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  1. And they are two separate things. Your cooking caused you stress and it just so happened that this stress pushed you over the edge. So you are saying that that the beta is missing things that inflict lots of Strife at once? That there need to be ways to give characters new Anxieties? That critical strikes likely should inflict strife in addition to their effects? That roll failure needs to inflict strife in more cases?
  2. 4) Cooking dinner goes fine. A short call from work interrupted it.
  3. You may be indulging in your passion for armaments by polishing your sword (reducing 3 strife), but that doesn't mean that a burr on the blade and the polishing cloth tearing did make it harder (2 strife gained from the roll) and limited your net gain (net 1 strife removed).
  4. You are overanalyzing things. It is simple and intuitive. The more stressed a character gets the closer they get to breaking character and revealing who they really are and revealing who you really are at the wrong time is a bad thing in this genre. Wrong. People stress out all the time like that. Heck, I've been the guy who stressed out so much they started laughing. This is more faults with School design than rather than Strife/Outbursts as a system. Way of the Lion's ability to bank and spend Strife as bonus successes in Skirmishes/Mass Battles when no other Rank one school ability anywhere close to the same power level that is the problem there. If Doji Diplomat's Rank 1 let them covert Strife into Bonus Successes during Investigations and Intrigues
  5. What is so confusing and idealess about characters stressing out?
  6. Combination of rules. Razor-edged quality will give a weapon the Damaged quality if its damage is reduced to 0. Laminated Armor has a physical reduction of 4. The Katana has a base damage of 4 and a deadliness of 5 or 7 when used 2 handed. The Strike Action in a skirmish is a TN 2 Martial Arts check that inflicts base damage + bonus successes. 2 opportunities can be spent to make the Strike also a critical strike with severity equal to the weapons deadliness. A character armed with a Katana can make a Strike against a target in Laminated Armor and keep 2 successes and 2 opportunities to deal 4 damage and a 5/7 severity critical strike. The Laminated Armor will reduce the Strike's damage to 0 (which will cause the Razor-edged quality to give the Katana the damaged quality) but not the critical strike's severity.
  7. The problem seems to be more in the opportunities/actions presented for the Artisan skill group.
  8. I've been thing about a lot of the complaints about Outbursts and wonder if it would be more acceptable for some if it was described in terms of On/Face instead of emotional actions. For example: On - Samurai are expected to hide their personal emotions and show only a neutral stoic face. Cracked On - The first time each scene that a character's Strife exceeds their Composure their On Cracks and is slightly revealing the samurai's actual emotions. We can even add a third level: Shattered On - Whenever a character's Strife exceeds x2 their Composure their On Shatters putting all of the samurai's emotions on display.
  9. As others have pointed out that, is pretty much already available as a Any[*]+ expenditure on any Martial Skill check.
  10. You meaning like Allies needing favors from you, a Blissful Betrothal requiring that you regularly send gifts to your beloved, Dangerous Allure attracting unwanted suitors, being Famously Lucky getting you thrown out of gambling dens, people trying to sell you weird things because you are Famously Wealthy, getting distracted by your passion for Armaments when you see the work of a famous smith, you can't help but spread rumors if you are a Gossip, your Ikebana getting wrecked by others, people you have previously Playfully pranked or intentional Provoked coming back with a vengeance and your love of Saki leaving you drunk/hungover at inopportune times?
  11. The Water Artisan Opportunity allows for you ti "Add or remove the Cumbersome or Razor-edged quality to an item you are adapting." Currently when fitting a blade into a new hilt (Water TN 3) as a Downtime action if you get an Opportunity you can adjust the grind on the blade to keep the damage and deadliness while losing the risky Razor-edged property at the cost of only losing its ability to be used foe Iaijutsu.
  12. Escalating costs are pretty much necessary so that characters do not dump points into a limited number of skills/rings and the starting differences aren't that bad. The difference between the the 3 possible arrays is actually fairly minor with 3 3 1 1 1 only being 6 XP ahead of 2 2 2 2 1 with 3 2 2 1 1 being in the exact middle at +/-3.
  13. I was referring to a problem with 4e L5R where the fastest way to gain insight was to buy 1 rank in a bunch of skills (usually knowledge). Made characters "well rounded" to the point on non-functional. Have you actually read any of the advancement tables? Hida Defender has the following Skills as part of its advancement: Rank 1: Any Skills in the Martial Group, Command, Medicine, Survival Rank 2: Any Skills in the Martial Group, Command, Tactics, Theology Rank 3: Any Skills in the Trade Group, Fitness, Martial Arts [Melee], Meditation Rank 4: Any Skills in the Scholar Group, Fitness, Martial Arts [Melee], Meditation Rank 5: Any Skills in the Martial Group, Command, Survival, Theology Note that each Rank has a Skill Group that XP put into it that counts for Ranking up and the Hida Defender has two ranks where a non-Martial group is available. Ranking up by the tables is hardly "one note." The actual easiest way to make a character "one note" is only spend XP on their Rings which will rank them up.
  14. Schools (outside of maybe Shugenja) should not have elemental affinities. All Hida bushi should not be Earth bushi. All Hida bushi should be defensive but they should not all be Earth. No, they are not a horrible idea they just need a lot of work. Do you want Bushi advancing for only increasing Social and Scholar Skills when their school is not social or scholarly?
  15. A skilled weaponsmith looks a blade and can spot details that might let them id the creator of the blade. A skilled weaponsmith would not be able to look at a forest and tell that as there are a large number of fruit trees that it was once a farm.