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  1. Part of me wants to make this a courtier/artisan school just for the sheer thematic jank. But yeah Bushi/courtier works.
  2. Dude is the greatest Sparrow to ever live and was feared in the courtly arena. Also Suzume's Subtle Humour Once per scene you may roll an extra die on a social or performance skill checks. The GM rolls the same die on an explosive success the GM may add an unintended effect to the roll as the audience responds to your brilliance.
  3. My 5e sparrow homebrew. Sparrow: + 1 earth +1 Labor Suzume: +1 air or +1 void, + 1 Theology Glory 25 Starting Bu 15 Sparrow Storyteller +1 void +1 air Starting Skills (choose four): +1 Aesthetics, +1 Culture, +1 Martial Arts [Melee], +1 Composition, +1 Courtesy, +1 Performance, +1 fitness, +1 Survival Honour: 50 Techniques Available: Kata, and Shuji Starting Techniques Suzume's Subtle Humour (Shuji) Choose one: Civility Foremost or Iajutsu Cut: Crossing Blade Way of the Sparrow You do not lose honour for using the Labor skill. At the beginning of a scene, you may roll a Culture Recall check tn3. If successful you gain 1 opportunity to spend during the scene on a check. Starting outfit Sling, Traveling Clothes, Traveling pack, Daisho Rank 1 Advance Scholar Skills Labor Martial Arts [Ranged] Survival Rank 1 Kata Rank 1 Shuji Iajutsu Cut: Rising Blade Rank 2 Advance Artisan Skills Courtesy Labor Martial Arts [Melee] Rank 1-2 Kata Rank 1-2 Shuji All Arts are one Rank 3 Advance Martial Skills Meditation Labor Tactics Rank 1-3 Kata Rank 1-3 Air Shuji Battle the Mind Rank 4 Advance Social Skills Performance Labor Martial arts [Melee] Rank 1-4 Kata Pillar of Calm Striking as Void Rank 5 Advance Martial Arts Aesthetics Labor Theology Rank 1-5 Earth Shuji Soul Sunder Buoyant Arrival Rank Six MUKASHINO: Once per Scene you may make an Artisan/Scholar Void roll targeting one character at range 2-3. The TN of this roll is equal to your target's vigilance. You immediately move to range 1 of your target and begin telling a tale. If successful your target is stuck listening to your tale for the rest of the Scene and can only leave if they lose honour equal to your Labor skill.
  4. Pcs build two identical Hida. Hida Bob, a sumai hopeful, wants to progress to a yokozuna through the courts will need things like performance and courtesy so he gets punished for going outside what a Hida is(cause the pragmatism clan is dogmatic in it's teachings). Hida Rob is your basic wall jockey who advances though the stock curriculum with no hindrances. Both are proud Hida warriors but only one is recognized by his sensei of being capapble of becoming more advanced.
  5. Since the game seems to actively punish players for building their character as they choose or situation demeands. I am planning on letting my player use the worldly ronin school in clan as a way to mitigate inflexible mechanics. Thoughts?
  6. The process of character creation doesn't feel like I am building my character but merely assembling the character like a model kit. As long as I follow the instructions i get the model. What I want in character creation is to mold my character to what I want in my playing. Example: I built a character who was the daughter of a renowned duelist who joined the Crab but because I built in the Crab template I just built a stock Hida defender, even the ancestry roll failed to mesh in with what I wanted to accomplish. This along with the mechanical structure doesn't give me the feel or illusion of control over my character merely that I am interacting when prompted.
  7. As of right now I cannot build my Raikuto hunter in silk. I can only build a Hiruma that is a Hida defender who is sneaky. Also can’t give my yojimbo access to the necessary skills of being a yojimbo in initial creation. Also I cannot make my Sparrow so dreaded that the mere sight of her will bore you to tears.
  8. Started out shortly after a Scrye had the Toshimoko line (fun fact i thought the Crane were the underdog.) Played Crane till I found the Moto in the Way of the Unicorn. Played Unicorn until I picked up a Crab deck in gold. I am commonly referred to as the worst Crab player ever! In RPG terms i have been running it ever since i could get my hands on the books. My greatest L5R achievement was taking a perfectly good Sparrow duelist and failing to do anything of significance in Winter Court Four.
  9. D20 was such a terrible format for l5r. All of the richness and beauty crammed into a bloated feat system. The alignment system doesn't mesh with bushido.
  10. I'll always have a soft spot for first edition duelling. I want duels that that are actually risky and intense not a flow chart.
  12. Our boorish poseur ways incensed his deep and melancholic heart into a torpor of ennui.
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