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  1. Just got done running a game and I think I need a Covenant video showing me exactly how to play this. Although we got the basics of making checks down just fine I am still confused about how conflicts work actually. What are the mechanical benefits of assessment, stances and approaches? Do I have to go through a whole process of a 'battle screen' to convince someone to tell me something or is it just a simple check? Opportunities are kind of cool but at the same time confusing. If some one wants to do something outside of a typical opportunity action, what are the guidelines for costing it? I was just left kind of confused. I get that this is a beta test and not a learn to play set but that scenario was a few too many things all at once. I will say that some of my confusion is simply from the beta rules not highlighting the important bits. Like, lets keyword and bold the ever loving kami out of the word Panic and Attrition. Take a cue from Eclipse Phase and Ars Magica, have 2-4 index pages of nothing but all the tables from earlier on in the rules. BETA SPOILERS AHEAD For instance in the rhetoric fight on the wall with the monk, it seems awful one sided. Everyone just threw the reasons out there and got to 16 way faster than the monk could possibly attempt to chase. Was it supposed to be one person arguing and everyone else only 'contributes'? That seems like it would be equally broken since that person is still rolling a ton of dice albeit suffering a lot of strife. For mass battles I'm still unsure of what you're supposed to do. Is it just abstracted and everyone just does their one action regardless of where they are in the scene? Or is each person in a unit and they move around a map like in a strategy game?
  2. A couple of podcasts that I listen to that aren't on the list! They also don't update very often but considering thelastprovince includes everyone's favorite Spooky person I would think people would be interested. http://travellingronin.com/html/ http://thelastprovince.libsyn.com/
  3. Make sure to go to the main FFG page? https://www.facebook.com/FantasyFlightGames/
  4. Listening to the Strange Assembly podcast, interesting to hear from someone official. Though, there weren't any solid declarations, only a vague 'we're going to try and give l5r a sendoff, maybe'. Would be cool to do that with Spooky.
  5. Back on topic, did any one notice that Android has some novels? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/android-novels/ Gives me hope for Spooky's novel or at least some canon fiction to read.
  6. This is one of those things that could be done well regardless of the approach, so long as the product is quality I can live with a reboot. However, I would like to say that one does not need a reboot to garner the interest of new players. By their virtue of being new, so long as you hook them with something cool they don't/won't need to worry about the history. Leia mentioned the Clone Wars offhandedly and for 20 real-life years it was only due to hardcore fandom that it was expanded upon. Existing players, largely I would think, would not prefer a reboot. I mean, we can even continue from exactly the point we left off with AEG really.
  7. I never won with it, but all my decks during Emperor had a copy of "The Deciding Moment". Created so many dramatic (and usually futile) moments.
  8. I joined in Emperor Edition. I don't have the same nostalgia for the setting as a lot of people in this forum. However, I do have history with the game and a love of what I do know. You know what's cool to me? Knowing that MY Hida Kisada is a product of his grandfather. He is the Little Bear and he has that title (however much he might not like it) because of who came before him. I neither want nor need a a Tolkien-esque poem explaining why he is the Little Bear. Sprinkle the fluff a bit at a time and and move on. If I'm interested I'll find out myself, there are wikis and fan-pages for a reason. For me finding out that his zombie grandfather came back and taught him how to lead and fight is AWESOME. Please treat the existing fiction as history. Set a canon one way or another and just touch on the important parts as they come along. So, no. I don't want a reboot. What I'd want is a direct continuation of the story as was presented to us for Onyx. Otherwise, as was already mentioned, even a minor jump that sets the stage of 'this dark and troubled empire under an evil lord' or 'having just defeated the dark emperor'. Proceed with samurai drama and shenanigans. In my mind the best way to approach the subject matter is the same sort of treatment Doctor Who got in 2005. I didn't know what it was, I just knew it had history and was sci-fi. Lets give it a shot. The hell is a Dalek and why does it have a plunger? I was introduced to all the good and bad elements of nostalgia over time, Seemingly stupid and goofy things were given context and you just rolled with it. It was about a guy in a blue box travelling time and space. L5R under FFG should be about samurai drama and telling good stories via cards and fiction. Every now and again someone can mention a Ratling.
  9. Humble House springs to mind but nothing else actually. In Ivory there were a bunch of 'drunkard' characters but they didn't do anything with them for some reason.
  10. This was a point my FLGS also pointed out. A lot of FFG's biggest games are licensed products but this will be one of their rare 100% owned intellectual properties. One would expect a high amount of support to push it.
  11. I registered just for this thread. While I don't doubt other writers may be able to do just as good a job, the current story team truly understands the samurai drama and presumably no one else has better insight in to the lore. The monthly fictions really and truly kept me interested ever moreso than the game itself. If you need to have an earth-shattering event to 'reset' things that's fine, in fact they were about do that anyways. However, please don't un-canonize 20 years of history or neglect the community aspect of player-written decisions as best written by the current story team.
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