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  1. Huh. Odd. Pretty much ever reaction I've seen has been either "Yep, same hardpoints we already have" or "they missed a chance to do something new," not amazement at how good they are.
  2. Who are these people? Or rather, where are they expressing their confusion/amazement? Can't say I've not seen anyone shocked and amazed by the Republic AT-RT. Granted, I wasn't really following Legion when they announced it, but I've seen almost zero discussion of the Clone AT-RT and no "OMG, this thing is lit!"
  3. I finally got around to finishing the three-ish squads of Phase IIs I had assembled and primed back in March/Feb. These squads were originally going to be done in 501st colors to match Rex, but a quick poll in my local Legion group and on Discord was in favor of doing the Courscant Guard, and as the Supreme Chancellor once said, "I love democracy," so the will of the people must not be ignored. If you're sharp eyed, you'll notice that the three squad leaders all are different models. These were the guys left over after making the 327th Squads, so they're a mix of minis from Phase Is, Phase I Trooper Upgrade Expansion, and of course Phase IIs. I don't have a good picture of the helmet-less trooper, but I actually ran out of Phase II helmets, and gave him Rex's spare Phase II helmet with a slight repaint to look like a regular trooper's helmet. Hopefully I can get these guys on the table soon.
  4. I'd personally like to see the Republic get the E-Web/EWHB-12 so I can get my Space Maxim lists going with the Republic. I wouldn't mind a few changes, but hope they mostly follow the unit abilities design of the Imperial E-Web. The weapons aren't the same, but they're very similar. As for the CIS, I think the Geonosian sonic cannon would be cool, and be a chance for new abilities and keywords.
  5. The use of the card is not an action or a free action. The timing for the use of the card is pretty clear. As arnoldrew said, next time people make a claim like that, ask for where in rules they are basing their claim. Most rules issues like this seem to be a case of over complicating the issue unnecessarily.
  6. Looks good! Shouldn't be any risk of getting them mixed up, and there's no question that they are Deathtroopers.
  7. Hard to do a real list with the limited info we have about Anakin, but here's one that somewhat fits the bill. No AT-RT, and I threw in some Phase Is, but it includes the rest that you were interested in. 797/800 Clone Captain Rex (Aggressive Tactics, Recon Intel) Anakin Skywalker (Force Push) Phase II Clone Troopers (Z-6 Phase II Trooper, Overwatch) Phase II Clone Troopers (Z-6 Phase II Trooper, Overwatch) Phase I Clone Troopers (Z-6 Phase I Trooper) Phase I Clone Troopers (Z-6 Phase I Trooper) Phase I Clone Troopers (Z-6 Phase I Trooper) Arc Troopers (Fives, Offensive Push)
  8. Interesting that the Empire only has a single list in this, considering a year ago they were considered top dog by many, many players.
  9. Exactly. Or dark green if you want it to match the green visor bits, maintaining the scheme.
  10. Either list would be fine, no need to do both. You're trying to attract them in by demonstrating the game; if they like the mechanics, they can go buy the faction they want. I would say it is advisable for the store to stock expansions for all factions, so new players can see the range of possibilities, but I don't think that's quite as necessary for demo games.
  11. You could always paint the pauldrons/shoulder pads a specific color. Still retains the over all black scheme, but with enough distinctiveness that they're identifiable.
  12. I've repeatedly had stormies murder Wookiees in melee, even when the Wookiees attacked first. Their attack is mediocre at best, and leaves them very vulnerable to counter attacks. Yes, there are circumstances that work out in the favor of the walking carpets, but they are relatively few and far between.
  13. Blurrgs and Night Sisters would both be call backs to EBfE, but not exclusively so. Nice little shy way of introducing characters from an unpopular source without relying exclusively on that source.
  14. I'll probably be wrong (as the rules seem to be frequently written to ignore common sense) but minis dying shouldn't interrupt the beam. It's arching over the battlefield; it's not just going to stop because someone gets cut in two because of it. Not an issue I've encountered, but if that's going to be how it's interpreted, I'd argue that declaring targets ahead of time completely bypasses the problem and fits with the idea the game mechanics are supposed to be representing.
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