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  1. Vineheart01

    Nooo! Can’t use epic pegs for my Decimators anymore!

    Yeah this bugged me too. But this is what i have a 3D printer for...i'll find a solution lol
  2. Vineheart01

    First 2.0 nerf victim: composure

    strictly because of composure, and nothing more. While minor it allowed ships with a linked lock to have a linked "focus" since you could always say "Im going to lock that obstacle across the map" and fail. I dont think that part was necessary, making failed red actions stress you was enough imo.
  3. Vineheart01

    TIE Advanced v1

    The issue with putting SR on Sister is if you use SR, you cannot use her ability since her ability takes two force (which is what the only ability to eat two force???). At that point, why even take her? You are bound to use it pretty much every round because it does give you some crazy positioning. imo anybody that puts SR on sister is wasting their time.
  4. Vineheart01

    TIE Advanced v1

    If only Palp was able to be spent for anything force related, barred from "once" stuff of course (so you cant doubledown on vader). Making sister cancel an evade every turn that way would be dope. But because only 2/3 dice, not broken by any means. Sadly he only works for die mod effects. Which technically works on fifth brother's ability...technically...but that really isnt a problem. edit: Yeah i know in 1.0 he had some weird rulings. But thats because it was worded as "Treat it as R1" instead of "Apply R1 bonus and deny R3 bonus" which they could have just said in 2.0 as well. He was a sniper in 1.0, really all he was good at. Cant snipe now.
  5. Vineheart01

    TIE Advanced v1

    So has anybody had any success with this thing? (Inquis ship not vader ship for those who get confused on v1 vs x1) I have been trying to fly every ship to some degree to get a grip on what they can/cant do. This is the only ship that every time i make a list with it i feel like im wasting my time. Generic w/ force sounds awesome, except the force upgrades are lacking right now (except Supernatural, but too pricy for this ship imo) Generic w/ talent isnt really any better. Sister's ability is cool, but given 2die attack and every-other-turn (assuming you never use force for focus) kinda turns me off of it. Grand Inquis' ability not denying R3 benefits also turns me off because its not only weaker than it was in 1.0 (which its action economy stacked on this was what was brutal, not this ability alone) but now he feels even more expensive because "force!" I literally dont see a reason to ever take these over strikers/soontir/phantoms/even just a single barrage bomber. Yeah, no jonus around bomber feels more useful than the v1.... Anyone have ANY good things about it?
  6. Vineheart01

    Can some ships in 2.0 not take Modifications?

    Fang i know didnt but i didnt know the Awing lacked it. Which is really weird. Why would the Awing not have it? Its been modified several times!!
  7. Vineheart01

    Can some ships in 2.0 not take Modifications?

    Very few but yes some ships lack mods. I think the only Imperial one is a defender for example.
  8. Vineheart01

    First 2.0 nerf victim: composure

    its a card that shouldnt have existed in the first place. Its intent is clear and perfectly fine, but theres no way to govern it from "intentional failure" which everyone was doing. How on earth they never thought we'd just go "Ok ima boost into your face. It failed. FOCUS!!" purely intentionally. Not factoring that situation in, its kinda crap to begin with. Its 2pts and eats the talent slot for literally a "failsafe" tactic. If you fly properly, it'll never do anything.
  9. Vineheart01

    Anecdotally, are your launch tournaments seeing many swarms?

    actually for me the most ships i saw was 4. Probably because most of the players in my area are rebel/scum. I only saw 1 other imperial player that didnt ragequit 2.0 like a pansy (and later get talked back into it lol). Nah i saw more X/Y combos than anything else. And Guri for scum, always Guri....
  10. Vineheart01

    Skilled Bombardier

    this is one thing i find dumb about 2.0 Perfect time to add new templates because we alreayd need new ones anyway for the line in the middle thing. But nope, no 6fwd, 4 banks, 4 turns, or any weird curvy maneuvers (like a zigzag)
  11. Vineheart01

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    Yeah but gunboats cant even use it. We have no cannon w/o XG1, but if we take HLC then our main damage is ordnance but without the OS1 ordnance perks. If you take HLC on a gunboat, you are going to hurt. Either you will constantly find yourself going "I cant slam, cause i dont have OS1 and i wont get bullseye with slam either" or "i cant line this bullseye up.."
  12. Vineheart01

    Bombers 2.0

    its trash because its 6pts for a 3die attack with 0 added benefit unless you somehow also had damage cards already there on nearby ships. Ordnance are wanted for alpha strikes, not last minute finishes. People use Clusters, which are 5pts and lack R3 but still a 3die attack. Its got 4 charges and can multi-fire if the situation arises. Also Prockets are 5die missiles. At 7pts. Havnt seen those used just because bullseye is hard to line w/o burning actions to get it.
  13. Vineheart01

    2e Vader Crew and Range

    "...choose 1 ship in your firing arc at range 0-2 and spend 1 [force]." Requirements are both required to even attempt his effect. If you cant choose a ship because theyre not in 0-2 in your arc, the force isnt spent. If it was worded like Afterburners where its "spend then you may" then yeah it'd be possible to whiff vader.
  14. Vineheart01

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    if they didnt strip the gunboat of their 2nd cannon slot, HLCs would still be on them a lot. 4pts for a potential 4die attack? Sweet. Wait thats my only attack that actually does something though if i do that? Nvm..... Really bugs me that we lost a cannon and the bwing gained one and the IG88 kept both theirs.
  15. Vineheart01

    Bombers 2.0

    concs are trash by design, even if they were 2-3pts you wouldnt see them. They require damage to already exist on not just one ship but EVERY SHIP in its aoe. I'd rather have homers than concs. No debate on that one.