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  1. What were the "ignored storyline results that should have negatively hit the Spider?" The Race for the Throne "Clan gets disbanded and will get a redemption or dissolution arc in Celestial Edition" that most people forget the second part of? Lots of players claim that the Story team ignored storyline results in favor of the Spider when in actuality those players were not paying attention to the actual results.
  2. Option 3: Shahai charms an Imperial Prince, who after learn about how meishōdō works asks the simple question of "What could we do with the true name of the Dark Lord of the Shadowlands?"
  3. I suspect that Shahai might meet her future husband in the Imperial Capital who reveals an incredible shugenja talent.
  4. This is the first of the monthly packs that will be rotated out not the first deluxe expansion that will be evergreen.
  5. My hope is that Deluxe Expansions come in two forms. New Faction Expansions - These expansions would have a heavy focus on a new faction (i.e. Spider Clan, the Minor Clan Alliance, etc.) with a good number of cards that can be used by all existing factions. Theme Expansions - The expansions would be focused around a specific theme (i.e. Dueling, Ninjas and other Shadow warriors, Magistrates and Criminals, etc) with an even split of cards for use by all factions.
  6. This story reads less like a husband and wife talking and more like two allied political rivals trying to feel each other out. I believe this is intentional. Shoju does not trust Kachiko. He chose to have this conversation in a semi-public location (the gardens) where he could post guards rather than a private location (the bath) a husband and wife could converse in.
  7. It implies a very hefty distance between a husband and legal wife in regards to a child.
  8. Anyone else notice that one of Kaede's worries was about the princes? Looks like Hantei XXIX and Daigotsu both grew up with their parents.
  9. This was done so that you would splash conflict characters with instead of just splashing a really good conflict card. Both cards can easily put their cost or more in to play for one action. Lets see. In clan, neutral and multi-clan dynasty characters with cavalry for Cavalry Reserves and multi-clan Scorpion and/or 7+ 1 influence Scorpion conflict characters for Ambush. These cards are designed to be better as splash as more cards are added each month.
  10. Woops. Corrected.
  11. A designer playing Crab does not mean that Crab is his clan.
  12. The L5R LCG Dynasty packs are likely going to be far smaller than the expansions release for the L5R CCG. Each pack will likely have 20 new cards made up of 3 copy sets of 2 cards for each clan plus sets of new neutral cards. Each 18 month 6 month 6 pack cycle (120 new cards) is likely to introduce fewer new cards than any single 3 month expansion (around 160 new cards) in the ccg.
  13. You are looking at things wrong. The Role cards will be determining the Organized play meta and forcing it to shift every year. The system limits the chance for the same deck from being the best deck multiple years in a row with the slower introduction and removal of cards.
  14. Shoju is still a fearsome Political force even when dishonored. A 5 Pol when dishonored definitely lets him threaten provinces.
  15. Remember that you have several characters with fairly decent Politics when honored and that a swarm of Lions 6+ Lions will have more than enough Pol to break it.