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  1. At what times does a strike become a critics strike rather then inflicting fatigue? Only when the strike can’t be defended against? Can a character wearing armour be subjected to a critics strike before falling unconscious? Can a character wearing no armour ever avoid s critical strike?
  2. I disagree. Involving the other people from that world - either directly with Rokugan or in their own stories/game - just adds more depth and options to the world. This doesn't mean Rokugan should be constantly invaded or have forgieners in their country at all times, but ignoring everything else completely......
  3. but they must own SOME of the other cultures in the world, haven't a couple of them been mentioned on fictions?
  4. Yes - it was just hte bayushi after the coup and the rest of hte clan later on - however I think the point still stands and FFG won't split up the characters and clans, use them launch other products etc...
  5. Remember AEG used the coup to send the scorpion to the burning sands and start up a second card game. If FFG doesn't intend on doing that the desire to remove one of the clans will be greatly reduced (though I would like to see the Burning Sands, Thrane, Yodotai, etc...)
  6. Splashing some Crab can help as well Watch Commander is a pretty good attachment to bleed your opponent of some honor. Levy can be pretty punishing late game as well.
  7. You don't take it away, that's a newbie move. You delete all his saved game files. That'll learn him.
  8. Is there even a section for story related info? And you might want a better writer
  9. I always thought a simple way to sum the difference's was Dragon Monks = Shaolin Monks Phoenix Monks = Tibetan Monks
  10. Its a great start to a new wiki but it seems to be focused entirely on game material and missing story, setting, history and character info
  11. The rules work and do represent the game world (this isn't say they are perfect) 1) If the duelist and the non-duelist each pick 0 honor on their dial (which would be a 100% contest of skill) the duelist wins (assuming they challenged someone with a lower stat/not as good as them). This shows their superior skill. 2) Someone who isn't as skilled can still win through other means. Just because there are rules doesn't mean "cheating" can't happen. 3) You're confused on the rules. If a scoprion bids 5 to a crane duelists 2, and thus wins the duel through dishonorable means, the scropion has to give the crane honor. The scropion loses honor and hte crane gains it. 4 Not all duels are to the death/deathly.
  12. As its been pointed out, a character can die and still have a card. But look at other LCG's FFG does, we'll probably get multiple versions of the clan champions.
  13. I ts not a matter of not being able to figure it out - its starting a conversation about an aspect of the game I didn't see being talked about.
  14. What are the best clan splash's (given the limited amount of influence each clan has, I think that's all we can call them) have you found so far?
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