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    Doji Satevis reacted to shosuko in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    I think I can reduce your entire post to this.  You expect a game to give you combat roles, while you RP whatever fantasy you have.  Do you not recognize the dissonance between these two concepts?  Why not simply RP the combat?  If I describe my combat maneuver really well would you not have me roll for it still?  Do you not use the system to roll for social encounters?  Just because its been done a way before, or because you've done it a certain way before, doesn't mean there aren't new ways to do things or that they can't work.
    While you track your wounds, in a world where "honor is stronger than steal" do you really not see any reason to incorporate the mental state of your characters to stats the same way you attribute everything else?
    Did you never use Charisma, Intelligence, and Wisdom in your D&D games?  Or were these just "str for bards" "str for wiz" and "str for clerics" ?
    I don't think the problem is with my group.  As the Strife system sits currently it needs improvement - but the response has been positive for a player to think "my character is going to outburst now, so what form does that take?  and more so, how can I approach the scene now?"
    Drop your expectations and try playing with the system.  It really isn't that bad.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to SideshowLucifer in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    I hated every edition of the l5r rpg thus far. It was clunky and the rules constantly got in the way of the game. I have always loved the setting however and have been involved in the ccg for many years, I even had a character card made for me.
    This new addition is the first edition I feel that captures what I wanted with the game, and that is completely to do with the stress system and dice.
    Without that, I could run the setting better under almost any other system. Combat has always been a mess in l5r rpg and courtiers were never really worth playing. Now I feel there is a great use for both.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Ultimatecalibur in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    The original Oriental Adventures book was published in 1985 and had the "priest" class being Shugenja. It is likely that some of Wick's "research" when he was making the game in 1995 was drawn from that book.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Doji Namika in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    Yeah, what WHW said. In actual gameplay I'm just not seeing what others are seeing. Outbursts practically always happen in conflict situations, at appropriately dramatic moments. I get the impression that my players feel fairly (but not totally) in control.
    Also, to address the cooking example and the idea that failure is rewarded and success punished, success should always be it's own reward and failure bad. If either of them are irrelevant, what's the point of rolling? Don't roll cooking for a random evening at the campfire where the characters are eating trail rations, but when your character wants to impress someone, and there is something on the line.
    Now, moving to more narrative ways to shed strife (mini-slips of On, geisha, whatevs), and giving the boot to strife shedding on the water ring I would welcome. If only to get rid of discussion of how everyone should always be in water stance 24/7 ;-)
    And the slow-pressure cooker idea sounds ok as well. Perhaps by giving the choice of ignoring outbursts you get a mark, you get as much marks as, say, your void ring, play a melt-down at the first dramatically appropriate scene. With something like this in place you have the choice whether you wanna go for the big dramatic scenes or not.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to WHW in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    Have you tried out the Strife in practice? Strife, like most of systems in Beta, needs to be actually seen in motion in order to see how they work in the grand scheme of the game.
    I have seen more than 24 hours of the actual gameplay with full Strife rules - most of it as a GM, but also 8 hours of being a player. Strife, in practice, is much different from what you are suggesting. There is no "random emotional swings". The emotional moments that actually happen - instead of being internalized as rising tension of accumulating Strife - are players choice. Strife gives you an opportunity to work something Roleplayingly interesting into the current situation, but it does not force anything. Even Outbursts.
    The "Dinner made me go mad" thing is not something that happens. You wont go from 0 Strife to Outburst in a single roll. The maximum Strife you can gain from a roll - without triggering Anxieties and such - is number of the dice you keep. For majority of characters, this will be potential of 2 to 4 Strife swing, and this assumes that you DECIDED to pick dice with Strife. You don't have to. You get to keep UP to your Ring. 
    Strife gives you a choice, and an opportunity - are you humble, and only pick the 2 successes you needed, dropping the juicy "Strife+Cool Result" dice? Roleplaying wise, if you see a cool idea for how to represent the Strife gained right here, right now, you can go for it - but are not forced to do so. Or maybe you are a maverick daredevil who does things in Fire Stance and actively hunts for Strife, and rides that train for extra successes? 
    Choice is yours.
    Making dinner will rarely give you an Outburst, unless you were already in a range of it happening - which is  X =Composure+1 - Current Strife. X has to be a number of dice you want to keep. The little swings of +2 will accumulate over time, sure, but because its a build up, you will be prepared for the possibility of it happening. 
    You also shed Strife quite often - at end of each Scene, and you can spend 1 or 2 Opportunities (depending on the Ring of your roll, but you ALWAYS have at least "2 Opportunity for 2 Strife" option) each roll to calm down, reducing the Strife by 2. Again, it's your choice. Strife is random on a scope of a single roll, but it is not random at all in zoomed out perspective of entire game sessions. Dice just present options, and leave you with the choice of what are you going to do with them. If you are attempting to make dinner when at 10 Strife, expect the Outburst : P. 
    Note that Outbursts can be as loud as a villain doing an evil laughter as their plan comes to fruition, and as silent as a bushi looking to a side with a visible hint of guilt in their eyes, as they are suffering a Compromise and losing Honor to feeling of internal shame. Nothing forces you to challenge the dinner to a battle of life and death. It might cause you to reflect on your entire day instead, making you feel like a pathetic excuse of a samurai, or maybe induce a jolt of melancholy. 
    "Oni eating my family unphases me" is factually incorrect, as Strife can be gained or lost through narrative events. Though there is no value suggested for "how much Strife after witnessing Oni doing my family in", thats true. 
    Situations where swings of emotions are possible, yes, and they are Conflicts - where something is at stake, at least two opposing forces are bashing their heads oer their objectives, and STRIFE INTENSIFIES simply due to sheer volume of rolls. So yes, it is possible to have a rush of emotions while defending your life from a pack of wolves, and it is possible to quickly lose your cool during a heated argument. While during narrative scenes you can be relatively relaxed about rolls and can spend leftover opportunities for Strife reduction or not cry much about keeping only the minimal number of dice needed to do the job, conflicts are a different beast. 
    In conflicts, you have a time pressure (the opposing side might reach their objective quicker!) and performance pressure. Do you push yourself and take that Explosion+Strife hoping that the extra point of damage or rhetorics will bring you closer to victory? Do you spend these 2 opportunities to inflict a crit, or calm yourself? Do you push your friends to their limits, decreasing their next TN by 1, but also bestowing Strife upon them? 
    Conflicts will make you see the edge of an Outburst. Conflicts will ask you to make sacrifices and to choose what is more important to you right here, right now. 
    Conflicts are a blast, and Strife is a major part of that, as it functions as a pressure valve, and a rope you can use to hang yourself - or your opposition. 
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    Doji Satevis reacted to SideshowLucifer in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    One way to look at things is that the entire culture is based on perfectionism. If something goes wrong, it causes stress. Composure is very important. A samurai is not supposed to show any cracks in public. It would be frowned upon to even show sorrow or anger if your son fell in battle.
    You can't look at this from a modern western mentality. 
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Buhallin in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    True story: We've got a small dog that likes to attack our vacuum cleaner.  Typically, it's cute but a little annoying.  One time, my wife just lost it and started chasing the dog around the house with the vacuum.  I still mess with her over it to this day.
    Why did she lose it right then?  What made that one moment biting the front of the vacuum the one that put her over the edge?  The answer is that it doesn't matter.  At no point in my many retellings of that hilarious moment of losing it has anyone stopped and asked me "But why did that put her over the edge?  Why didn't she lose it at work?"
    If you're trying to invent reasons why it happened right then, IMHO you're trying to over-control it.  People lose it at random times for all sorts of reasons that have nothing to do with what they're doing at any specific given moment.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Darksyde in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    I don't quite follow on this. It feels like you are defaulting to only 'bad' reactions to things where outbursts are socially bad but not inherently from bad feelings or reactions.
    So in your example after making the cooking roll and taking the strife you have caused yourself an outburst. Well you were obviously on the brink of an outburst or scored a massive amount of successes + strife to trigger one. In the former you may be so elated that something finally went right today that you let out a little woop of excitement. In the latter your outburst might be a celebratory 'in your face wok!'. either of which gains you some odd looks by your household/guests/team members.
    Strife isn't just stress the way I see things. It is more of a build of emotion, good and bad. When you finally can't keep it all bottled up you let a little of that emotion slip, in good ways and bad depending on the scene and situation.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Ultimatecalibur in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    4) Cooking dinner goes fine. A short call from work interrupted it.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Buhallin in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    And that player base turned it into a pretty awful story.  Getting it out of the hands of the players and AEG's utter mismanagement is the only reason I'm even looking at the system again.
    Yes, FFG is creating a different feel than the samurai-skinned D&D clone that AEG made.  They're putting a lot more weight on personal stories and internal conflicts.  They've put some mechanical effects on that to bring out the flaws in characters (possibly too much, but that's a matter of tuning).  Like it or not, I don't see that direction changing, and FFG's the one pulling the levers now.  You can bank on nostalgia and how you were there first, but it's really irrelevant.  This seems to be the game they're making - take it, leave it, house rule it.  Those really are your only options.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to BlindSamurai13 in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    Regardless of FFG's L5R RPG success or not, I just hope that these forums will allow folks to post materiel from older editions of the RPG like House Rules, Homebrew, Alternative Era Settings, etc. 
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    Doji Satevis reacted to shizumaru in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    It's also widely accepted nowadays in rpg theory (or maybe I am just an insufferable reader of indie games who enjoys sniffing his own farts) that the quality of a game lies in how much the system makes it easy and straightforward to replicate the intentions stated by its writers.
    For example, Geist: the Sin-Eaters is a game that says it's about death and second chances and making your peace with what will pass and keeping hope and talking with ghosts to resolve their unfinished emotional business. And provides only rules for fights and being buddies with other guys like you.
    Geist: the Sin-Eaters is terrible.
    Now if you want to play samurai drama, FFG makes it very clear that that's what they're going for. They repeat it time and again. And maybe you don't like that, and that's fine, you don't need to play this game and previous editions are still there if you need them. They're good too, in their own way!
    But it's a bit rich to blame them for trying to write a system that does everything in its power to keep its thematic promise.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to WHW in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    You basically want a generic system for task resolution, while they want to make a narrative system for genre emulation. And the genre being emulated here *is* cheap katana opera drama.
    It's fine to not like meat, but don't call a hamburger bad because it has meat in it. 
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Bazakahuna in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    It also doesn't sound as though the GM is not giving off particularly good vibes either.
    I came into this expecting 'Star Wars dice' which I at best think are fun for one-offs and con games, and at worse I think are dreadful. However, this 'hybrid' you seem to hate so much I think has actually unlocked a lot of potential in the narrative dice and this iteration has made me rethink my opinion of them as a concept.
    I can't imagine what the OP intends to contribute to the Beta they dislike its core as much as they do, apart from just repeating everything they hate and derailing threads. But hopefully if they do stay they can channel this hybrid system (which like it or not FF seem locked-in to) in the right direction.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to nameless ronin in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    No disrespect to your players, but I’m not getting the impression they were very willing to give this beta a fair chance, never mind making a real effort to test it.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to shosuko in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    Why ever did you think you should sugar coat your opinions?  You aren't a participant in a beta to bring 2 sides together, you're in a beta to try things out.  Who cares if someone doesn't like that they changed the dice - they changed the dice, and that's done.  They will eventually get over it, or come around and that is up to them.  Its not your job to do that.
    I was quite wary of the dice.  I liked how they kept the R&K system even while switching to narrative dice, and seeing what they've done here while hearing about what they did with SW I think SW got the !@#$ end of the stick haha.  This system is WAY better than the trash they got lol.  Its really grown on me even as I work through the kinks in the system.
    I don't care that some people cringe at Zanbato.  If they can't get over the fact that Japanese cartoons used ancient Japanese weapons in their highly popular anime culture that's their opinion.  As with the dice, FFG did it.  They have no reason not to do it.  They should ensure we have No-Dachi as well.  Nothing wrong with more options.
    People seem to be offended that a RPG system call out their character using a stress system.  I find this a laughable complaint.  RPGs give you rules to dictate your abilities in all realms of life.  If you run out of HP you are too injured to fight, I don't see anyone complaining about this.  If you run out of Composure, you can't keep calm mentally.  The book specifically goes into detail of the pros and cons of blowing your composure, and goes over how to customize designing your composure so that it is tailored to you.  It also gives several ways you can ease your composure if you want a character who is a mountain of calm and composure.  This is one of the best features of the new system, and as much as *some* people don't like it, I feel like most people will and FFG won't take it out for the few who disagree.
    There are two clearly defined eras that Rokugan draws from for 95% of its content.  These are the Sengoku and Tokugawa peace era.  For L5R to be L5R it needs to properly appeal to both of these.  I don't have a judgement on the state of the game for this as I'm still getting into games with the new system.  I'll have to check back later.  It is vitally important the game encompasses the fantasy of both of these eras well.
    Its okay to disagree with people, and its okay to argue your position.  This is a forum.  The purpose here is exactly that - post our opinions, argue and defend them.  I'm not here to sell you on staying, or change my behavior to suit you at all.  These posts kinda upset me because its like you're trying to shame me for engaging with the community.  Its not my fault you thought you were supposed to be "group 3 - brings both sides together."  You can't please everyone, so when someone makes it obvious they will not be pleased - let it go.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to AK_Aramis in I'm done being diplomatic.   
    Good riddance?
    I don't consider myself in any of the three camps...
    The FFG fanboys/girls who seem to think FFG writers can do know wrong. The Old-school L5R players who hate it because its not 4th revised. The few neutrals who are looking to bring both sides together under this new game. I vehemently object to one element that several FFG games use: fixed numbers of range bands moved for a given portion of a turn, while the range bands are not the same distance. I genuinely think Jay's off his rocker for thinking it a good idea, and pushing it for WFRP3 and FFG Star wars. 
    And I've not hesitated to tell FFG that in every playtest. (And yet, I got a personal email from a staffer a week before the playtest book was up asking me to participate).
    Nor am I upset that they didn't use d10 R&K. I wouldn't have minded it, but I'm not dead set on it.
    Nor am I upset that it's not using Genesys. (Genesys dice are essentially the same as FFG star wars.)
    it's its own thing. And, aside from the range bands, so far, I'm liking it for what it is...
    But I see no need to keep the "4th ed forever" fanboys around, nor are the rabid "FFG can do no wrong" folks much use in a playtest - noise to be filtered out, really.
    As for splitting out advantages and disads from the main of character gen? there are a lot of them already, and seeing the rest of CGenfixed first is a good tactical decision - it's not a "They're separate"  but a, "We need to set the context firmly first" type decision.
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    Doji Satevis got a reaction from Myrion in Sooo...Doji Hotaru   
    I cannot believe I have just read a post in which someone is in all seriousness attempting to argue that if a character is not acting in a (stereotypically) (to that person's biased point of view) "feminine" manner, then that character must actually really be male despite what we've been told and shown.
    This is already getting old.
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    Doji Satevis got a reaction from Ertsatz in Sooo...Doji Hotaru   
    I cannot believe I have just read a post in which someone is in all seriousness attempting to argue that if a character is not acting in a (stereotypically) (to that person's biased point of view) "feminine" manner, then that character must actually really be male despite what we've been told and shown.
    This is already getting old.
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    Doji Satevis got a reaction from Hammo12 in Sooo...Doji Hotaru   
    I cannot believe I have just read a post in which someone is in all seriousness attempting to argue that if a character is not acting in a (stereotypically) (to that person's biased point of view) "feminine" manner, then that character must actually really be male despite what we've been told and shown.
    This is already getting old.
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    Doji Satevis got a reaction from Talandar in Sooo...Doji Hotaru   
    I cannot believe I have just read a post in which someone is in all seriousness attempting to argue that if a character is not acting in a (stereotypically) (to that person's biased point of view) "feminine" manner, then that character must actually really be male despite what we've been told and shown.
    This is already getting old.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Doji Meshou in Bummed out by the Lore Reboot.   
    ITT: presumptive cis man sneers at the experience of women and LGBTQA+ folks, cherry-picks evidence to invalidate their experience, finishes by complaining about ~*~identity politics~*~; film at 11.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Norgrath in Beta Rules Update v1.0 and Preview Material   
    Horizontal blade gets added to their advancement table so presumably they get vertical as base.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to Magnus Grendel in Beta needs a Topaz Championship.   
    We might get a new adventure in the 'release' version of the game (that's what they did in the star wars ones), but at least until then, it's not impossible to generate one ourselves. 
    The Topaz Championship
    Starting XP:
    New Samurai (+0 XP)
    Arrival in Tsuma
    Adding in a couple of....what? Sentiment/Courtesy/Skulduggery encounters might work. Not really needed per se as you've got plenty later in the event.
    Day One
    Martial Arts (Unarmed) only using the 'punch' stat No armour permitted Duel - Sparring Bout format Obviously there currently aren't any techniques using a snaring weapon. Adding a specific 'pin' or 'grapple' action might work, or some opportunity to force your opponent to move (does Rokugani Sumai work the same as contemporary Sumo?) Heraldry
    An increasing challenge set. Identifying Heraldry is Culture (it's namechecked as such). Identifying a Mon that you already know is most easily going to be an Earth (recall) test There is an argument that you should be able to figure out a family or samurai mon based on its similarity to relatives, etc., which would be Theorise (fire) or Analyse (air) Guessing blindly isn't going to work (void) I'd say a either: simple progression of: Great Clan Mon - TN 0 (yes, that means no check. There are only 7 such clans in the entire empire, and their clan Mons are literally the animals they refer to) Great Clan Family - TN 1 Minor Clan - TN 2 Great Clan Vassals - TN 3 Individual Samurai - TN 4 That puts recognising a random individual samurai's personal heraldry as TN4. Since the check wants '4 of 5' to pass, expecting a 0XP samurai to pass a TN4 and TN5 check would be ridiculous - a TN3 and TN4 check is still pretty darn hard.  Or A single Culture check, with bonus successes identifying how far through the event you get  No bonus successes (Great Clan only) 1 bonus success (Great Clan Family) 2 bonus successes (Minor Clan) 3 bonus successes (Great Clan Vassals) 4 bonus successes (Individual Samurai) That seems to fit the mechanic of 'don't throw dice for the heck of it but consolidate checks'. Note that this is not a conflict, so there is no issue with Fire Stance. Athletics
    The course consists of three major obstacles separated by lengthy runs. Essentially, stacking up bonus successes is your 'lead'. Intervening running sections - Fitness (Earth) to keep up the pace without tiring The bridge - Fitness (Air) to keep your balance - fairly easy, maybe TN1. The rope - Fitness (Fire) for the leap - a bit harder, TN2. If you fall, Fitness (Water) to avoid the snakes If you're bitten, then the obvious effect is Noxious Poison (presumably taking long enough to apply that you get out of the pit before collapsing!) The wall - Fitness, but to be honest pretty much any approach - agility, brute force, whatever, will work. The final sprint - Fitness (Fire) Horsemanship
    Depends on whether contestants will be allowed to use their own Horse; I'd assume Rokugani Ponys will be available but obviously a Unicorn Warhorse is a better steed. Again, it's a question of racking up bonus successes to impress. "spurring animals to move quickly" Is Survival (Fire) Striking the target from horseback is a Martial Arts (Melee), whilst the bow shot is Martial Arts (Ranged), in both cases assisted by the steed.  Law, Etiquette, & Bushido
    Run much like heraldry. An escalating set of challenges (or at least three seperate challenges) is much more appropriate here than a single challenge as the questions will alternately draw from Culture, Government and Courtesy Obviously Recall (earth) works if you know it, and Theorise (fire) if you can figure it out, but this time a viable third option is Sense (Void) - the law, is, after all, a reflection of the Celestial Order and a legal embodiment of the principles of Bushido (in theory) so the answer a truly noble samurai 'feels is right' should most of the time be the correct one. Evening Encounters
    The Price of Indulgence
    Possibly run as an intrigue. You can choose 'Persuade the Father-in-Law' or 'Discredit the contestant' as an objective. The “Secret” Duel
    It's a duel. Follow normal rules - unless you want to turn it into an intrigue to try and talk them down. In which case - good luck! Eight Gifts
    The Game Of Gift-Giving is a perfect time for people who ignored the Aesthetics, Design and Courtesy skills in favour of 'shove a piece of pointy metal through cardboard-cut-out-adversary' to get their comeuppance.  Anyone who actually took the Ikebana distinction is entitled to (courteously) laugh their backside off. Flawed Visions
    Investigation to identify the Jester. Farmers
    It's a pretty simple premise. Labour (Earth) is the best skill here. The Crab
    Honestly you can run a drinking contest as a duel/intrigue - finishing blow/being compromised being 'be sick and pass out' or being forced to withdraw as an outburst. Replace Strike actions with Fitness (Earth) or Fitness (Water) checks to tolerate the drink Angry Mountains
    Could be a skirmish or an intrigue depending on the players' approaches.
    Poisoned Words
    If you want to resolve this, treat the 'poison' as Fire Biter (Dazed & Exhausted conditions against a suitable future opponent)
    Forgotten Blade
    A simple enough challenge, but there are so many ways you could do this that it's probably just a scene to ad-lib.
    Day Two
    It's a duel.  Rather than umpty-ump versions of padded weapons, probably just hand everyone a bokken? Make this again a sparring match Follow the Duel Scoring rules If your opponent is incapacitated, roll a ring die immediately - if you rolled an explosive success you had one of the sabotaged weapons - maybe a hidden razor edge or something similar - and it inflicts damage as if it was a live blade (katana?) Poetry
    Competetive Compositon checks. Go
    Competetive Games checks Courtier
    Clearly an intrigue, either Persuade (The Judges) or Discredit (the opponent) as you see fit! Hunting
    A survival test - probably survival (water) to find an egg, whilst fitness (earth) for the endurance run. Alternatively, survival (air) to track either a grown fish (or a crane or similar predator) to the nest, and fitness (fire) for a sprint (probably not the right approach for a half-hour run, though). A ronin attack (Juriken) when/if one of the PCs is alone. Definitely a skirmish; this isn't an honourable challenge. Evening Encounters
    Juriken - if you've not already beaten or killed him. Day Three: The Championship
    One (or more) Iaijutsu duels to first strike. Everyone gets a Bokken (or a blunted katana with what's functionally speaking the same stats) As a related note - the Bokken should probably have Razor Sharp. I know it isn't but the point of the weapon is a 'training katana'.
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    Doji Satevis reacted to tenchi2a in Beta needs a Topaz Championship.   
    a Topaz Championship adventure would be a great way to test this game.
    1. Its tradition.
    2. It is set-up to be run by characters fresh out of character creation.
    3. It test most if not all aspects of the system.
    4. It provides a good test of the skill system due to the progressive TNs needed in the events. 
    5. Provides a good reason for the xp boost in the next adventure.
    6. Makes having a multi-clan group make sense.
    7. Provides a place for FFG to test new school mechanics on the NPCs.
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