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  1. I do find it funny what people list as being slept on, and how local meta dependent it is. Pretty much everything I've seen listed is used pretty regularly locally. Veers/Iden and OP Luke are in every list for their respective factions here. STAPs and B2s don't show up much, but that's a matter of local stores not getting much of a supply of either, and even Chewie makes an appearance from time to time. At least one of our local players has been experimenting with Snows with the upgrades from ISF, and Rebel Z-6s never died here like in the big competitive meta. Another local player has a love affair with Speeder Bikes, and only recently stopped playing them after having them nuked off the table for the 95th time. Finally, for the big two of the Fifth Trooper list, I guess locally we're ahead of the curve. One local player started buying into multiple FD 1.4 shortly after they got the buff last year, and he ran 2-3 pretty regularly until Cassian came out. They're good, but with good deployment and tables, relatively easy to mitigate. For E-Webs, they're my jam. I've used them both casually and competitive since I started playing Legion, and every Imperial list I've ever made has had at least one, usually two or three. I think I had 2-3 in the list I won an RPQ with. Only reason I'm not using them now is I switched to GAR, and I keep hoping they'll annouce a E-Web/EWHB-12 unit for the GAR soon.
  2. I was fine with silhouettes when I thought they were going to implement them as a backstop that you silhouetted your mini against, and if the portion of the mini was against the silhouette, it was a valid target. This would have helped units like Luke, Han, or the Wookiee leader. But no. Instead, every mini in the game gained a ton of weight and frequently got taller, but not always. The top corners being squared off was a terrible idea, and you'd think they would have at the very least clipped them a bit, rather than just put out a **** box. In short, as much as the silhouettes help in LOS, they also hurt. It's just as gamey, possibly more so, to shoot at the corner of a silhouette that's poking around a corner as it is to shoot the muzzle of a blaster, or a Lightsaber blade. I really, really hope they revise the rules on these soon.
  3. It's actually a good thing. More pieces show a shift towards more posing or customization options. They're not handling it perfectly now, with arms often being locked into one pose, but the potential is there. Compared to other wargames, like Bolt Action, for instance, these are still pretty mild in both number of pieces and customization options.
  4. It was probably not your intention, and this comment is not really directed at you. Your comment/reaction just serves as the springboard for my rant, so please don't think I'm specifically targeting you. I want to state that many of the threads/posts complaining about GAR come off as the same. Basically "nerf clones, GAR players just need to get good so they don't need X mechanic." That's just as condescending and insulting as a Clone player laughing at your frustration. I know one of the podcasters has blatantly described clones as "playing on easy mode" but such labels do nothing for convincing players of the need for change, or for those of us loyal to a faction before it was even released, let alone became the dominate faction. Bottom line: pointing out a problem is fine, but don't attack clone players by calling the faction easy mode/auto win in one sentence, then get mad when somebody says "get good" elsewhere. Both sides can stand to improve, but both sides need to recognize the validity of the other. End Rant.
  5. Since this thread is so off topic as to be laughable, I just wanted to point out that this is like the third thread in a row to be filled with people arguing with a single user, with no progress being made in convincing him of much of anything. Since he clearly doesn't understand the difference between facts and opinions (at least his own opinions) I seriously urge all of you to consider putting him on your ignore list. If you like talking at walls, with nothing really gained by the process, go right ahead and knock yourself out. Just know that the pointless yelling is making up the majority of new posts right now. EDIT: Third thread in a row I've read TODAY. If we add up everything he has derailed, it's probably pretty **** sad.
  6. I'm planning on hitting up a theater this weekend for this. Debating between wearing my Imperial officer uniform, or Jedi robes. Hmm....
  7. I assembled my first one this weekend. Talk about a freaking nightmare. The feet simply didn't want to stay together using plastic glue, so I switched over to super glue for them. Also had to use super glue for the "waist" where the body connects to the legs because it got so wobbly with plastic glue. Good lord that was frustrating, and that was on top of the "lol, no instructions for you!" approach FFG took. I was planning on picking up a second one, but now I'm not as sure.
  8. I personally very much prefer the E-Web over mortars, so it should stay. Only exception is if you really want the fire support option.
  9. *Laughs in transparent Acrylic tokens* Your marker has no power here!
  10. Exactly. We should view them not as medics that heal only one, but regular troopers that heal 1 in addition to being the fifth trooper.
  11. Battle Report #2: Revenge of the Badly made Battle Report is done. Tried to correct some of the issues of the first one, not sure if I succeeded or not. Let me know what you think. These will of course be shared to my Page/Blog's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/But-Suppression-A-Star-Wars-Legion-Blog-372002993693681
  12. Never ending dodge tokens for an entire army, especially one with numerous ways gain free dodge tokens, would be quite ridiculous. It would make OP Luke even unfun to play against, as you just keep him close to rebel troopers and Leia, and you are guaranteed to be punching through a small mountain of dodges that only disappear if Luke spends them. People complain about Clone sharing, but at least there once it's spent, it's gone.
  13. Wolf Pack Saber was not painted by me, but I helped with the decals and the wash. Brings up a question: do you guys like vehicles painted in unit markings, or standard Republic colors better?
  14. Ah, you assume that The Boat actually does things on this planet. I am not yet convinced of that. It is a mystical energy vessel, that transcends our mortal existence... and looses expansions along the way. Like a Wizard, it neither arrives early nor late, but exactly when it intends to, give or take a few years.
  15. I agree with most of this. As a Republic player, I've found that leveraging timing to interrupt when/where standbys can be triggered really messes with that tactic. If you're facing someone who's really playing those meta, near-mythical high activations lists that support just a couple of heavy hitters, focus on them. Those units won't be able to hide behind terrain because they need every mini able to fight. Hit them enough, especially with Pierce/Sharpshooter units, and lists that are long on tail and short on teeth like this will fall apart. Picking away at Range 4 is a great way to do this if possible. If you don't have those options, Hero Hammer lists are hard to deal with if played well. Triggering standbys with Tauns or Sabine to open the door for OP Luke to come in and wreck shop works wonders. If they don't fire on Sabine or the Tauns, they're opening themselves up to Explosions and Tauns getting into their lines, not a fun time for them. Bombs and area effect weapons also tend to wreck murder balls because of how close Clones want to stay together for token sharing.
  16. Clearly it was a code name because they didn't want the Germa..... I mean, Rebels, to know what its true purpose was.
  17. It's almost refreshing to see a thread like this and it not being complaints about the GAR. Has a nice, retro feel. Really takes me back to this time last year when these forums were happy places where people bitched about the Empire being OP, and about how the Rebels really needed buffs. Ah, the good ole days. Then don't play them. I do my best to avoid skirmish games as much as possible, mostly because I don't like the limitations the design and list building places on what I can actually bring. Skirmish is OK for faster paced pick up games, or learning games, but terrible at representing the "real" game.
  18. Sorry, but to qualify as our Lord and Savior, The Boat needs to loose fewer ARCs trooper expansions. Or keep them dry. Or not do whatever the **** happened to them.
  19. If you preordered, and they haven't shipped yet, I wouldn't count on getting them any time soon.
  20. And here I thought we were out grabbing the Emperor's luggage...
  21. I ran 2-3x E-Webs pretty regularly when I played Imperials. They're a good unit, limited by stupid design decisions early on. Barrage generators should be stapled to them. The extra white dice aren't as bad as normal with surge to crit and extra aims. At the very least, dumping suppression on people can grind their plans to a screeching halt. Just remember to keep the 'webs semi-close to each other so they can mutually support, and double tap any unit or vehicle they need to. As for commanders, I was always fond of the generic Imperial Commander. That frees up a lot of points for other units, and other units usually do more for me than an expensive commander. Both Krennic and Veers have a place though, as they can work with the 'webs in different ways that allow them to maximize something, but both cost more and might even cost you an activation.
  22. Venators can, but I don't believe ISDs are capable of directly landing ground troops, hence the Sentinel-class and other landing ships. Disney's version is weird, and does whatever the plot demands, or the director thinks would look cool, so who knows. Lord knows they could use the help. ****, 3 banthas and a sled would probably improve things.
  23. A couple comparison shots make it look like Mando is visiting the same temple as seen in Fallen Order on Illum. Not confirmed, but it fits with Filoni's style. And based on the dialogue last season, he clearly has no clue Luke or the Jedi are. Hitting up worlds with known associations with the Order (like Illum) would make sense, but maybe he ran across someone with a clue, and they said "Jedi? You mean that Luke Skywalker dude that half the Empire was looking for a few years ago?"
  24. That only matters if you value Invader league. I do not. And as repeatedly as you bring it up, it most certainly is "near-mythical" because you seem to think it is some amazing thing that can't possibly be beaten and every Clone player ever is using it.
  25. I'm hoping Rhen Var, personally, but chances are it'll be somewhere the audience is familiar with to provide name recognition and value.
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