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  1. I liked the story and am pleased to see the naga. I wish this and the previous fiction had not each been split into two parts. I assume it's to draw the story out while world building and setting development continues, but I think I'd rather get a whole story of this size once a month than a short half of a story every two weeks.
  2. You can roll different dice at the same time. You just have to read the detailed results to get the individual die numbers. Test: 2d6+1d12 14 [2d6=4, 4] [1d12=6] Orokos also allows for custom system dice, including FFG Star Wars. So, they may expand that to Genesys and L5R eventually.
  3. It may still be the Genesys system, but packaged as a full RPG rather than a supplement.
  4. This is the second game in a campaign using elements of Iron Rokugan. It starts in a few weeks. http://ironhearts2.fallenash.com/ There's a Discord channel for the various Fallen Ash games, but I don't have an invite link for it off hand.
  5. I can appreciate that the Spider fans hope this will lead to something, but I'm doubtful. There are already changes to Shahai and "Daigotsu" that I feel are significant. This Shahai has recently completed her gempuku and is a promising meishodo practitioner. This suggests that even if she is hearing the voices that led her to maho originally, she hasn't had the chance yet to fully follow that path and is unlikely to if she's essentially a hostage in the Forbidden City. At the least, her studies of maho would be different. Meanwhile, the Emperor's second child is a part of the Imperial family, rather than being born to a kidnapped Empress and raised among the Bloodspeakers to become Daigotsu. Then, there is the Crown Prince, who originally became the host for Fu Leng and inspired much of Daigotsu's vision of a corrupted Empire. His being the last Hantei was an element of that happening, with the Scorpion killing every other reasonably potential heir, which would now include his younger brother. There may not be a coup, a Second day of Thunder, or any other reason for "Daigotsu" to consider Fu Leng his brother and wish to follow him. Something could still develop, of course, but I think it would be notably different form the Spider Clan and may not be what many hope for. Perhaps Satori will die and his younger brother will escape with Shahai's help, setting him up as Fu Leng's vessel. Perhaps he'll become a new and better version of Iuchiban. They certainly could become involved in the Bloodspeakers, but I don't see a Spider Clan surfacing. Even a Shadowlands Empire under their rule would take some time to develop as a story.
  6. You mean, they were thrown a curve when they were expecting something straightforward?
  7. Is it? We don't even know if this version is hearing the voices. We also don't know if she's found grandfather yet. The skull may still be sitting in a forest. The voices may be given a different physical form this time, leading to a different story.
  8. And, those voices led her down a path that she cannot follow now. Different locations, different responsibilities, different opportunities.
  9. I think this creates a new and interesting fate for Shahai. If meishodo had been banned, that might have led to her embracing Maho. This time, she may explore a different power. That could still create a threat to the Empire, but the potential is interesting. Of course, it could change her entirely. Perhaps she'll actually become a part of the Hidden Guard and be instrumental in defending the throne from a great threat.
  10. I think it is something left to be decided, or at least influenced, by the players. The Scorpion can: A) Withdraw into the shadows and let others take center stage. B) Maintain and strengthen their current position of power. C) Attempt to seize full control of the Empire. The other clans have choices of their own to make, such as the Dragon and how they will deal with the heretical sect.
  11. I was referring to how much interactivity and influence the community will have with the story. We have some idea of it now, but we won't have a full impression until the game is launched and FFGs plans are implemented. It does seem likely that it will be more restricted than it was previously, but this is just the beginning. Maybe it's a matter of perspective. Your original post seemed like your concern was that influence would be too limited and that the community should organize something to make up for that. I prefer to think of anything like this as a way to add something extra to what FFG will provide, rather than a supplement to make it more fulfilling.
  12. That's my point. This story is from the Unicorn perspective and many of the references to curved blades is internal monologue, offering the opportunity to show their true view of the different weapons. I believe they know the issue is more than the curvature of either blade and that they have their own cultural reasons for favoring the scimitar. I wish that had been illustrated better in the story, as this is our first insight into those beliefs.
  13. My issue with the swords and meishodo isn't that they are cultural differences that separate the Unicorn from the rest of the Empire, it's that the differences are presented in ways that seem inconsequential or dismissive. After 200 years, the Unicorn think Rokugani dislike scimitars because they're curved? I imagine that there are deeper reasons than that and that they are aware of them. It would have been nice to get a greater Unicorn perspective of how their blades and magic are just as traditional and sacred to them as katana are to other samurai. A primary aspect of the Unicorn is that they have different traditions based on their history away from the Empire. This was our first opportunity to get a glimpse of that from a Unicorn perspective. But, it felt like they were only aware of the more obvious differences between them and the rest of Rokugan or didn't care about anything more. This would be natural at first contact, but as time passed I'd expect the Unicorn to seek some understanding of the Empire many of their ancestors came from and an appreciation of how much has changed. The marriage arrangement reflected this as well. I can accept that they made the agreement without realizing what the Lion expected. But, it should have become apparent soon thereafter, as details were worked out. The Unicorn should have then been discussing their options internally, and there is some suggestion that they had. It seems odd that those discussions didn't come to the conclusion reached here. The fate of the Asako gave reason to reconsider, but didn't really change any of the conditions of the arrangement. They could also have consulted with allies among the Crane and the Dragon about any precedent for a Clan Champion leaving their clan for another and shown they could adapt to the politics of the Empire and find an appropriate solution. But, it would have been most interesting to get an idea of Unicorn marriage traditions and how they might conflict with the Ikoma's. I really think it would have been better if it was Kamoko who was supposed to marry out, but was opposed to it based on Utaku traditions.
  14. Legitimacy is up to the parents of any child to acknowledge. There is a stigma to bastard children, but primarily because their existence suggests some impropriety from their parents. As long as there is a clear line of succession, however, it may not be much of a concern. It's better that there is an heir than not, as long as there isn't a challenge of legitimacy.
  15. The Phoenix fiction pointed out that the Ancestral Sword, Ofushikai, was a curved sword, but lacked the drastic curve of a true katana. Was there another curved sword referenced?
  16. But, there are straight blades in Rokugan. Tanto, Jitte, Ninjato and other bladed tools. They do differentiate between straight blades and curved blades prior to the Unicorn's return. I would also assume the Unicorn encountered many straight swords in their travels and would not consider katana to be the same as those.
  17. Generally, the lower status samurai takes the name of the higher status samurai. in this case Unicorn Champion > Ikoma Daimyo, so she wouldn't normally expect to take his name.
  18. Oh, yes. The curved blades versus "straight blades" bugged me.
  19. I really didn't care for it. The situation felt very forced to me and predicated on things that didn't make much sense. Clans squabbling over land is a part of the history of the setting. We were already given an example of it with the Crane and Lion. But, resolving border disputes by marrying the Unicorn Champion seems excessive. If it's about all of Unicorn lands, shouldn't that have been resolved within the past two hundred years? Are the Unicorn really a Great Clan without lands granted by the Throne? It was also made clear that Altansarnai and Kamoko have discussed this before. Why was this situation the one that made her finally feel that Kamoko was right? Kamoko wasn't really arguing for the sake of the Asako. Her fate really seemed tangential to the debate and the decision that was made. Weren't the various options considered here considered before? With other advisors and, perhaps, allies? I can kind of understand being unaware of an Ikoma tradition, even after 200 years. But, I'd be curious as to whether that tradition has ever forced a Champion from their position before. It seems like an insulting presumption to expect her to do that. Even the isolated Dragon would have had some insight on that for their Unicorn widow and orphan allies. It would have been much more interesting, if it was Kamoko being married off and it was Utaku tradition versus Ikoma tradition. Kamoko arguing for her own fate against Altansarnai arguing for the clan's best interests could have been quite compelling.
  20. It isn't unprecedented. There are several role-playing groups and fan fiction collections that present alternate Rokugans and there likely always will be. I also seem to recall tournaments that presented original fan fiction as promotion for the event, along with special titles and such. There isn't anything wrong with the idea. But, presenting it as a failsafe in case FFG doesn't handle the story the way you would like, seems premature. Let them show us what they have in mind, before suggesting it won't be enough. I can't wait to see more fiction, either. That's why I play in so many play-by-post games. That is basically what we are hoping the new story team is. So far, I feel pretty good about it.
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