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  1. "Favor" is just a keyword on the action. It can be negated with Confusion at Court, for instance. Most of the Junzo player's turn will be independent of the Rokugani players' turn. There are few Open actions in the Junzo deck -- most of them are Battle, Engage, Interrupt, or Dynasty, to avoid prolonged back-and-forth action sequences in the Rokugani Action Phase. All players should read both sides of the Territories carefully, as there are actions available to the Junzo player for much of the course of the game, and benefits to the Rokugani players on the reverse sides (especially on the second-tier Territories). The Junzo deck plays as an attrition game: unless you are strongly confident in wiping out a Rokugani army (and really, this should almost never be the case), defend minimally, with the intention of inflicting the most damage with the fewest losses. Cards that save your forces, such as Kyojin and the Beiden Pass A-side, can allow you to get in one or two good shots and still save your shooter. The Unique Personalities will help you get the most use out of your most brutal cards. Fallen in Battle is amazing negation, but the Engage action is ridiculously good at starting the theft engine a turn early, or stopping Rokugan from knocking down the first territory if they get gun-shy. If Rokugan wins, it should be hard-fought. It is certainly possible to stack their decks with some meta, but the pre-constructed decks are actually fairly well-balanced to achieve somewhere around a 30-40% win rate if the pilots are reasonably familiar with the decks. Point of reference: playtested the product; also successfully piloted the Junzo deck against two separate pods at GenCon 2015.
  2. To be clear, that's the RPG rights. The announcements from both AEG and John Wick tend to indicate that AEG retains the rights to produce board and card games based on the IP, and hint that there may be some such products in the offing.
  3. Start with the pre-Clan War lore, much of which is dribbled out piecemeal in the 1st Ed. RPG supplements. Hida Kisada had the hubris to believe that the threat of the Shadowlands could be destroyed if the Empire could be united against them, and thought that Hantei XXXVIII did not have the stomach or the wits for the task. During the Scorpion Clan Coup, Kisada marches to Otosan Uchi after Shoju assassinates the Emperor, but does not obviously take a side. Shoju sends a request for aid to Kisada in the face of the other clans uniting against the coup, which Kisada perceives as a sign of weakness -- and sides with the assembled clans against the Scorpion. Akodo Toturi duels and kills Shoju. The coup is ended. Hantei Sotorii is installed as the new Emperor, Hantei XXXIX, taking Bayushi Kachiko as his bride, ordering the remaining Scorpion Clan to be destroyed, and exiling Toturi as a ronin. Kisada sees this all as weakness in the boy Emperor: leaving enemies alive, keeping the most poisonous of them close at hand. Kisada believes the Crab are better suited to ruling the empire than this pathetic dynasty, but he knows that he cannot leave the Kaiu Wall undefended while he pursues what, effectively, would be the Crab Clan Coup. Kuni Yori, playing the part of the treacherous advisor, suggests an alliance with the Shadowlands only so long as it takes the Crab to take the capital, whereupon they can turn on their allies and destroy them. Kisada initially rejects the idea, but eventually authorizes Yori to broker the deal, allowing the Crab to gradually withdraw troops from the Wall to mass for a march to Otosan Uchi. All of this is more or less preamble to the Clan War era represented by the Imperial Edition release of the CCG.
  4. Will be disappointed if there's no "Scorpion Shugenja B" at the end of all this. /deadpan
  5. Zero, technically, due to loaded terminology. Doomtown: Reloaded, in actuality. I have R9E as well, but that doesn't really count.
  6. The canonical list of shoutable cards (bolded my personal favorites): Utz! Banzai! Again! Be Silent! Begone, Fool! Bow Your Head! Charge! Coward! Defend Yourself! Dirty Scum! Do Not Delay! Do Not Turn Your Back! Enough Talk! Face Me! Fall Back! Fear Me! For My Brothers! Forward, March! He's Mine! Hold! Honor, Bah! I Carry Two Blades! I Do Not Die So Easily! I Will Not Die Alone! It's a Trap! Not This Day! Out of My Sight! Rise Again! Run for Your Lives! Stand Down! Surrounded! The Trap is Sprung! You Die With Me! Your Clan Needs You!
  7. Any starter deck designed from about Celestial Edition on is fully playable and should be available fairly cheap. Seeds of Decay is an Emperor-era expansion, and thus best combined with other Emperor cards (starter decks from Emperor, Embers of War, Seeds of Decay). You can mix and match as you see fit; these are just guidelines for how the game was released initially.
  8. People have said as much above, but I think it bears repeating: AEG doing the reboot in-house, with the same announcement and timing, would have been excoriated by the players. Moving to FFG resets the goodwill counter, with most choosing to look at this with optimism. Late Emperor and early Ivory may have been a low ebb for the game, but the work done to make Twenty Festivals a solid play environment was bearing fruit, as was the repopulated Story Team and the player engagement with the Clan Path Choices. It's a shame that the cutoff happens here, in the middle, with the incredible story beats and card environment planned for Onyx never getting a chance to fully play out.
  9. LCG is effectively the nail in that coffin. At best, you have alt-art or other versions of the fixed cards of which everyone can easily acquire a regular playset. Chase promos (Recruitment Officer, anyone) were the bread and butter of the singles market, but a horrible barrier-to-entry for a new player. On the other side of the coin, "alternate format" promos (foils, alt arts) did not have nearly the same draw -- a few folks on the L5R group on Facebook have claimed that with no "interesting"/powerful promos in the quarterly store kits, their local player base dried up. Certainly there was no real secondary market value for alt-arts, other than the scarce versions printed specifically for AEG employees in the Samurai arc.
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