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  1. 20 games of a basically one of 49 match ups and that is without factoring in how each deck can slash cards from 5+ more sources and what can be taken from those sources can vary heavily. Any claims of expertise from current play experience is heavily flawed and is little more than partially supported theorycrafting. Anyone currently claiming Lion, Crane or Dragon are weak/overpowered after playing any number of games without access to the other 4 clans and the full neutral pool is making flawed theories. You are overvaluing the ability because you are basing it's capabilities on a very limited number of matches of a single match type. Harpoon is good but treating it as a guaranteed bow is very flawed.
  2. One of the biggest benefits of Height of Fashion is the fact that it is not restricted. Niten Master's biggest limiter currently is the fact that all known weapons are restricted.
  3. Yeah, a lot of theorycrafters may be overestimating the power of Doji Challenger and underestimating Niten Master's ability to be used in multiple conflicts. Set up right a Niten Master might be able to win 3 battles solo if you start with a political conflict and have 2 weapons in hand.
  4. Something to remember is that the Core set is setting the baseline power levels and costs.
  5. I think people are overthinking things. Shadowlands does not need to mess with and should not mess with the core mechanics of the game. Shadowlands should not be immune to dishonor nor be prevented from winning by honor. Shadowlands should not be focused on big Oni Mil smash, Goblin Mil swarm nor Zombie Mil horde. Political characters such as Bog Hags, Pekkle no Oni and possibly Ryokaku no Oni should exist and have almost equal focus. A special general effects should not exist, but negative Forced Reactions should make using Shadowlands cards costly. Things like "Forced Reaction: When this character comes into play, dishonor and discard a character you control." should be expected or desired.
  6. Do not forget that they could vary based on glory in addition to Military and Politics. Kisada could be a 7/2 Glory 2. I expect the Scorpion champ to have a Glory of 0 or 1 but have solid base stats.
  7. It should be a baseline for all current and future Void provinces.
  8. I fully expect honor and dishonor decks to be built around winning conflicts for Rings with breaking provinces being an occassional bonus while "Siege" decks ("military" doesn't really work for province breaking decks because powerful political decks can reliably break provinces) will see Ring rewards as partial victories when failing to break.
  9. Not really meta. It's just a really strong defensive province. Defends against both province breaking and attacking for Rings.
  10. You got it backwards. Decks that bid low will play this to keep their high value engine personalities around.
  11. They won't run for that many people. This is an anti-scalping measure (both for tickets and core sets) based on how much the event got scalped. I should be noted that having multiple tickets will not get you multiple Core sets. Only one Core set will be given to each player.
  12. During one storyline, one faction was going to ended up "marked for death" and removed. The way the were deciding which faction was going to be removed was based on the results of only 2 US sealed deck tournaments. The faction that ended up being removed was Gosse's Gentlemen, a fairly popular faction. Having their faction killed based on luck really didn't make people happy and pretty much killed the game. Its one thing to slowly phase out an under-performing or unpopular faction. Its a completely different thing to kill of a popular faction. AEG's plan for the "loser" of Race-for-the-Throne was to give the playerbase roughly a year and a half to determine if the faction was going to continue to exist and then another 6 months to phase them out.
  13. He knew who the enemy general was and knew that she would likely opt to quickly negotiate in order to shorten the siege rather than extend it during a famine.
  14. There were various rewards for coming first in the various source totals. Spider won the Imperial Advisor(Even that led to the creation of a Spider Courtier family), Dragon won the Voice of the Empeor, Unicorn won the Shogun, Mantis won the Imperial Treasurer and Scorpion won the Imperial Chancellor. The Dragon where going to "dissolve" the Clan with the lowest Spirituality score. If I remember right there was only like a 3 point (or some other slim margin) difference between Mantis and Spider final totals and Mantis only gained that lead during the final week. Well the Celestial Story arc was actually intended as a health of the faction check for the dissolved faction. I was intended to prevent a repeat of the 7th Sea ccg disaster.
  15. Not necessarily. Remember Doji Satsume held off on naming his successor when he was Emerald Champion and had to be talked into proclaiming Hotaru his successor by his two brothers-in-law. He might have originally planned to have Hotaru marry Totori in order to make it much harder for the Lion to war with the Crane (fixing the mess with Toshi Ranbo might have been part of the planned marriage agreement) and Kuwanan might have been his original planned successor.