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  1. so im rather confused about this wording. Most effects state "spend" to resolve an effect, which of course flips a green to a red and a red is discarded. But some effects specify flatout "discard" - until Agate showed up i always assumed it was a typo, but Agate makes no sense if its a typo because otherwise the card is literally describing the usual effect. Can you opt to "discard" a defense token, even if its greenside, for these effects and bypass Accuracy blocking or something?
  2. Perhaps they'll delve into the Old Republic and break away from all the current movies entirely, both the factions and the story, effectively starting new. I always preferred the Old Republic stories BECAUSE it wasnt holding the Trilogy's nutsack the entire time.
  3. Snoke's main power is his poweraction not his die. People pretty much only used his 2nd die because it happened to fit. I suspect people will just ditch his Elite status and keep using him.
  4. theyre ok but not great. I find it pretty easy to slip 2 Trickshot generics in with ion turrets with some kind of proper threat. They just lock turret sideways and float around rocks flanking everyone, causing ion tokens. Definitely not best option, but better than say...Decimators by a long shot
  5. brockets and ptorps are not a problem. Theyre fine where they are, very threatening but expensive enough to not be auto include. Heck barrage is only a problem with Jonus around. Jonus bumped up 5pts -> 41pts base. Someone who is literally a superior Howlrunner should not be cheaper than Howlrunner...this prevents the 5 bomber bs some people been doing, dropping it to 4 which is still a threat but more manageable. Scum Han Gunner -> 10pts. Dude is comparible to Force Crew in levels of efficiency, but cost of stress so he isnt the 12-14pts Force crew typically are. He should be just behind them in price, not half. Bombletts -> 4pts. Proton bombs arent broken at 5 but the gauranteed crit is often better than potential 2 noncrit. Shedding a point is sufficient to squeeze it in a list that Protons wont fit but Seismics are undesirable.
  6. thing about Redline is literally not a single ability, 1.0 or 2.0, has ever mentioned acquiring a lock to be an action. They've always worded it that way. "Acquire a lock" instead of "Perform a lock action" - its literally always been the only action lock is the normal actionbar or that droid that basically merged lock + boost in one action with a condition. I dont see Redline being that big of an issue. Major threat, yes, gamebreaker no. Punishers still die easy. Scum Han Gunner is the king of the easy-play cards. Put him on a turret ship, dial a green, free focus every round nobody can do anything about (depending on timing with other start of combat abilities) and to top it off hes pennies cheap. Other comparable insane abilities are priced through the roof (anybody remember Luke Gunner flak before we saw his price????)
  7. Vineheart01

    And tlt is?

    Vader atleast is arc bound and can be dodged, also its R0-2 so it can be outranged. TLT could not be avoided unless you managed to dive into their face, which wasnt easy to do unless you got shot the last turn already. Its issue wasnt making dice superfluous, its issue was it was completely unavoidable barring the attacker rolling like crap since ONLY the hyper evasive ships could even attempt to dodge it or chase its deadzone to avoid the shot. Like i said earlier, i dont see it being as big of an issue with arc limitations being a thing. Still a threat, not a practical auto-win threat.
  8. Vineheart01

    And tlt is?

    it was a crazy reliable turret in 1.0. Which i dont think would be as broken in 2.0 due to the mobile arc mechanic on every turret now. Its problem in 1.0 was it was not only reliable to hit, it also was virtually impossible to NOT get shot by it on top of its reliability. Now that theres deadzones its easier to dodge.
  9. predator, crackshot, marksmanship, and outmaneuver dont even work on ships without a native front arc. Well, technically the 3 bullseye cards do since thats not a firing arc thats just a printed area to check with, but theyre also primary weapon only so turrets for the most part cant use them anyway. Trickshot isnt a problem though imo. The only targets that it feels strong against are 0-1agi ships, which are suffering for a myriad of reasons not related to trickshot.
  10. arguably way stronger on QD than in 1.0 since this happens at the end of the turn now instead of upon red token received and locks are red tokens. So if you lock QD, even with a friendly ship, you can baffle it if it doesnt trigger normally. Juicy.
  11. i actually did not notice she caused damage if she stole your last resource. Kinda ups her value a little to me. Initially saw her as trash.
  12. upgrade rules also only mention characters for valid targets for an upgrade. Its simply they havnt updated the rules yet...for some reason.
  13. It says 1 because that just means you have normal access to a single action. If you have a way to branch off that action, its not preventing you from doing so. Its not saying "You may only perform 1 action" or anything directly stating "No more actions" Much like other such interactions, thats doublestressed and it doesnt bypass "cannot action while stress" clause, so most situations you might not want to do that.
  14. The fact that theyre including the conversions for Fo/Res is confusing to me. Why allow those but none of the reb/imp stuff?
  15. FFG's idea of a limited format is "what was released normally, and whats in the conv kits" right now. Like what Fickle said, limited formats are fine if theyre actually balanced right. Standard is boring because theres no options and 2 of the really big dogs are legal and dont depend on illegal upgrades to be that mean.
  16. us 40k players laugh at "extended is too busy/complicated" comments... I only play Extended, both because i simply DONT play any of the released imp ships, striker not counting since its not released yet, but also because no bombs = swarm meta because its really difficult to deal with a tie swarm flown by a good player w/o a way to force him to split up. Imperials are my sole faction...until CIS show up
  17. Soontir has been amazing, in 2.0, interceptors are garbage otherwise. When did the Silencer get spoiled? Theres only 2 articles on the conversion kit and neither of them show a full Silencer card that i can see.
  18. The reason i dont like Hyperspace or Standard is BECAUSE of Vader/TIE swarms. Its nothing BUT that, with Boba being a close second. Why? Theres no counter to it right now other than just extremely good planning/luck. Nobody runs TIE swarms with Extended in mind unless they are just wanting a challenge. We got 1 guy that does it but he's clearly trying to force himself to fly better (which works, i did it when i started playing) not play to win at all costs. Its simply too limited. And its just limited to screw over vet players because theyve made no mention about it cycling out ships/cards to keep it "fresh" - thats going to be its own thing (the custom option in the ap)
  19. It all happens during the attacker's die mod step, which means they can resolve it in any order. Yes it works. And its rather annoying that everybody that spends dice got blanks removed and then Rose just goes "Here have a lock to fix all those blanks"
  20. double gunner realistically means its going to have bombardier on it all the time. Unless for some reason its capable of getting main guns that are a threat, most of the gunners are a complete waste on this thing.
  21. this is kinda my problem with standard too. Other than dumb luck its insanely hard to deal with Boba or TIE swarms in a standard format. Formats that limit what you can bring are fine. But when the list of OK stuff is a fraction the size of not OK stuff theres an issue.
  22. Configs are for ship-related upgrades that either are too wordy for the pilot card, has options, or like you said has dualsides. Gunboats have config and its not dualsided.
  23. The fact you need 2 hits is why ionwalking isnt that easy. Even with requiring 2 hits, ionwalking isnt that hard to do, its just most small ships die before they reach the rock or edge of the board anyway. Its just hard enough to do so its not basically auto-ion because you cant Evade, Repair, Boost, Roll, or some special action to avoid the attack better. I initially didnt notice the 1st hit didnt ion and when i saw Ion now restricts to a focus action i immediately went "Are you kidding me they made ionwalking EASIER TO DO!?" - once i noticed the first hit doesnt ion, i realized it wasnt that likely. Still happens, but often its just 1 damage no ion. It also provides an incentive to dodge the attack when you arent going to dodge it all. In 1.0 if you got hit by ions and you couldnt fully dodge it, you never spent any tokens because there was no point. Now there is, avoid that ion token is pretty important especially if the enemy list also has APTs, which are SUPER easy to line up if you are ioned.
  24. a red 5fwd in a faction that is mostly of medium speed ships is hard considered a weak dial. Only two ships with a 5fwd scum even use are flankers anyway, flankers dont want buddies. The mining tie is fast enough to keep up with everything else. That being said though i dont see their ability being that useful. I rarely see people use rocks, tournament or otherwise, because they want the option to dive into the debris if need be and still shoot. And who knows, the new pink cloud things could become so common we never see rocks/debris again lol.
  25. ions are only taken because its all we got turret/cannon wise thats worth mentioning. The moment we get something else ions will be as rare as before. I still expect TLTs to return, just not in the same form as before (R1-2, 2nd shot only if you missed)
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