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  1. Elemental Cycle begins

    One thing to consider is that it has two purposes. For non-Earth role decks it is a fairly standard 3 PS with an on destruction interrupt. For Earth role decks it is an alternative 5 PS with a much more widely applicable ability than the other 3 5 PS Earth provinces.
  2. Difference between Dragon and Phoenix monks

    A general overview In the old lore Dragon Monks (the Togashi, Hitomi and Hoshi families) have mystical tattoos made with divine blood. In the old lore Phoenix Monks (the Asako family) followed the Path of Man which among other things allowed the followers to live forever.
  3. Wholeness of the world

    This is a card that will only get stronger as more cards with effects based on currently claimed rings are added. Currently the following cards are those which would gain benefit from starting with a claimed ring: Henshin Disciple Ishiken Initiate Solemn Scholar Prodigy of the Waves Know the World Katana of Fire
  4. Nice to see a Crab wall sword (don't call it a Zanbato or both the Crab and Unicorn may end up mad) show up in art.
  5. I think its important to remember that Tadakatsu was designed to be Dragon's Phoenix shugenja meta card while also enhancing defensive Dragon monks. Yogo Kikuyo is a similar Phoenix shugenja meta card for Scorpion conflict ninjas. All the non-Phoenix cards in DoV are likely going to be this way, messing up shugenja Phoenix while also being an alright card for their faction. The Lying Darkness always came off to me as dualistic yinyang of the Void.
  6. Fanmade cards while we speculate

    The simple fix is to limit the size of the Oni that can be put into play to the Shugenja's Fate cost or less. It becomes a dynasty deck thinner rather than a way to cheese in bigger characters.
  7. New Lore - Toshi Ranbo stuff

    That is trying to use Bushido to justify revenge. Toturi's problem is he can't see his brother's death as unjust and in need of being avenged. Those crying for vengeance are trying to justify it by saying the Clan's honor being slighted when others can not see such a slight. The 47 Ronin's revenge is a different situation. They were loyal samurai who avenged their lord by killing the (possibly) corrupt official repeatedly insulted their lord and then forced their lord to commit seppuku.
  8. The Imperial cycle had both Magistrates and Clan Seals. Their maybe multiple set themes each cycle. I'm betting one of the next cycle's themes will be Champion's Weapons not necessarily Ancestral weapons. One thing to note is that both Togashi Yokuni and Agasha Sumiko have the Champion trait so will be able to get full use out of any "Champion" items.
  9. Lack of Unicorn Clan Characters from old L5R?

    Both the cardgame and 4 editions of the rpg were old L5R. The moment he was previewed some remembered him.
  10. Dueling fix is easy.

    I'd be very surprised if a conflict character that said something like "Reaction: After your character is challenged to a duel - put this character into play from your hand. this character is now the target of the challenge." isn't printed.
  11. Another Duels Thread...

    Those with base skills of 5+ are mostly uniques but it only requires attaching a Ornate Fan/Kitsuki's Method/Court Mask/Kakita Blade to character with a 3 Political to get to 5. There are also a fair number of characters with enough glory to push them over 5 when honored.
  12. Lack of Unicorn Clan Characters from old L5R?

    Yaruma is an "old face" by being a carded version of a character that had existed in oldL5R.
  13. Lack of Unicorn Clan Characters from old L5R?

    She is the Clan Champion parent to Shinjo Yasamura, Shinjo Shono and Shinjo Haruko. In oldL5R those character's parents were Clan Champion Shinjo Yokatsu and his wife Shinjo Chibokiko; in newL5R these character's parents are Clan Champion Shinjo Altansarni and Iuchi Daimyo Iuchi Daiyu.
  14. Another Duels Thread...

    Dueling in oldL5R were methods of increasing player interaction when playing certain cards by having the resulting effects of the card determined by playing a minigame. Dueling in newL5R is a method of increasing player interaction when playing certain cards by having the resulting effects determined by both players bidding honor. Those are what Dueling explicitly was/is. You are misunderstanding Tsubaki. Having a 50%/50% chance of stealing the card effect is not what I mean by having "meaningful interaction" in a duel. Magnitude of the disadvantage is important. There is a world difference between "Option A will give me negative effect X 100% but give me a 50% chance of positive effect Y; option B will cost me Z but has a 50% chance of negating effect X. Which option do I want to risk?" and "Option A will give me negative effect X; Options B will give me negative effect X and negative effect Z. Option A is the only viable option, no choice there."
  15. Lack of Unicorn Clan Characters from old L5R?

    Please understand that Shinjo Altansarnai is a genderswapped Shinjo Yokatsu. It is easier to miss than with Doji Hoturi/Hotaru, but Altansarnai isn't really new. As it currently stands all 7 clans have 5 to 7 unique carded characters (Phoenix have a few more listed due to their Clan pack being partially previewed). If you take into consideration that Altansarnai and Hotaru are genderswapped versions of oldL5R characters, you see that 5 clans have 2 old faces carded and 2 clans have 3 old face carded so far in the Core Set and Imperial Cycle. Crab old faces: Hida Kisada Yasuki Taka Crane old faces: Doji Hotaru/Hoturi Doji Shizue Kakita Yoshi Dragon old face: Kitsuki Yaruma Togashi Yokuni Lion old faces: Akodo Tutori Ikoma Ujiaki Phoenix Isawa Kaede Shiba Tsukune Scorpion Bayushi Shoju Bayushi Kachiko Bayushi Yojiro Unicorn Ide Tadaji Shinjo Altansarnai/Yokatsu