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  1. As a note, AEG is still redeming koku. So if you got it, use it. Get trade bait to finish your 1ed sets.
  2. My thoughts on the Shadowlands. A strong Shadowlands Horde that is immune to honor loss wasn’t a bad thing. The argument that, it wasn’t fair to a dishonor player, is garbage. Truth be told, this was a way to manage deck from over specialization. Scorpion dishonor should have to run meta, just in case of the shadowlands matchup. What happened instead was players refused to adapt to these situations (Wah, why should I have to change my deck because of somebody else’s deck). instead of making more balanced decks, and players would complain to AEG, about how unfair it was to them. Eventually whoever was in charge, would cave in and change a rule. Lions honor gain to quick (Make clan honor gain once per turn), Unicorn Calvary isn’t fair (Make it a unit or two only), Crane bully duels (Make a focus pool), Shadowlands doesn’t lose honor (Get rid of Shadowlands faction), Scorpion Dishonor bones lion (Ignore hr from other players loses "blood money rule was kind of cool"), and so on. Boo frickin hoo. When I could play Boss, your Military, your honor, your dishonor, your raids, your dueling, your enlightenment, your calvary, you were nothing before me. After the spider came, I had nothing left.
  3. Alt art, foils, or special advance copies of cards (like how "Secluded waystation" was a assembly card, then became common after a year).
  4. For many older players, we're sitting on hundreds (if not thousands) of koku redemption points. Over the years one of the constants has been that between publishers (Five Rings Publishing, WOTC, and AEG), Koku was always redeemable regardless of source. Will FFG be accepting older Koku or even have a redemption program at all?
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