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  1. You should have included control - people hate to play against it - especially ion control.
  2. I’m trying to find it on twitch can u send a link
  3. freakyg3

    Rebel ARCs?

    buy two republic arcs and fly four
  4. I just don't ant more brown dice
  5. Do we know what the prizes for season 2 are?
  6. I have had a great time with 2.0 - I think it has been pretty fair and balanced - I love that Luke, Wedge and Vader are good. I enjoyed fighting five A wings and tie swarms. I am a little wary of beef but the only beef I have seen is the drea swarm
  7. The Count's pilot ability is "after you defend, if the attacker is in your arc, you may remove a red or blue token" - So you shoot - hit - red cloak - defend - spend a force to remove a red token (stress or a red target lock) -
  8. What cards are locked out of faction so far? I can only think of O-O-O moldy crow spare parts canisters gas clouds composure
  9. Shoot first because you can red cloak afterwards and spend a force to lose your stress token - I find if I shoot second people don't always take the bait and shoot him instead killing other ships
  10. I think dred loks are an issue with VTG - but I am biased because they kicked the crap out of me. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v6!s=200!146:137,,90,,,,:;146:137,,90,,,,:;146:137,,90,,,,:;86:,137,,,,,,:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  11. I think this is a response to someone getting disqualified in a legion tournament for using 3rd party tokens that gave them some kind of advantage
  12. they licensed Wings of War - I bet those guys feel bad selling their idea for peanuts
  13. I think the baseline is supposed to be the tie fighter - if it can easily destroy the tie swarm - I think it is overpowered
  14. I don't like to be political on the forums but it would be nice if the ships could be made in Canada or the USA.
  15. I played against some people using ashoka 7b R2 two arcs two torrents it was pretty good
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