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  1. Why not though. Would be epic having Kisada or Yoritomo on the field. Shuggies might be a bit tricky to work in with the number of things they can possibly do.
  2. Some who warriors just don't know their duty. Bushi are always cannon fodder for Shuggies, cuz without them, those puny earth 2 or even 1 shuggies are as good as dead in those nice kimonos. Its just a matter of people knowing their roles. Can't help it in a environment where some people want to prove something or want to be useful in showy way. You enjoy the character for what it is. Not for what it can do.
  3. If it isn't most magic casters would just pick up a sword for their starting levels like in most mmorpg games. So for short games, being a magic caster would just be equal to a understat warrior. They have to be strong at the start. ie lvl drain life is way stronger than a swing of a sword when you can kite and block Its like trying to compare a archer with a warrior. warrior and archer meet each other, try to fight each other, archer gets two shots in before warrior closes gap, normally in other games unlike L5R there is no wound penalty, but here you see, if those arrows hit, warrior will mostly likely miss his first swing, and that ends the game. Same concept as a mage, only they have a wider range of skills to access. We've had rps in L5R where our GMs explicitly only allow Bushi as the only class available, that or first come first serve on the shuggy spot. In online games, usually they either spread out the shuggies, if there are too much, they bunch them up in 1 group and they have their own deadly high lvl adventure. Shuggies will always have an advantage over warriors in the start of a game. You can't simply tell them you aren't allowed to get this spell first or lvl up this spell first etc...
  4. Shugenja compared to Bushi/Samurai are expected to be overpowered. Unless you treat a shugenja as a thief class in a regular DND game. Same as in DND, Wizards are often more powerful than Warriors in terms of raw damage or effects. There is no way to balance this as if you look on the concept of a magic caster and a warrior, a caster is more often than not born with it, then it is trained, a caster can also become a warrior, but it isn't always true the other way around. ie Ishikens The allure of swinging swords and using bows isn't lost as some people like me do like playing samurai. The hard part is incorporating elements in which even normal samurai have a job to do, instead of sitting in a corner while the shuggies fry up baddies.
  5. The stories of.. Kitsune Gohei (impartial since I love kitsune) Iuchi Shahai Hida Sukune Hida Yakamo
  6. Every game tries to be unique in many aspects which includes the choice of how you want to fiddle with chance. suits, d4s, d6s, d10s, d20s, coins etc as well as the number or variety included in the rolls, flips or hands. probabilities help adjust the difficulty of a game. "The Goddess of Misfortune smiles upon you", your average probability of doing any task is now 30% (at least it isn't zero =p) For some reason I still like 2nd Ed.
  7. Doesn't work either. There are many non uniques that see play in other clans as they are synergistic. Its a matter of preference and making things work. To counter this issue some may propose making even ordinary personalities loyal like scorpion kensai in one arc. This didn't work either as many just looked at the whole playing field and got what they could use. There is no good way to balance it but the current setup where balance shifts alot was nice. You would try to compensate your weaknesses or work on your strengths.
  8. This? *nods sagely. There have been a lot of stories that have been dependent on which side wins. The most recent being the selection of the emperor as well as his bride. For outsiders glancing at it, it may seem like a very small drop of water but within the story itself, it dramatically changes everything.
  9. For some like me, the story is the driving factor for our love of the game. Its the reason we want to share it, so others may too may enjoy it. For a few, it is simply a bonus to playing the game and doesn't hold much weight as they hold interaction with other people as a driving factor, ie the need for company or domination etc. A lot of players actually like the prizes that were initially given for playing the game like Katanas, Kimonos etc which was something different from all the cash prizes given by MTG. The game is closely tied to the story line as it reflects the actions and events that have or will come to pass, or even, what could have been. It is a intricate puzzle of making the game reflect the story so that others may get a glimpse of what it is to be there, in the shoes of those personalities or within that action. Like for example simple cards like Charge ! or Banzai ! reflect the story through their depiction, or people's favorite card such as Game of Sincerity, Test of the Emerald Champion and Game of Sadane show the culture of the society, or The Naga Storm Mirumoto Castle or Volturnum depict events and places within the empire. The game has its own pantheon of Celestials and Heroes. It is a fascinating world of its own that translates itself into the art, the flavor text, and the stories and role play of people. People also get into it a lot by playing themed decks that circle around ideas that they place cards that connect to the story rather than their game value. I've done this alone like playing March of the Alliance, Emergence of the Tortoise and Alliance in one mantis deck I had.
  10. Toturi for the win. Best lion story arc for me at least.
  11. A wonderful and interesting concept that. Having 2 sets of cycles instead of just one. ( or even more ) A long cycle and a short cycle for instance. Long cycle cards can remain in circulation for the legal environment for lets say 4 years. Short cycle cards for 2 years. Sort of a advance version of what we used to have called Eternity bug, which was legal for more than 1 core set. This would be extremely interesting and beautiful. There are tactics, abilities and traits that remain through several generations of rokugani that are lost then relearned through the millennia. It would go in sync as well through a lot of story line arcs that have yet to come.
  12. There are sets that can be already considered as board games. War of Honor, Heart of Darkness. We even have tiles.
  13. Out of curiousity, Canada? Nope. Have similar problems there?
  14. Might have some problems on the distributor side here. The distributor has monopoly on MTG and has been known to do a lot of dubious stuff. For L5R they give out the releases 4-8 weeks late, So we always have to order express from Potomac or other sites at a cost that we always have to pass to consumers/players. For MTG they've done a lot of bad things that have hurt a lot of local stores, (the distributor also has had around 10+ retail shops of its own in major metropolitans and doesn't like competition ) ie not giving out price support or not giving it all, delaying delivery of releases or placing very stringent requirements of making us pay months in advance for the stuff, and being late on deliveries or giving alternate products, or forcing us to buy other stuff just to get the products we want. They've been trying to kill a lot of the other card games as well like Yugioh which they don't have sole distributor ship. Atm our little place isn't near a port or airport and doesn't have the economy to handle sole distributorship. We've complained several times but all it has done has given us more sanctions from the distributor we complained about. ^,..,^ The distributor has a large hold as they own 10+ retail shops of their own and hold major tournaments. But they are killing the game in favor of MTG. The bias lies as MTG makes them more money and they have a solid grip on it. This distributor recently has dropped Bushiroad products as well from their shelves as they couldn't get sole control of it and are labeling the company's games as inferior (informally of course as not to get lawsuits). I want FFG to have a solution to such problems on getting the product to the customers who want them without too much hassle on such things such as shipping and customs tax that makes it harder to get people to play the game due to costs. Meow ! On L5R, I fear they won't release any of the product or not release enough. After all, L5R takes a slice of the pie of their main product MTG. Problem with the MTG community is all those cash prizes that make people blind to what other games are also fun to play. note: this distributor is the sole distributor of FFG here in the country as well. Which is worrisome. They are also the cause of a lot of card shops dying because of their stringent policies that are in favor of them.
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