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  1. I agree that binary choices with broad implications that affect everyone would be good. But that's not what we've seen so far; both the Meishodo and Justice/Duty choices were story choices focused on interactions between two specific clans with little reason given why others should care. Call it tribalism if you want, but it seems that story prizes have shifted away from being something that can be won to benefit your clan or get it additional story time. That makes them a lot less appealing to me as there's fairly broad swathes of the L5R story I'm just not very interested in.
  2. I agree, though it increases the likelihood of someone winning a tournament and then being presented with a choice that they have absolutely no investment in. Aramoro or Toturi? I'm a Unicorn player, what do I care?
  3. Well, I mean, they were worded that way as a part of an intentional effort to mislead samurai into thinking Shourido was a good thing.
  4. The use of katakana to transcribe foreign words is a really modern practice. There are two other options used historically that I think would fit the setting better: Attributing kanji for the name based solely on their phonetic values (such as 加須底羅 for castela) Attributing kanji for the name based solely on their meanings (such as 煙草 for tobacco) In the case of Altansarnai, the length of the name in kana would make the first option unwieldy. But given that the name means "golden rose" in Mongolian, you could easily assign it kanji such as 金薔薇 or 金花. (Incidentally, there was a real Shinjo clan who wrote their name as 新庄.)
  5. There are some typos in your list; the kanji you have for Kaiu (加藤) is the name Kato. Also, some of the family names in L5R exist in real life and you might want to use those real names as a reference. The Shiba were a real, powerful samurai clan, for example. It's a shame that the AEG boards are no more as there was discussed in depth there. I even made a few translated cards:
  6. That's a possible pronunciation but an unlikely one. Without having the kanji for the name there's no way to be sure but most likely the ro and u are separate here.
  7. It's not just the "cavalry tax" that's similar; Unicorn also suffered from a real shortage of battle actions.
  8. It's really interesting how many of the problems with Unicorn echo those that plagued the clan during the last years of the CCG.
  9. Eh, opinions may vary on that point. I really hate the change.
  10. My playstyle is not that different from your's, but I'm afraid I have the opposite take. The card pool seems incredibly small and I'm a little worried that's going to mean a lack of variety and things getting stale. Just to give you a point of reference, the entire card pool for AGOT v1 was smaller than that of a single arc of the CCG. The CCG base set alone would have 400-500 different cards in it.
  11. Because it would really upset the people who like the Naga. And if you're going to do that, why not just not reintroduce them? The people who don't like the Naga would be satisfied with that as well.
  12. My post was not about judging whether or not Asian-Americans are allowed to be offended by the word banzai. It was about establishing that they actually are offended. This has been taken as a given in most conversations on this topic. And of course it matters how many people find something to be offensive. We may not get to decide what someone else finds offensive but we do get to decide whether or not to modify our behavior in response. And knowing who is offended and why are important pieces of information to have in making that decision.
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