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  1. They also had the Isawa Mizuhiko hunting the Dark Oracles storyline during that same time period. A perfect storyline where a Shiba yojimbo could have been the protagonist trying to keep a group of shugenja on a crazy mission alive. Should there have been other Yojimbo focused stories? Yes, but that did not mean that the Crane were not a suitable clan for the storyline. Both Phoenix and Scorpion would have also worked. If the storyline had been Crab, Dragon, Lion, Mantis, Unicorn or Spider you might have had an argument. A courtly love tragedy suited Crane well. If you improve a story by changing a characters family name then it is not a symptom of a poorly written story but one of the causes of the story to be poorly written. Not the only cause but a regularly occurring one. Writing Moshi and Tsuruchi as if the were Yoritomo was a reoccurring complaint.
  2. The Beniha/Hideshi storyline was arguably a Courtier and her Yojimbo (aka Lady and her Knight) story so it does fit. Beniha just happened to be a Shugenja as well. It would have been nice to have a story with a Shiba yojimbo and his/her Isawa shugenja charge caught in a love triangle. Even if the stories were poor a fair amount of why they were poor could be linked to this kind of stuff. Heck the Unicorn pretty much became Male Mongolians with Samurai horse maidens.
  3. Onmyōji in the Imperial court mystics that have mastery over the 5 elements sense rather than the uses Shikigami sense. I believe Isawa was originally a name changed Abe no Seimei. I suspect that John Wick replaced the Wu Xing elemental forces of Chinese/Japenese mysticism (Water, Fire, Earth, Metal and Wood) with the 5 elemental rings (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind/Air and Void) of the Book of Five Rings. This along with the Vancian wizards elements in the RPG hides a lot of their origin.
  4. I think that was the result of the Pheonix focus characters tending to be Shugenja* with a single passive Shiba yojimbo following rather than multiple active Shiba Yojimbos guarding one very valuable and very powerful shugenja. This tended to lead into situations where the Story team needed to suppressed magic as it is an easy way to solve any problem. *I hate that all legal spell casters are called this. The Tamori and Agasha are Shugenja. The Isawa are more Onmyōji in style.
  5. Inuyasha makes sense if they are focusing on a "Feudal Fairy Tale" setting. Oh the Manga/Anime stuff is there besides Inuyasha. Moribito is better know for the 2007 Anime than the light novel series. Same for Twelve Kingdoms and its 2002 anime. I'm a bit sad that Kouga Ninja Scrolls (the book Basalisk was based on) didn't make the list.
  6. Tale of the Genji nothing. That is in many ways to be expected with Book of the 5 Rings. Number 24: Inuyasha is what I didn't expect.
  7. That was more an example of how exclusive dueling was in Celestial. Only Crane, Dragon, Phoenix and Ronin had anywhere near a viable pool of dueling personalities and only 1 stronghold was a "dueling" stronghold.
  8. Not really. One of the big things about "Single-stroke battles" is the tension. There is little tension in playing a single card then bow/killing the target. There is a massive amount of tension in the minigame when four cards are focused and neither player knows the result until the 8 cards are revealed. Failure to give decks meaningful ways to participate in the minigame outside of anti-dueling meta was one of the biggest problems in AEG design. I believe you are wrong. You are automatically seeing duels as "duelists instantly wins unless metaed." The reason this tended to happened was AEG's tendency to make FVs (a major part of each Fate card) meaningless outside of a few clan limited deck builds. Add in AEG tending to give decks very little reason to focus save for anti-duel meta effects (Discipline and other play from the discard abilities was actually a pretty good step towards fixing this as focusing from the top of your deck turned into a form of card draw) and you end up with a situation where non-dueling players give up on dueling before games even start. Another problem was that "less than a third of the available factions are really going to be using." Crab should have had force based bully dueling. Crane had defensive honor iaijutsu dueling. Dragon should have had offensive kensai dueling. Lion should have had dueling Tacticians. (the synergy between the two was stupid good) Mantis could have had odd-ball dueling. (with effects that messed with "normal" dueling) Phoenix should have had dueling yojimbos with shugenja support. Scorpion should have had poisonous ninja dueling. Spider a mix of force and chi based offensive iaijutsu dueling. Unicorn should have had jousting based cavalry dueling. The key is to create an environment where winning a duel is nice but not necessary to progress towards the victory conditions on both sides. Consider the card Hamstrung. During Celestial I won several matches because of this card even though I lost the duels I focused this card in because the honor gain helped me more than losing the personality hurt me. To much focus on Winning/Losing duels was causing a lot of trouble. No... Courtier honor rocket decks tended to be just as strong if not stronger than honor dueling decks. Once most Courtier decks got their (mostly dynasty based) honor engines up they were able to quickly outpace the far more Fate reliant dueling decks. Ugh... that isn't dueling anymore. I have no interest in "chi" attacks.
  9. I feel that, considering how iconic the Single-stroke Battle is in samurai media, L5R kinda needs it to feel "samurai."
  10. As I've said elsewhere in this thread it was partially a problem of misusing design space. Most Focus Effects were split between "help win/win more" effects that dueling decks wanted to play in order to progress their win condition and "punish the winner" meta effects. There were very few focus effects that did not care about the winner or loser. If there had been more "give a personality at this location +XF," "Gain X honor," "Ranged/Melee/Fear X," "chose a player who loses X honor," and "after the duel resolves attach this card" type focus effects and ways to trigger focus effects outside of dueling (i.e. the rulebook tactician action could trigger focus effects) I believe that duels would have been seen as a way to play up to 4 cards from your hand/fate deck.
  11. I apologize. I misread your post as disagreeing with me on that Spells were a waste of design space and that they were far to weapon focused when designing items. To your point #2, you are forgetting followers (also permanent force pump) and all 5 of the common items in sets such as The New Order did not need to be weapons one or more of them could have been Armor. 10 of the 13 items in that set did not need to be Weapons. Several of those permanent force pumps could have been Armors or other types of items. Complaining about lack of design space in items and then making a bunch of common swords when they could have been other types of things in those same slots is a good example of putting themselves in a box and then complaining about the box. As for #3, the limiting factor is a stupid reason for giving an attachment type its own template. Other cards used by various personality types had limiting factors as well but did not get their own unique template and special section in the design space. Should Ninja Fate cards have had a special template? Heck, Terrains (which used the standard strategy template) were more deserving of a unique template than spells which tended more often than not to be shugenja exclusive +0/+0 items or strategies. Giving spells their own template put the idea in the designers head that "because these cards look different they must have a different design space than other cards even though they are used in the exact same way as other cards."
  12. As an Item that could have been Meditative Incense or a Spell Scroll item named Walking the Way. Or it could have been a 4G Shugenja strategy once attaching Spellls granted additional actions. Actually it could have been a +0/+0 4G Uncommon item with a "will only attach to a Shugenja" trait. Not every item needs to have Force or Chi and quite a few did not have any. Simply having a rulebook trait of Spell Scroll "will only attach to a Shugenja" would cover that. Spells were just items with the assumption of "will only attach to a Shugenja" and no assumed Force or Chi bonuses (though many spells did get traits that gave those out) built in with a different card template.
  13. I have a funny story. It was in September 2012 at the 2012 Emerald Championship Tournament. I had been playing Crane Dueling Magistrate and lamenting the lack of low cost Chi boosters with 4FV i could use. The only ones legal at the time below 4G were The Black Pearl and Spirit of the Truth. All others were 7G or 8G. During one of the longer breaks between rounds I went up to Brian Reese who was running the tournament. I asked him a simple question, "Why is there a lack of 4G or less 4FV +1C cards?" He, confused, went to a computer and did an Oracle search. He was flabbergasted when only 3 legal cards and one not yet legal card, all unique with 2 being Clan restricted, were returned. He said he didn't know. I had just pointed out a pretty obvious problem with the card pool. 8 months later (a bit more than a set's dev cycle) in May of 2013, the Imperial Herald Promos were sent out. Within was Family Sword. A +3F/+1C 4G 4FV Weapon. Emperor Edition had 127 items, 123 followers total and 133 spells. It had 810 personalities with 183 of those personalities being Shugenja. 22.6% of the personalities got 34.7% of the attachments. This is important as it demonstrates an imbalance in design space use. Not all items are weapons. Armors were under utilized. There plenty of potential ways for them to protect personalities as well as be inspirational and/or intimidating. More items could have supported courtiers. Various Gifts, Kimonos, Toys, Legal Writs and Games. Some items could have even been Mounts which could have given cavalry and movement tricks. There was a massive amount of unused design space in items.
  14. ... This... This might be one of the least insightful comments I've ever seen a (former) designer make. You liked Spells better than items because they had "more design space?" Spells were Items with a built in "may only attach to a Shugenja" trait. Any weird/unique things you could have done with them you could have very easily done with items. As for "different versions of a common sword" Emperor and Ivory had a grant total of 15 common swords combined out of 42 common weapons which made up the majority of the 60 combined common items over 20 sets. In comparison there were 41 common spells over the same period. You ended up working nearly as much on an attachment type that were only used by a little over 1/5th of the personality base as you did working on an attachment type usable by all most every personality.
  15. This was very much a design failure. Outside of Dueling Focus Values and Focus effects were of limited importance.