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  1. As per title - anyone has any resources for empire side adventures? :-)
  2. That makes sense I suppose. As a PC I don't know where to go with this on our next session. I can't say I'm free from vindictive thoughts but at the same time I know it will escalate into full blown PVP.
  3. OK so to follow up on this, say you would inflict 3 strain on me out of 14 that I had - that's pretty much on par with influence power that he does not have. What do you mean you would be the judge of how is that effective? As in you would tell me how scared I am etc?
  4. Would I really know his intimidation was reinforced by force? And yeah, I didn't like how this was resolved either, hence this post..
  5. Hi, Had a quick question. Yesterday during the game one of the players decided to intimidate me and used coercion to achieve that. He used 'overwhelm emotions' to reinforce that. We decided that I will use WP and discipline to resist and he managed to succeed. So I acted intimidated ;-) Questions: 1) Who is force immune as per description of the overwhelm emotions - is it a person who is force sensitive? ( I am ) 2) How does one role play this kind of situations? I mean when I use charm will he have to finance my gambling addiction? If I use deception on a different player will he have to give up his money as well? [ Some background info, he is the darksider in out party, I'm a lightside leaning pilot. He bought some slaves on the planet we're currently on and I've voiced my concern that we shouldn't do that. That's where he decided to intimidate me 'don't get involved in my business' - In consequence I didn't and he sold the poor chaps with profit ]
  6. Aka Space monkey xD Spices Iakaru. Loving this guy already
  7. Created for Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie in 1870. Also called femme fatale.
  8. Hey dude, what game are these ships and hexagon pad from?
  9. Also I picked the hotshot from stay on target - I liked the fluff that comes with this spec but ..is it just me or is the basic pilot from AOR rule book much better talent wise?
  10. Actually I never had any doubt that it's not doable in battle/combat - I just could not remember if there is a roll involved is all :-)
  11. In Ireland it applies to everyone :-P Sorry if I offended anyone! Each nd everyones opinion is really appreciated :-D
  12. Hi lads, have few questions about the game if you don't mind. 1) Would replacing/adding/removing a crystal from a hilt require some sort of roll? Or is it automatic? 2) I rolled a hotshot pilot and got my own star fighter. Was wondering if it's easy to die in space combat? Is there certain things I should avoid doing? And would there be some general space combat advice? Thanks :-)
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