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  1. New preview: save the dream

    i would be shocked if it took us all the way to August to get these ships. Thats 6 months away.....
  2. Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    im bad because i use deathrain. ans think hes insanely good lol
  3. Fear the Reaper?

    i cant imagine the reaper wont have a kturn or sloop. Its very similar in design to the striker and the striker has both. I could see it losing one of them because its not AS nimble but given it has a title about maneuvers you cant say this thing is a cow like shuttles normally are.
  4. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    Adv Sensors not TrajSim The premove boost is essential, or premove focus before a forward-bomb -> roll forward -> 4k (this JUST clears your bomb and often sends you far enough to get a shot with unguided) TrajSim is worthless junk, especially on deathrain.
  5. Director Krennic

    Defenders would LOVE boost, they dont take it because they are expensive as it is and its not a must-have like it is on vader. Strikers too. Ive put boost on Strikers and they move like crazy, but the pricetag...ouch...
  6. Scum skipped for wave 13 and 14 = big scum wave incoming?

    oh yeah....the hwk...that exists right... lol
  7. Scum skipped for wave 13 and 14 = big scum wave incoming?

    uh, 4 of them are from another faction? z95, ywing, firespray......what else? are you counting the scurrg? pretty sure thats a scum ship and rebels simply have a pilot. Also what GreenDragoon said, it goes both ways if youre doing that. Also Scum are what 5 waves behind? i forget when they actually popped up. So of course they got less ships.
  8. Pondering on uses for Saw Gerrera

    saw on the cr90....ouch... Give it the shields upgrade and it just negates the Saw damage automatically lol.
  9. Director Krennic

    That would be 8pts of upgrade AND a new kind of "unavoidable attack" for 5pts in a crew slot that doesnt have to go on the ship its buffing. Theres no possible way that'd happen lol. FFG aint that stupid.
  10. targeting scramblers worst upgrade in game?

    scramblers...i dont know what they were thinking with that one. They really should have just made it a 3pt sensor that flatout just goes "Receive 1 weapons disabled token and assign Scrambled condition to an enemy ship at R1-3" with the condition going "You cannot modify your attacks" Its unique, so it cant be spammed Gives it support ship utility Doesnt require the target to be firing R1 (which to an extent counters the point of it with the extra die) Doesnt require it to fire at the owner of Scrambler Yeah, it isnt free, but it WORKS and is GOOD now lol. I'd put that on a uwing pretty quick, since they will easily have several turns they cant fire anyway.
  11. Fear the Reaper?

    well it seems they have the pre-move so unless their dial is really weird and lacks any 3 speeds these things will still be pretty quick (strikers lack a 4/5 fwd, and still go forward pretty dang fast). Turning we'll have to wait for the reaper article so we can see the full title. Willing to bet it makes it nonred but dunno.
  12. Rivals cards legal outside draft play?

    probably because until now they werent even released technically.
  13. Epic Upgrade Cards Across Different Sections

    Duocard huge ships are still considered 1 ship unless it calls out a section in the card itself (or ability). afaik the only upgrades that dont specify which half it affects and dont work for both is weapons (due to the multiple arcs and the rules mentioning "that section") Only one mod can be equipped, despite there being 2 cards to "equip them to" so they are universal, otherwise....pointless
  14. Not like this.

    its probably an accuracy thing. Like its not properly stabilized with the foils closed or something. Indicating they can shoot, but not reliably. Hence that congrats for making a close-winged shot.
  15. Fear the Reaper?

    yeah i suspect it'll stay R1-2. Its still a pretty wide area.