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  1. Db80

    The nine dice attack

    This is a more reliable way to get that evade token indeed. The downside is you'll get the combo off only once. But I guess this nine dice attack is not something you'll be able to pull of multiple times per game anyways ;-). It's true the odds of pulling this nine dice attack off are very low. But I'm looking forward for someone to pull this of in a real game. I like your alternative list. More solid and consistent. But indeed, "only" 8 red dice ;-)
  2. Db80

    The nine dice attack

    With wave 10 we can get up to a nine dice attack! The List: Norra Wexley + Swarm Leader + Finn + Alliance Overhaul Shara Bey + Adaptability (up) + R3 Astromech + Operations Specialist + Alliance Overhaul Jan Ors + Lando Calrissian Fly Norra with her buddies close to her into range 1 of the defender. Norra and Shara both take target locks onto the Defender. Jan Ors uses Lando to get an evade token. During the attack phase Jan Ors will miss her attack to trigger Operations Specialist to assign Norra a focus token. Then Shara will cancel one of her eye results to get an evade token from R3 Astromech. Then Norra will attack: 2 dice primary weapon, +1 from range 1, +1 from Alliance Overhaul, +1 from Jan Ors, +2 from Swarm Leader, +1 blank result from Finn, +1 eye result from Norra’s ability using her target lock. Norra still has a focus token and Shara's target lock to fully modify this nine dice attack. You can get around the Operations Specialist if Norra already had a target lock on the defender from a previous turn and she takes a focus action. Off course there are a several conditions needed to trigger this nine dice attack, like Lando rolling an evade, Shara rolling an eye for the R3 Astromech, and all having the defender inside their firing arcs. But with wave 10 we might see this nine dice attack happening!
  3. List Jelte de Boer: Vessery + x7 + crackshot Ryad + x7 + crackshot Glaive + x7 + crackshot
  4. I have found a way to download the show with the iOS Pocast app. First, unsubscribe from the podcast in the app, then subscribe to the podcast again, and then download the latest episode. Works just fine for me (on iPhone5). Thanks for the great show guys!
  5. We have made it! We've raised the money to get our Champion Frans to Worlds!
  6. Thank you guys for all the great reactions. Our goal is to raise € 800 to finance the plane ticket. The progress on reaching this goal is updated on our Facebook page. If we don't meet our goal, all donations will be returned.
  7. When I was reading the new Learn to Play booklet I noticed something interesting. On the second page of this booklet there's the following box: I noticed something had changed, so I got back to my old Rules of Play booklet. On page three there's this box: They switched the plastic connectors! This begs the question, how do you assemble your dials? I'm used to the old way to assemble the dial, and I'll stick to it.
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