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  1. Who says they weren't? Being enslaved would be ample reason for the clans to unite and oppose the Emperor, bringing their resources to bear. I don't really feel like looking it up, but that sounds about right for what happened to bring at least some of the Bothans on board, and what happened to others in retaliation. And yes, an entire species of slicers would be annoying; good thing the EU's Bothans were everything from warriors to slicers to politicians. And that's only the ones we see, which are almost certainly NOT the average, run of the mill Joe Sixpack Bothan working his 9-5. Having a culture that values weaponized information is perfectly reasonable. Having an entire species have one culture would be the bigger deal, but hey, who's to say there isn't a planet or subculture of hippy Bothans that don't play the political game? As for the droids interacting with a terminal, that's actually proof of a linked system, just not a completely wireless one. Artoo regularly controls the systems of the entire ship he plugs into, be it a civilian system or the Death Star. A skilled slicer could likely do the same. I'm sure there are limits to what one can accomplish across the Holonet, but infiltrating a data spike (aka, USB thumbdrive) into an Imperial computer system could be used to allow for remote access for the slicer. A droid or non-Bothan could easily be used to introduce this data spike, even unknowingly.
  2. Alpha17

    Jyn Erso: most tanky modell in the game?

    Played a game against a guy with two pathfinders, Jyn, two AT-RTs, and 3-4 Rebel troopers. I won the game by the end of round two. (couple lucky rolls played a huge deal) This isn't to say that Jyn and Pathfinders aren't tanky, it's just that they die pretty fast when you can focus fire on them. Extra white dice are helpful, but chances are if you're forcing your opponent to roll an incredible amount, you'll get plenty of hits though.
  3. No, her second line is "The data brought to us by the Bothan Spies." The "Many Bothans died" line is much later, and is to add gravity to the situation/show why they think its valid. There's a distinct reason why the Bothans were depicted as spies. That said, spying doesn't necessarily have to be James Bond-esque infiltration of enemy facilities or a mole placed in their ranks. The Bothans are frequently depicted as being expert slicers (hackers) and SIGINT is a huge deal with modern technology; no reason why the Empire wouldn't have just as many problems with that. Also, the EU's depiction of the Bothans were that they had multiple clans and houses vying for power in a Machiavellian/Byzantine power struggle. As open fighting was prohibited, they used information as their weapon, and thus it is fitting that these houses would have access to spying networks made up of both Bothan and non-Bothan members.
  4. And I just realized why this looks familiar. When did Finster from Power Rangers join the Star Wars universe?
  5. I can think of one human/Bothan relationship in the X-Wing books. Where else did we have sexualized Bothans? (besides the potential hybrid)
  6. Alpha17

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    It also slows down your own units at a time when they need to be pushing hard. It really depends on your play style. If you rush for the objectives and then try to hold, this could help. If you let the enemy take them, and wear them down through attrition, saving the last couple of turns for seizing them yourself, this will only hurt you.
  7. Alpha17

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    Not impressed with the 3 pip. Situationally useful, granted, but too easy to have it backfire too. Deploy the Garrison looks really good though.
  8. Alpha17

    Wait, astromechs can't repair speeders?!?

    I thought making that noise was required by the rules already. No wonder people look at me funny during games....
  9. I've got two preordered, and I'll probably end up with a third. Don't care for snipers (die to easily, and don't have much impact on the game), so filling their slot will not hurt my lists at all. Not sure I'll use Krennic in the long run. so the fourth won't really be an issue.
  10. Alpha17

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    One of our local players has been looking for robed Anakin/Vader. Very cool!
  11. Alpha17

    Skull Forge Stuff

    Guess I should post Trump-Skywalker here. Other than the odd similarities to an American politician, I think it's an excellent mini, and will almost certainly be my go-to Luke.
  12. Alpha17

    Star Wars Inspiration Art

    Needless to say, I disagree with everything positive about the sequel trilogy and Solo [besides the Mimban scenes, which were awesome (besides Solo speaking Wookiee; that was dumb)] But, more importantly, cool Star Wars pictures:
  13. I'd be happy to have mudtroopers, even if they are riding overgrown lizards.
  14. Alpha17

    Star Wars Inspiration Art

    The absolute worst line in a terrible movie full of terrible lines, especially since the entire SW franchise is built on understanding the past, and building on the legacy of what has come before. Well, some of that seems to be a matter of personal preference, so I can't really complain too much. I would argue a few points. 1. There were relatively few Jedi characters at the start of the NJO, with the total number of Jedi given in one of the early books. (I believe less than 300, but I'd have to check, with the vast majority of these not being named or established characters) I've seen this complaint come up before, and don't really get it. Other than Kyle and Corran becoming Jedi, we don't really have many characters "becoming" Jedi, except those introduced as Jedi. 2. The pain worshipping part wasn't limited, but the level of fanaticism about it definitely varied from domain to domain. Some seemed to embrace it, others were just Christmas-and-Easter pain worshippers. I thought that helped add an interesting mix to the Vong, while still showing their unified culture. 3. Palpatine knowing about the Vong, and was really getting ready for them really isn't part of the NJO; it was a fan theory initially that was later given some credence in an in-universe history text written by an Imperial Remnant historian. It's literally propaganda and is a way of excusing Palpatine's actions by those that have every reason to rewrite history. Several authors hinted at the idea, but that's about it, and even the characters that were aware of the idea call BS on it. 4. The extra vowel seemed to be something that C'Baoth had an issue with, and since Luuke was his minion, it kinda makes sense. Instead, Disney's universe includes a planet full of witches that raise zombies, and shoehorns tentacle monsters into every movie even when they only serve to derail the plot. The Courtship of Princess Leia is tame by comparison. And now, of course, after all of this, I do feel obligated to say that my original intention was to make a joke, not start a debate about Disney vs the EU. Sorry about the mess.