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    Doji Satevis reacted to cielago in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    i'm excited for this week to pass and for the "will they won't they" of R&K vs Genesys to finally be over. 
    i can't fathom they'll use R&K personally. theres a plethora of books out there, you can buy the pdfs on drivethru. it seems a questionable business decision to revise that, again, especially when FFG has its new in house system on deck. whatever you think of the two systems, from a business standpoint, i can't see the logic in not using genesys or some derivation thereof. BUT i'm excited to never have to talk about it again, and instead to just have to defend narrative dice!
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    Doji Satevis reacted to DarkHorse in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    Look at the LCG, that is where the FFG story starts.  The seven Great Clans are in conflict: Hida Kisada is smashing oni faces, Bayushi Shoju is wondering if Hantei XXXVIII is up to the job, Akodo Toturi is the brand new Lion Champion.  It is a lot like the 1st edition setting but we will not know just how much alike until FFG tell us what their story is.  We don't even know if any minor clans exist yet (or will ever).
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    Doji Satevis reacted to kpsmith in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    My body is ready.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Richardbuxton in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    I would say they will steer clear of the mechanics used previously. 4th ed is a polished system that really doesn't need much improvement, they would just be continuing development of that system if they wanted to use those rules.
    It stands to reason the FFG want to give L5R their own spin, make something unique to the setting to set it apart from previous editions and give players a reason to buy it. The Narrative style mechanics are generally highly regarded outside hard core d20 circles and they have now got 3 systems (WFRP, SW and Genesys) that used the basic concept. Continuing that family of games on into L5R makes a lot of sense. 
    Sure they will loose some of the R&K fans but other players who love the SW system are more likely to try L5R, especially if a cheap PDF option exists to test the waters. How many they loose vs gain is probably hard for us to tell but it's the most obvious path for them to attempt.
    Sorry to hear AoR got difficult for you guys, every group is different though. I wonder if this system is different enough to fix your hurdles 
    Basicly: why fix something that isn't broken (R&K 4th ed), make something that appeals to other players.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to adrick in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    please be good please be good please be good. 
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    Doji Satevis reacted to phillos in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    I'd be very surprised if it didn't have custom dice.  Pretty much all FFG games are now designed with custom dice.  It's sort of the expected status quo from them now. 
    I've already played a lot of R&K.  I'm excited to see a new take on an L5R RPG. 
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Kitsuki Edogawa in L5R RPG - Cool!   
    It may still be the Genesys system, but packaged as a full RPG rather than a supplement.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to BlindSamurai13 in L5R RPG Open Beta Announcement   
    Sorry for the double post but OMK. Also, I would like to say that am glad FFG is doing a open beta. Given the overwhelming success of D&D 5th Edition, it seems like a smart move. 
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    Doji Satevis reacted to BlindSamurai13 in L5R RPG Open Beta Announcement   
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    Doji Satevis reacted to llamaman88 in L5R RPG Open Beta Announcement   
    there's also an L5R RPG forum now. I am super hyped!
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Mirith in L5R RPG Open Beta Announcement   
    In case you missed it
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Kakita Shiro in Clan specific forums   
    Taking a step back from my position as administrator of that forum, I would say that the Crane and Spider forums are the best communities. They kept the L5R torch burning for two years when most other clan forums shriveled up.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to CitizenKeen in Familiar Faces We Hope to See   
    I wouldn't say this on reddit where I'd get downvoted, but here, I'll just put this out here:
    I'd rather them strike out with new fiction. I know lore is big for the people coming from the CCG, but as someone who never played, I'd rather they free themselves from all the baggage. Or re-imagine preexisting characters. I don't want to have to dive in to a bunch of old lore to "really" understand cards in the LCG.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Manchu in [New fiction]In The Garden of Lies   
    Lots of companies use DriveThru to make easy money on their back catalogs so that's an iffy assumption.
    If FFG wants to use the Kolat, it'd be fun for them to play it out extremely subtley over a few deluxe expansions, just tiny hints here and there. They have a great opportunity to really play up the tension of it being a phantom in the minds of paranoid players since at this point we really don't know whether it's a real thing or not.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Kaito Kikaze in [New fiction]In The Garden of Lies   
    In the old canon, sure. There is absolutely no reason that has to still be the case in the new canon. FFG wouldn't even have to give us new explanations for how Yasuki became Crab and Moto became Unicorn, unless it somehow became relevant to the new timeline. 
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Manchu in [New fiction]In The Garden of Lies   
    Yes, it was nice to see him portrayed as explicitly out of his depth when he tried to converse with a Dragon about spirituality.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to WHW in [New fiction]In The Garden of Lies   
    Other thing I like about Hiroue - instead of focusing on him as a Stupid Sexy Scorpion who is just that attractive and compelling, the fiction portrays him as a great listener first and foremost. He isn't just brute forcing his way by spamming Seduction +50 rolls, so to speak; he also isn't commanding the Marty Stu Effect of Being Universally Attractive. He does his job by doing research, then analyzing, then setting the mark up, then damage controlling his mistake, and then realizing unpredicted and fleeting window of opportunity to gain some ground. 
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Kinzen in [New fiction]In The Garden of Lies   
    You're halfway to a complete fanfic. :-)
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    Doji Satevis reacted to WHW in [New fiction]In The Garden of Lies   
    "Wow, this is so boring. I wonder what would happen if this turned sour. This guy looks strong, from the way he sits I suspect he trained under tutelage of Master Crane. Never fought a Master Crane student. I wonder if their Rising Swallow Cut is really as good as they say. I think I would have to counter it in this way...but what about that guy? If I defend by attacking here, my charge is all open from this side. I guess I would have to cut their heads off in one swoop? 
    I wish Ninja did exist..."
    *Later, at night, a servant brings Shiba-chan a letter. It's from the Master Crane Student-kun*
    "Dear Shiba Yojimbo Chan,
    Here is some obligatory poetry,
    I noticed you couldn't take your eyes off me
    It was a great honor
    And it isn't the only thing that's great
    If you catch my style"
    And thats what Shiba Yojimbo chan gets from staring at a guy for 30 minutes, pondering about whats the best way to gut him in a unlikely case he turns out to be a hired assassin.
    Shiba Yojimbo chan sadly lives a very peaceful life.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Kinzen in [New fiction]In The Garden of Lies   
    No such thing! ;-)
    Since I used to do combat choreography for theatre and literally wrote an ebook about writing fight scenes, you can bet your tabi that I will do this the moment I get a suitable scenario for it. :-D
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    Doji Satevis reacted to PMAvers in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    Coming from it as a Old5R viewpoint... it was always kind of neat as a traditional "good morning, welcome to the event, good luck!" kind of thing.
    But I'd lose no sleep over it if it went away if it makes people uncomfortable. Mono no aware and all. Making people comfortable playing card games and growing the audience for the game is a vastly more important goal. 
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    Doji Satevis reacted to KerenRhys in Imperial Cycle Spoilers   
    Some of the Uniques are old art too, like Kakita Asami and Bayushi Yunako for example.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to RandomJC in Imperial Cycle Spoilers   
    I think its like 70/30 old art. I think all the Uniques are new art, and the Way ofs are. Most the rest use old art. (Honored Blade and Ready for battle have the last Lion Clan champion, if I recall correctly)
    Since they have a lot of old assets they can use, it is a more cost effective strategy then paying for an entire 200+ new pieces of art.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to LordBlunt in [News] Battle for Rokugan boardgame   
    Aaaaannnnnddddddd, we FINALLY have a map of Rokugan!!!!!! ?
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Ryric in Old School Honor Dials Still Useful?   
    I once played against someone who used old Construx building toys to actually make giant digital numbers for his honor. They were easy to read (about 8 inches tall) and resistant to accidental changing - he had to take them apart and rebuild them for each change. Didn't really delay the game as he could rebuild in about 5 seconds, but you knew he was doing it.
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