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  1. I'm fine with the Spectres coming into the game, as long as Thrawn is the only Imperial they bring in from Rebels. I'd rather not have any more bumbling idiots in the game than necessary. (Jar Jar and the Gungans being necessary, of course)
  2. Actually, that's not accurate to the Clone Wars show. Delta Squad showed up as a squad, and Gregor's backstory mentioned him being part of unit that was wiped out, or at least he was cut off from. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Delta_Squad http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Gregor ARCs, on the other hand, seem to operate in 1-3 man groups usually, with the old micro-series being the largest exception, and even then it makes sense due to the mission they were on.
  3. Nah, they definitely eat people. And use nerve agents on their arrows. They're terrifying. Anyone that disagrees is spreading Rebel propaganda.
  4. Alpha17

    Unsung Heros.

    Looking good. Can't wait to see the Imperial Specialist pack.
  5. Alpha17

    prediction time 2019

    In the EU he did, and was the one who assassinated Thrawn. Rebel's take on him was.... lacking. Clone Wars stuff is certainly happening this year. I'm expecting a similar roll out as we saw with the GCW stuff. 1 hero, 1 corps, 1 light support, 1 heavy support per faction, with probably an extra commander, corps, and light support unit following suit. Hoping for: Hero: Anakin or Obi-Wan vs Grevious Corps: Phase I Clone Troopers (Phase II to be released later) vs B1s Light Support: AT-RTs vs Dwarf Spider Droid Heavy Support: TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank vs AAT For GCW units, I'd like to see Shore Troopers and more importantly, Imperial Army Mudtroopers released, but the hard part would be getting multiple Rebel Corps units to release alongside them. Echo Base troopers sure, and then Scarif troopers (even though that's what Pathfinders look like)? Or would we actually start getting "native" units like Mimbanese, Ewoks, Sullstans, Mon Cala, etc? More "prophetically" I'd expect at least another named Operative or commander for both sides. The game seems to love it's named heroes, so we've got to cram another named character or five into the game.
  6. Alpha17

    Deep Space Nine

    I don't think Vader would be as forgiving of Quark as Odo was.
  7. Alpha17

    New vehicles!

    Bonus points if they do it while screaming "Admiral Ackbar!"
  8. Alpha17

    Pre-order dilemma... how many officers to order?!

    True, though the cut off date for pre-orders arriving by the release date is rapidly coming up. Still odd that they haven't done an article on them, considering they shouldn't be that different (minus the command cards) and could be handled pretty quickly.
  9. Alpha17

    New vehicles!

    I suggested that he should try another game if he felt a hot rod should be able to take on a tank head-to-head. I stand by that statement. No one is saying you have to change faction to have a fair game, only that the game is changing. While the Rebels MAY be at a disadvantage now, that could easily change with how the CW stuff operates. For instance, Hailfire droids could make big, slow vehicles like this death traps, while nimble vehicles like the X-34 are kings. We don't know what the future holds. ****, rather than rant about the unfairness of the situation, why not simply wait for it to be released, so we can see exactly how everything meshes together? As others have said, the Rebels have a lot more options than you're giving them credit for.
  10. Alpha17

    2nd Faction: Should I or Shouldn’t I

    Depends on how you mean. In terms of gameplay, we really don't know, as the CW armies haven't even been revealed. If you mean in terms of lore, it's easy to come up with a scenario for the armies overall, if not necessarily individual characters. Empire vs CIS easily equates to Separatist holdouts that ignored the shutdown order, or were reactivated, and are determined to try and hold off the Empire. There's precedent in both the EU and in Disney's Canon. Empire vs Republic could either be clones that disobeyed Order 66, or could be early Imperial troops staging a coup against the Emperor.
  11. Alpha17

    New vehicles!

    So, you're saying that it's unfair that the military might of a Galactic Empire isn't equaled by the forces mustered by a stateless insurgent group? These releases are incredibly thematic. Yes, unit for unit, the Empire is better, but the Rebels are almost always more agile, mobile, and easier to play. Will a landspeeder technical beat an Occupier tank head to head? Of course not, but if you think it should, you should try a different game. The weaknesses of the Occupier have been laid out repeatedly. Relatively slow, weak sides, fixed front weapons, big mini. Best strategy is to use terrain, draw it into a narrow street or other obstruction, and hit it from the sides. Or distract it with infantry, while your AT-RTs, Airspeeders, and now technicals race around to the flanks. Will that always work? Again, of course not, but it's what armies have always tried in situations like this. And everyone should remember that with the Clone Wars stuff showing up (eventually) this unit's reign as the most "OP" unit will likely be short. It might be great against Rebels, but I bet CIS and GAR units will eat it's lunch. Balance now isn't just between the Empire and Rebellion, but between all four eventual factions. While I agree that raised sides would look better, that's the flaw of using the movie's design, where it was being used as an armored cargo transport. In the film, I thought we saw that the main cannons do have a small amount of horizontal traverse, but I guess we don't. The tusk cannons are silly, but I guess they'd be decent at clearing a path through any roadblocks or crowds. Still though, it's cool that they build the movie prop off an actual armored vehicle, hence the tracks.
  12. Alpha17

    New vehicles!

    While our posts were a reference to this:
  13. Alpha17

    New vehicles!

    I think he's making it up. I like to call it the Warthog. See the front blasters? They look like tusks.
  14. Alpha17

    New vehicles!

    Actually, that makes sense. Most technicals use weapons intended to be used a different way bolted on. (rocket pods from helicopters, or ground, tripod mounted MGs firing from the bed of pickup for instance) In this case, it could be an LMG equivalent bolted down, with a control circuit wired to the pilot and fired straight ahead. Not all that different than early WWI fighter aircraft as well.
  15. Alpha17

    2nd Faction: Should I or Shouldn’t I

    I originally had no intention of buying Rebels, but eventually built an army so I had a spare, and because I wanted more painting projects. That said, if it came down to it, I would definitely hold out for the Clone Wars releases, or at least the announcement, whenever that is, and then make your call.