much everywhere was Spider.
  7. One thing to remember is that Provinces and Holdings can also be Clan aligned. Minor Clans will be defined not just by their characters but also their Events, holding and provinces. That said, I imagine they can bring in the following minor clans fairly easy: Fox - Shugenja dynasty characters with a good number of animal spirit conflict characters Mantis - Pirate military characters that gain benefits when attacking provinces with holdings (to represent raiding) Sparrow - low glory political characters with a "humble" honor focus Centipede - political shugenja with a honor focus Hare - Military with a fair amount of "ninja" tricks Dragonfly - shugenja with a divination focus. Oriole - artisans with a number of good attachments. Badger - solid military characters Wasp - Bounty hunters that are good at going after dishonored personalities Monkey - Cheap characters that get better the more Fate invested in them
  8. My idea for a Minor Clan Alliance deluxe expansion would be that it would be a "neutral" expansion with sets of Minor Clan dynasty characters (each with their own Clan's mon markings) that can only be included in Great Clan decks you use a certain Minor Clan Sensei. Sensei would also allow inclusion of that Minor Clan's actions without spending Influence at the cost of having a minimum number of that clan's cards in the conflict deck. The Minor Clan Alliance Stronghold would allow the creation of decks using only Minor Clan cards.
  9. You are misconstruing a fair amount of stuff. The Spider focused story during Celestial Edition/the Destroyer War was the result of getting the loser's reward during Samurai/Race for the Throne which was a Redemption or Destruction arc. If things had been slightly different it would have been Dragon (if Scorpion won) or Mantis (if the final Spirit totals were slightly different) "pandering" during Celestial. From what I can tell Onyx was the result of an attempt to return L5R back to Shadowlands vs the Empire for the 30th anniversary. Something that needs to be considered also was that there were 2+ factions in the Spider player base: old school Oni/Goblin Horde players and new school "Dark Samurai" Spider players. The Path votes even showed this split with 41% Embrace the Darkness, 34% Shourido Above All and 25% Walk in the Light.
  10. Mutsuhito might not even be the first follower of Fu Leng.
  11. I'm actually hoping for a more "Asian" creation myth rather than Greek Myth with the names changed.
  12. The Scorpion had been killing their "Villain" cred for a while by over focusing on the "doing it for the Empire" spiel. They ended up becoming a clan of antiheroes rather than villains. Pretty much every "villainous" Scorpion action in the story ended up raising the question of "Will stopping this plot hurt the Empire in the long run?" rather than "We need to stop this Scorpion plot to save the Empire. How do we do it?" Both the Crab and the Scorpion gave up their (anti)villain roles in order to be antiheroes. The Spider needed to be added in order to have an actual Samurai villain faction.
  13. Depends on the quality of the text on various cards. Borderlands Defender is a 3/3/1 defender that negates Bow and Send home. Cloud the Mind is likely one of the few ways to allow you to deal with her with out discarding her.
  14. Another possibility is that some cards might allow additional uses of other card's abilities. Bowing as a cost means that you need both a straighten and a additional use for some abilities.
  15. Unaligned was 129 out of 678 for about 19% shugenja. 4631 personalities total with 942 shugenja total for about 20% of all personalities were shugenja. A few comparisons for attachments: 2159 total attachments 845 items 39% of attachments, 46 of which were shugenja/spell focused. 749 Followers 41 of which were shugenja/spell focused. 565 Spells for 26% of attachments