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  1. Do it!!! Jump right in u will love it. It’s a game of skill but u can get lucky. The competitive scene is friendly but tough. You should be able to get started by showing up at your game store on game night. The community is super friendly. They will hook u up. After two weeks you will know if u like it and have an idea if u like it.
  2. I couldn't vote - but I would have voted to remove slave one otherwise Boba is fine
  3. Anyways - what was the poll about? How will Europe cope after this is all over? Me personally I am a little freaked out by the pandemic. I am worried about my parents, friends and myself (I am a heavy smoker). I was never a fan of game nights - I play mostly at home but I do like the weekend tournaments. I hope to get back to normal but I will wait until it’s safe. When will that be - when the doctors say it is
  4. When I play in real life - I often find myself trying to visualize the birds-eye view of vassal. I love the ability to find high quality opponents on line. One of my favourite experiences was playing in a regional in Montreal and realizing that my opponent and I had played before on vassal - it was like meeting a long lost cousin. I am looking forward to meeting some of my vassal friends when I go to Montreal to play in nationals
  5. When fighting aces - remember wide arcs - if they get too close they can arc dodge
  6. I like the luck factor. It adds excitement to the game. Dice variance was removed near the end of 1.0 and it resulted in a different game. Double modding dice is the best way to reduce variance. If you want to reduce variance look at 1.0 and it will help you figure out how to do it.
  7. I have rarely gotten an extra die with Cat - as I said no one complains about me not moving because this is so bad it is almost comical.
  8. Sorry I meant this https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v8ZsZ200Z260X114WWW189WW71W69W236Y291X114WW54WWW71W69W236Y346XWWW244WWW&sn=Bombers&obs=
  9. I found Leia on a bomber fun . Sit still and keep throwing bombs in front of u ps- you won't get called on fortressing because it is bad
  10. Einstein’s theory of relativity applies to x-wing
  11. Nice - thanks for the math
  12. I know your initial response is 75 minutes, but that’s not what I mean. How long do you think it would take in real life. I think maybe 15 seconds. What does everyone else think signed bored at home social distancing
  13. I buy enough ships that I don’t use to justify playing on vassal - I wish I experimented more with my 5 Naboo star fighter build before I bought them or the 5 Y build I used once. I think vassal drives sales.
  14. Five rounds of Swiss plus three rounds of cuts makes for a super long day. I was at one tournament and we did four rounds of Swiss but 1/2 of the 3-1 people didn’t make it - it didn’t seem fair. Is there a better way?
  15. look up goldsquadron podcast on YouTube and you can watch some games - the commentary lets u know what is going on
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