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  1. freakyg3

    What I realized about the scum conversion kit...

    If you are in Toronto check out Meeplemart or Game Schooled - they have pretty good 1.0 sales on right now
  2. freakyg3

    Getting Over the Jousting Syndrome

    Don't try to get over jousting - Embrace it - feel the power of the jousters
  3. freakyg3

    ARC's dual cards

    I think you will have 50 points left to play with estimated cost - jedi knight 50 (similar to inquisitor) -sinker 50 (rebel arcs are around 55) torrent 23 (similar to z-95)
  4. freakyg3

    Casual X-Wing is Dead/Casual Player Bemoans Changes

    if you are really casual and the games were balanced keep your lists or just pencil in the points change - I like the changes - it stops the crazy stuff like Redline and supernatural
  5. freakyg3

    Are the new Points available yet

    Are they up yet?
  6. freakyg3

    20 Point Vulture Droids?

    I think three vulture droids, a bellyrub and a sith infiltrator will be approx. 200 points vulture 20 pts x 3 bellyrub 40 pts x1 Darth Maul 100 pts
  7. freakyg3

    TIE Reaper

    i own three reapers - I need a three reaper list
  8. freakyg3

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Rebel A-wings are basically tie fighters and should be priced accordingly
  9. freakyg3

    Questions about the Squadron Packs?

    ARC's are a rich man's gunboat or does it sound better when I say gunboat's are a poor man's ARC - I plan on l flying four as well
  10. freakyg3

    How do you knock out triple Up's?

    it is really not that scary - spread out your ships when you deploy parallel to your board edge - play like a coward and have the ships that are being chased run away and stay out of arc - once the batwings commit go the other way - don't shoot taveson (or whatever his name is) - in a timed game (I don't usually play timed games), I think your win condition is hurting him and not dying
  11. freakyg3

    How do you knock out triple Up's?

    get behind them and they can not hurt you
  12. freakyg3

    Vassal Team Tournament!!!

    I fly anything - you guys figure out the faction and I will make a list
  13. freakyg3

    Vassal Team Tournament!!!

    I don't know how to find you on discord - @Green Dragon what are you thinking about the strykers? do you think I should get rid of fearless and replace it with predator?
  14. freakyg3

    Vassal Team Tournament!!!

    I’m in i want to fly three named fangs fenn - fearless old T - fearless the other guy - fearless 186
  15. freakyg3

    Vassal Team Tournament!!!

    I’m in but I have no teammates - if anybody wants a teammate I am a free agent