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  1. Khol Wall, was about the closest to, well, stupid broken.... and possibly the Ratling Warrens. But Khol Wall!
  2. Not quite... only resolves the ring during a battle, does not claim the ring or end the battle. Still gives people a real pause on what ring to attack with. Could be devastating for an opponent with a DoP... but expensive.
  3. I am surprised Secluded Shrine is not unique.... pretty much removes a lot of Phoenix setup, and considering much of the setup dictates the power of the abilities!... nice card
  4. The new stronghold will become the basis for the Shugenja/ Spell based Conqueror decks... the old stronghold will continue to be used for the Courtier, Glory based honour/dishonour type control decks.
  5. The new strongholds will give extra options for deck designs, not replace the previous strongholds. Maybe long run some of the cards will cycle out... but not any time soon. And a move in ability is powerful, particularly with the straightening cards/abilities that Unicorn have available (I say this as a Phoenix player who splashes Unicorn for almost exactly this reason). Anything that allows multiple use of a powerful card i.e. the ability to use a character multiples times in a turn. Tonu is just pointing out that the limitation of the Unicorn stronghold at the moment is that the characters available to use multiple times in more than one conflict are limited and not particularly powerful; once that changes the Unicorn stronghold could become a powerhouse.
  6. I don't think anybody is denying that there is a way around, for most players, with, trading borrowing etc, and I personally don't think that it is the end of the world. But I can understand people who are on a budget getting frustrated, particularly if they want to play competitively. People will still play if they are truly serious about the game, but it may have turned a number of others off as well.
  7. I think people that wanted to go to tournaments and can't afford the accelerated release would be pretty pissed off. Those that are casual may be irritated but realistically it probably makes little difference if they are pragmatic, as they will just buy, as and when they can. A little like somebody who starts the game a year after the packs have been released. Yes, understandably, it is called a budget... some people cannot just spend all the money at once if they have other more immediate obligations.
  8. Oooh, look at that nice darkish scroll I found at the back of the library....
  9. Well why not? you can do anything with the cards once you get them.... how do you think highlander decks came about, or any variation of the card games over the years. People made up their own rules and just had fun. Nothing stops anybody from doing this.... in the end for most of us play amongst a small circle of friends and maybe at a local shop...... well I hope they are having fun however they decide to play the game.
  10. I agree with all the points in terms of it slowing the card pool down, creating build restrictions etc. And 1/6th of the pack is a good number of cards. However I like the role system, it creates for dynamic deck building changes long term. And I have no problem with the idea somebody who has earned the chance dictating the way the clan must play in full tournaments. Casual play, these restriction only applies within people's minds. So while I agree with the points I just dont see it as a bad thing in anyway.
  11. I was about to comment on how cycles may have changed the game and power levels.... but then realized next year is only 6 weeks away!!! So nevermind.
  12. Plus itself.... but more than anything its a 2 cost Courtier/Shug in Dynasty side. with decent stats. Everything else is just cherries on the top.
  13. "107 Phoenix Dynasty Character (name redacted) Courtier. Scholar. Shugenja. Water. 2 1/2/2 Reaction: After the Water ring is claimed, choose a Scholar character - honor that character" (Dynasty Character) Just text spoilt in discord channel.... WOW!! Makes the Phoenix seal more relevant.
  14. He married her after he was already Emperor, and believed it was the only way to prevent the lying darkness from taking over, as Kaede, by that time, was Oracle of the Void and thus immune. However, she they were engaged as infants in original story as well. From a Phoenix point of view I just hope we dont totally lose her as a Phoenix character as she was an important part of our history. It is interesting for me to see what will happen next, if Toturi becomes ronin and/or Emperor and if the Hantei line continues to exist. Those are major canon changes if they do/don't happen.
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