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  1. Uh, the new factions aren't officially released yet, and we hit the 1 year mark back in March. And yes, a faction can most certainly be fully fleshed out, it just won't likely ever be complete. Fully fleshed out would likely mean that all slots are full and have several options for them. The Galactic Civil War factions are at that point now; the Clone Wars factions won't be anywhere near that point for likely over a year, at best. And honestly, I don't think anyone here is saying that they shouldn't do the ST factions ever. I personally don't want them as I find them hopelessly derivative, but as I said before, the timing is terrible for them NOW. A year or two wait is not unreasonable under the circumstances.
  2. Plot armor is most certainly a thing, and while it should be taken into consideration, it should be taken in context. As for the last part, we'll have to agree to disagree. A squad that is "high cost and low power" seems most certainly "unflavorful" for Jedi Knights that spent their entire lives in the Order, and were far, far better trained in lightsaber combat than everyone in the game short of Vader, Obi, and the Senate. Oh, I understand why it does what it does, and the lore behind it. I hate everything about the sequels, but I've tried to give them a chance. When TFA came out, I looked into the lore to see why things were the way they were, before deciding that the era had nothing good to offer. But yes, I can most certainly tell someone that something is stupid, and argue why that is the case. It's up to them to agree or disagree with me on the subject.
  3. The Clone Wars core set isn't even officially released yet, and I've already moved on to an alt model for Obi-Wan. My paint job isn't the greatest, and I unfortunately have had some bad popcorning with my latest can of white primer, but he turned out OK. Unlike the alt models for the Generic Imperial officers, I'll probably use the official/alt at a 50/50 basis.
  4. This whole thread is completely political, and should never have been started. If FFG had announced they were joining it might have worked, but otherwise it comes across as pushing a particular political agenda. Be no different than if I started a thread about using game companies to support gun rights.
  5. You must have missed where I said it would be terrible timing for new factions. As in, it would be terrible timing NOW. Down the line, it would be far less of an issue. I even said that if they have to bring them in, they need to wait to do so. Ignoring what I actually said to try and make a silly point is completely disingenuous. And as for the old factions being ignored, I'd tend to say the opposite. Rebels and Empire are both getting far more releases than the Clone Wars factions by the end of the year, and even if we add up all unreleased content, its hardly 80% Clone Wars right now. Adding another faction to the mix NOW would magnify that problem immensely. Doing so after they wait a long time, say, a year or two, would not.
  6. Sure, but speculating without a firm grasp of the game leads to problems. I don't know what games you do play, so I'm at a loss to find an example. I don't really play Armada any more, but this isn't all that different than wanting an Eclipse SSD or the Death Star in the game, complete with super laser. It doesn't really fit the mechanics, and while might look good on the table for a limited time, they would either be broken beyond all reason, or be so ridiculously under powered as to be laughable. But they wouldn't feel like Jedi at all. The Force Slot, without the other things that make Jedi unique in the game, wouldn't really make them feel like Jedi. ****, even Sabine, someone who's entire experience with lightsaber fighting is swinging the Darksaber around for a few days, has a much higher attack than you suggest these fully trained Jedi Knights should have. She also has Immune: Pierce, Pierce and Impact with it as well. While she can't deflect, that's likely because we never see her do that. We do, however, see countless random Jedi deflect shots throughout the Prequels. These aren't all Jedi Masters, but they all should have more than a match for a teen girl with limited sword fighting experience. Kanan was a random Jedi Padawan, and yet even half-trained, he would have far better stats than what you want a squad of Jedi Knights to have. As bwingstrike said, those were Jedi Masters, and members of the council at that. They were also extremely powerful in their own right, and we have on screen evidence of their prowess on multiple occasions. ****, Dark Horse did a comic back in the day showing that exact team taking down a station full of bounty hunters (a far more applicable comparison for Legion than fighting a Sith Lord) and doing it quite handily. Weakening those characters that much would be absolutely ridiculous. Last note, but I'm not sure why you said "cool saber style" and then followed it up with "crossguard." Nothing cool about a pointless goofy flashy effect that would cause far more harm than good. Even considering the extreme ridiculousness of dual wielding and double-bladed lightsabers, the cross guard comes off as overly pointless. I mean, the stats proposed here would fit barely trained younglings far better than Knights with years of experience.
  7. They honestly shouldn't have that much over lap, honestly. What most people want ARCs to be better fits Commandos according to the lore. The Commandos would be a cross between snipers and sabs, depending how how they're kitted out, and could honestly be very comparable to Deathtroopers as well, making them very flexible for use. I'd expect they'd be priced accordingly, but that's not a problem. ARCs don't operate that way in general, and shouldn't be geared towards just being a form of heavy infantry.
  8. Try the precision applicators from Testors or Tamiya; very little mess, and far easier to deal with than super glue, especially on small pieces. If you're thinking about Droids, I definitely encourage you to go with plastic glue over super glue just because of how much overflow there will be. Plastic glue smells bad, but won't leave everything stuck to your hands; super glue will.
  9. Agreed. It would also be terrible timing for Legion as a game to introduce more factions, especially ones that are so incomplete. While they would be scraping together new units to fill the ranks of the Resistance, they'd by default be ignoring the existing factions. With how long it's going to take the Clone Wars factions to get up to snuff, that would be an absolutely awful move to make. I'd honestly prefer never to see the Cosplayer Order nor the budget-brand Rebels in the game, but if they have to bring them in, they should wait a very long time to do so.
  10. I tend to disagree with you on that we're sliding downward environmentally, but I forgot its "settled science." If you're that worried about it, feel free to donate the money to a worth cause on your own, and leave my wallet out of it.
  11. Not to be a jerk, but you should probably get a few games in before you try to figure out what should be in the game. A generic Jedi would work fine, a squad of them, not so much. And I'd hardly use X-Wing as the standard for a balanced game. Their methodology of "it's good, nerf it" and a single all powerful list that dominates the game until the next nerf is not something I want to see Legion embrace. So, you'd give give a squad of Jedi an attack that's only marginally better than Guards or Wookiees, a Force slot, and nothing else. Their attack might start off as OK, but would rapidly become a joke as they took casualties. Those aren't Jedi, those are reskinned generic melee units. No thanks. Deflect and Immune Pierce are definitely required; we see tons of Jedi in the background blocking shots, not just the big named ones, and that's one of the few things that keep Jedi from getting focused fired and destroyed in a hit or two; more so with fire support being a thing. No, just all the no. Even looking at the cards for Veers and Grievous, we see a bit of a difference in how things are handled. Veer's attack is with an E-11, but it's a personal one, likely representing a modified version, and that's why its attack isn't the same with the average stormtrooper. Grievous's attack is labeled as "trophy lightsaber," and I think that's an important difference. Rather than being something that grants it a superiority to the norm, this would indicate that it is lesser than the norm, as it was taken as a trophy and he doesn't have the full understanding of its use. After all, there was supposed to be a spiritual component to building and harnessing a lightsaber, and Grievous would lack that ability. At the very least, I still see Grievous's attack as the baseline of power for a lightsaber attack, 1 Red, 2 Black, 1 White. It is weaker than all of the heroic Jedi we have, but not so much so as to be silly in comparison. Grievous's skill is that he gets two such attacks, and a separate card that gives him a ridiculous amount of flash. That said, Grievous's skill has been highly overrated by fans. We routinely see him get beat and have to run. Most of his successful Jedi kills, outside of the cool-but-ridiculous 2003 series, were sneak attacks, wearing a Jedi down, or simply overpowering them. This isn't a matter of Grievous's being so much better than these Jedi as to deserve to receive several times the attack as them, it's more tactics. As for focusing on the heroes.... well, yeah. Jedi served as Generals during the war, not squads of troopers. Even the barely trained Padawans served as Commanders. They should be reserved for the position of general, or at least operatives, not anything that spams them on the table. Just like with ARCs, this issue seems to stem from a lack of understand of the lore and how they were used. ARCs were almost never deployed in squad sized units; neither were Jedi. The operations that they were were special situations that the rules of the game should not bend over backwards to cater. If you're worried about Magna guards.... why? We never really Magna Guards be anything more than a mild annoyance for most Jedi. In game, I'd expect them to be the same, something you try to take out before they get in range, or something you throw Obi-Wan/Anakin at to protect your troopers. You don't need a squad of Jedi to counter them, and if, for some ridiculous reason, it is decided that the Republic just needs a semi-worthless melee unit like all the other factions, they have several options besides picking the dumbest Jedi they can find and putting them in a squad. Red Guards, Senate Guards, Wookiees, Clone Riot troopers, heck even Gungans. All make far more sense. If you really, really want a Generic Jedi unit in the game, a commander or operative would make far more sense. I personally would love this, as it would allow for lesser known characters to see table use in the form of 3D printed proxies. Aayla Secura, Quinlin Vos, and even K'Kruhk would be fun. Sha'a Gi would make for some hilarious battles with Grievous. It also allows the Jedi to feel like Jedi, and not just another random trooper or even "elite" trooper like Wookiees or Guards. If it has to be SF, and there's no way around it, then a 2 person team is the most we should get. (Always two there are, a master and an apprentice) Their attacks should be like Grievous's, 1 Red, 2 Black, 1 White, with Pierce 1, and either Critical or Impact. Immune: Pierce, and Deflect. Force power slot, and either gear or training. 2-3 health per mini, possibly 4, though that runs the risk of being too strong. I'd also make the unit unique, or put a limit of two on it, so as not to spam them. I'm still not sure how this would work, but its probably the best of a bad situation.
  12. Eh, really couldn't care less. Biggest impact I see would be on the pricing, and I'd rather not see our little plastic space army men go up in price for a questionable-at-best environmental impact.
  13. They'd have to be stupidly powerful for them to make any sense at all. Grievous's lightsabers are 1 red, 2 black, 1 white each, and it's a noticeable drop from the normal lightsaber of any of the Jedi in the game. Even if we went off something similar, multiplying that by 4 would give you an insane dice pool. Then you'd need to give them pierce to actually feel like you're waving around something more than a glow stick, and that would stack. Add Charge next. Red defense die, and Deflect as well, so surge to block. A force slot would be necessary, if only to trigger "Jedi Hunter" and a training or gear slot would be needed as well, so you're looking at tenacity, hunter and/or Emergency stims backed up by Force reflexes. Then we'd have to look at price. 4 mini Lukes in a squad would need to be a silly amount of points; several hundred, at least. The end result is an extremely powerful squad that can probably one shot most units in the game, including most existing commanders, and it takes up half the points in your list. And, if by some miracle you have the points, you can fit multiple of these units. Imagine Vader getting swarmed by 4-8 mini Lukes at once. No thanks. You might eventually be able to cut them all down, but it wouldn't be all that interesting of a process. The other way to do it would be simply to make them weak, like you seem to be suggesting, in which case you're not getting Jedi, you're getting a "meh" melee unit that just happens to use Jedi minis. If you want that, just proxy in Jedi minis for Royal guards or Wookiees. They'd lack any and all of the flavor that makes Jedi interesting. No pierce, no Force slot, not Immune: Pierce, etc. I get the desire to recreate the Arena fight, but really, the mechanics aren't intended for that kind of battle. It's really no different than recreating the Death Star escape from ANH; it might be fun to do, but it simply doesn't work in this game.
  14. I've been looking at 3DGameShop's surge tokens recently, and while they look OK, they just don't look to be in the same league as Buy The Same Token or Curled Paw. Glad to hear you like them, however. I personally can't stand cardboard tokens and have almost completely upgraded to acrylic for everything but surge tokens and Republic/CIS victory tokens. Just waiting to find a version of those that I like.
  15. And it is, in fact, a lot of fun to play when you have the extra space and time. That said, I'm glad it isn't the normal game mode for competitive play.
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