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  1. Thank you for a quick, clear, and detailed response. I was thinking this was the case for supernatural abilities because of the fuzzy wording back on page 9 but I hadn't considered the Attack and Defense stats.
  2. Short Version: Is Inhumanity or Zen required to achieve that level of result on a Psychic Potential roll? Long version: Every Psi ability lists Potential Results for both Inhuman and Zen. There is no mention of Inhumanity in the Psi introduction. Both the Ki ability and the Psi power of that name refer to enabling Physical Inhuman tasks. The Limits on Human Characteristics section on page 9 is a bit fuzzy on the subject. Is it required when ANY psi ability is by definition beyond natural humans?
  3. Note: this post will contain spoilers for both Mountaintop Rescue (the Beginner Game adventure) and its sequel Lure of the Lost. I own both the Core Book and the Beginner Game and I am hoping to integrate them into a single campaign because I really like the valley the temple is set in. I think it would be an excelent home base for the PCs between other adventures. The issue I am having is that as soon as a PC that has read the core rules gets to the holocron at the end of the intro adventure, s/he is going to ask what skills it offers, and it isnt listed. Within the context of the Begginer Game, this is fine because the prebuilt characters have limited advancement and simplified rules. The full game makes it more complex and gives rules for holocrons granting two class skills which weren't needed before. The issue is then complicated in Lure of the Lost by the introduction of two more holocrons and the revelations of their true purpose. So what do I tell my PCs? It feels cheep to say that because of their additional functions, capabilities, and responsibilites these holocrons don't contain knowledge of applicable skills. Having all three offer the standard two skills is a bit ridiculous. I am leaning toward having each offer a single skill. But what skills should they offer? Here are my current ideas, and I would appreciate feedback. Curator: He is in charge of maintaining the temple, so I am leaing toward him teaching Mechanics. Warden: She was in charge of defending the temple and one of the sidebars after retreiving her holocron has her teaching the characters how to build a lightsaber, so I think she could also teach the Lightsaber skill. Jailor: This one is tricky. He was in charge of designing customized treatments to bring fallen Jedi back to the light. My first instinct is Negotiation or Discipline. Perhaps one of the other social skills.
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