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  1. Range1 is generally a trap for me, i usually dont try to get it and i always recommend people avoid actively hunting for R1. Its the reason i despise using Fenn, hes complete garbage in R2 and the way my mind is wired to fly i always end up in the R2 area. Especially if you are using a boost/roll to get the R1 when you already have a shot anyway its not worth it. The reason Expose is trash is +1 naked die is generally worse off than just having mods (talking the actual effect here not its absurd cost)
  2. at the very least the actual Bounty hunter crew would make sense.
  3. this is why kylo crew is preferred if you actually want the condition. Kylo pilot has no control over where it goes, the amount of times flying the kylo shuttle ive had that thing bounce off the ship i was about to attack to something i couldnt hit has been mindboggling lol
  4. The ability to play a force ability for free and ignoring Blue Only restriction is justification enough for bringing holocron. I could care less if holocron decks get hit a little bit by removing special chaining. And spoiler alert: i also use holocron decks, and feel a bit cheap doing it, so this isnt me having a vendetta against them.
  5. Unless it specifies the arc (see tailgunner) any "in arc" effect works on any printed arc. Note that turrets do not have a 360 arc, which is why it doesnt work for them. They "fire outside of your printed arc"
  6. Dash has 1turns, it appears hes far enough away to do a 1turn to his left and be fine. Very close though, might end up poking over the edge.
  7. This is the main reason people complain about my deathrain utilizing bombletts "Bombletts are so overpower wtf" flew right into the face of Deathrain....dafuq you expect is going to happen?
  8. Yes this is legal, though he'd do adv sensors before revealing the dial at all. Its been a thing for awhile but generally adv sensor users dont take PTL, the Silencer is the oddball there.
  9. Palpatine is so far in the garbage chute he might as well be abandoned. Theres several upcoming cards that will royally screw him over. Indirect damage builds as a whole will shred him since they do on average 1.3-1.5x the damage but its unfocused - well, unfocused means nothing on a single character! Nevermind kylo's tie.... indirect as a whole stops him from seeing play again.
  10. Oh right that pilot, derp, always forget about him. Guess that works. Its still only 1 set of clusters (stupid faq...) but thats a wide area for his ability to trigger even with 1 bomb.
  11. what good is minefield mapper doing? its just 1 cluster bomb. Then again its better than an empty system slot.
  12. R7-T1 is an odd droid. Biggest use ive gotten out of him is on a T65, which has no boost, can use him to arcdodge depending on the angles. Its not a Fearlessness thing, your arc has no merit on it...just the enemy arc. The TL is optional as well so you dont have to acquire it if you already got one on someone you'd like more. I wish he was worded the other way though, where he checks YOUR arc.
  13. There really is no true answer as its ship dependent. Generally i try to keep my distance and approach from the sides, most ships cant bomb sideways very well unless youre right up on them.
  14. hey fickle, outta put it on a Huge Ship post. its hilarious lol. I only use Huge Ship posts for my large ships because they fit so so much better than those stupid pegs do (Ghost exception of course) also thats another thing they could have done: give it an inverted ARC treatment! It has an aux arc with 2die forward, 3die rear. Look at how many guns are on the back half!
  15. FFG repeats upgrade all the time...just not 1:1 dupes - Expertise and Marksmanship are good examples. They are effectively the same dang thing, except one is an Action and has a Crit bonus while the other is passive, no crit, and 1pt more. I really dont want the FO bomber to be a thing though. What would it do that would set it apart from the regular Bomber and the Punisher? Its doomed to either pushing both out the window, never used because the regular Bomber is uber cheap for what it does, or suffer the same fate of the Punisher where it just...cant do anything the Bomber doesnt do for like 10pts less. Following typical FO treatments, +1shield, Tech, and a slightly improved dial. Tech would be the make or break point, as in is the tech valuable enough for the inevitable 5pt increase from the basic bomber on average? My gut would be no because bombers really only claim to fame is their cheap cost compared to the moderate durability and amount of dakka they can equip. Which is also being contested by the Gunboat these days btw. Improved dial would probably remove the red turns...maybe give it green 1banks...maybe...