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  1. seriously hate that arc caster isnt allowed by imps. Both gunboats and tie/ds would be brutal with them. But the likely self-damage would be a drawback. Gunboat would also bypass the reload on the Arc Caster since multiple weapons disabled doesnt do anything. Defender would bring on the pain every other turn, assuming he got range 1. Plus, isnt the arc caster canonically used by the imps more than anyone else?
  2. Salvo is basically a die roll bomb you throw that somehow doesnt hit one person. I could sort of see the cruise missile idea to practically guarantee you missed against rebel jank, but except for the TIE theyre all reasonably tanky where the probable 3 splash damage they'd take throughout the game to not be that much. Plus, TIE wouldnt roll anyway. Has equal agility to the missile cost, not lower
  3. x7 title = no cannon no x7 title = no evade no evade = old defender issue of going poof due to being predictable fliers.
  4. Upsilons have a cannon? Since when? Only large ship that would actually benefit from LB's is the cockroaches (ig88). Firespray is too expensive as it is, yt2400 is defined by its turret cannon, and yv666 might get some use out of it but usually it has dengar on board anyway.
  5. yt2400 with linked batteries would be hilariously bad... Its a 2die ship guys. The cannon-turret is the only reason its even remotely deadly to begin with, not to mention the reason its even a problem to consider
  6. Personally i think LRS or Adv Slam are way better than Gchips on these. Gchips were mainly to make that one shot count. Gunboats dont have one shot, they'd rather have flexibility. LRS lets them have a targetlock long before they need it and AdvSlam can be used for more than just targetlocking (advslam, reload, fire ordnance you just reloaded if you had a targetlock still there)
  7. @VanderLegion did you just somehow quote another thread into this thread? lol
  8. Bout the only thing i could say it has over FCS is: 1) It happens immediately, no first-shot w/o rerolls in exchange for 1 reroll instead of all 2) Allows sensors to be used for Adv Sensors, Collisions, or Jammers Cannon was previously left empty unless you had a 1pt lying around for tractors because why not (ive had tons of situations where i'd rather tractor at PS2 than fire 3reds)
  9. The only way that slam into APT would work is if you had LRS and already telegraphed your attack with it. APT's w/o focus AND targetlock is a massively wasted attack, even with reloads. APTs practically dont miss when you have a focus, but if you do they miss more than statistically should (behold the psyche of rolling more than 3 dice!) The moment you bank on unmodded attacks to do anything you are going to blank out or roll focuses. Every. Dang. Time. Take an EPT guy and put Expertise on there HOLY CRAP thats an expensive ship thats not that tough to kill!
  10. On note of peeling off, Gunboat can probably do it better than anything else. Unless someone was dead behind you and predicted you werent doing a turn-turn, gunboat should be able to completely vacate the area with ease.
  11. The exception. Not because it needed it but because it was 100% worthless and not selling since nothing in the kit was unique to it anybody wanted. Change the title so the ship can actually perform, bam now people buy it. Worked on me. I had 1 until that change and the CROC came out. Now i got 4 lol and i run all 4 quite a bit
  12. not really sure if saturation salvo will ever be a thing. The main issue is it eats the EPT and requires an effect you dont want to have happen in the first place. 2ship lists might become less common, but if they dont this will be even less valuable.
  13. Never, they dont faq/errata things that are underperforming because that doesnt make them money. Only change the good stuff so people stop using it and buy something else.
  14. given how bloody long it took to reveal this stuff it BETTER be fully revealed. Dont think theres anythign missing anyway
  15. Yeah but the issue with ion torps is they spend the TL to fire. You now have a need for 2 actions to fire it again the following turn. One for a targetlock, one for reload. however, ion MISSILES do not spend the targetlock. They just dont splash