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  1. It's your campaign, you don't have to. I guarantee if the old gaming group was still together we'd be ignoring the Prequels, TFA, TLJ, and R1.
  2. Bit of a Cowboy Bebop aesthetic, with that podded cockpit.
  3. You can also charge your phone on those USB ports under the cockpit.
  4. But if they do something smart, they can't "die heroically".
  5. Rule of kewl -- all form, no function.
  6. I really need my allergy meds to kick in and blow the cobwebs out.
  7. Am I confused? Were weapons always posted in this thread, and not the "gear" thread?
  8. Eh, maybe it's something that was invented in the years after RotJ... (I prefer that over "retcon" or "We don't give an F about consistency, we're going to slap whatever looks kewlest most awesome on the screen!") E: coordinating jumps was a thing before, but jumps were always "you take this long to go this far and reach this spot in realspace", wasn't ever just "hovering" in hyperspace. It's not like a submarine diving into a different dimension and then waiting there.
  9. This is just one of those things that used to have a set of technical limitations... and those limitations have been bent, broken, and ignored every single time The Story would have been inconvenienced in the slightest by adhering to them.
  10. Would fit right in with some of the stuff we did in our old d6/HERO campaign.
  11. I get one of those that show the text of a link, and not an image, every page or two.
  12. I know it doesn't match my cynical demeanor to say so, but I really do want Ahsoka to have lived. She went from annoying kid-sidekick to one of my favorite characters from TCW, crowned by having the **** guts and self-respect to walk away from the Jedi after they threw her under the bus.
  13. We'll see. It's a big galaxy. (Of course, they had a scale fail again just by insisting that these Rebels had be so closely tied in with the rebels of the OT.)
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