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  1. The fact that they didn't have to offer you jack for your koku. Hi Shiro, I caught that, thanks. I appreciate your thoughtful and constructive message. I noted that it looked like a bad deal compared to Amazon even if no koku was involved. For example, if I went to Amazon and paid $20 for the same, it would be a better deal than paying AEG $30 (and 100 koku, but the koku does not matter). Fortunately, Tsubaki cleared it up in the helpful post directly after yours. I hope you have a great day. -Ellipseis
  2. When I saw they were selling Doomtown Reloaded and the first expansion for koku, I was pretty excited. Now I see it is about $30 in shipping. Amazon is selling the same for about $20. Seems like a really bad deal. Am I missing something?
  3. I'm glad to hear Fred Wan say that the execution of the Dragon temptation and Heaven's Net could have been handled better. It helps ease the sting. Considering how diplomatic Fred Wan is during these discussions, I take his statements regarding hindsight with a lot of weight. Also, I appreciate the clarification about the tattooing substances versus methods discussion. I heard there was some retconning, but it sounds like that was a communication issue between AEG and the players rather than a real retcon.
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