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  1. The best advice I can give from personal experience is to narrow down your field to an almost laser-like focus before you begin; I know, basic rpg methods, but all vitally important for cutting to the bone here. By which I mean, making certain everyone is on board with: - What is your timeframe? And be as specific as possible; this eliminates as much of the twenty decades of material as possible, which may sound terrible but when one is staring down the multitude of options and the mountain of source material, believe me, one wants a direction! -> If it is going to be a non-canon timeframe or campaign framework, pin that down before anything else. Make sure everyone knows what and who are available; make sure everyone is on board with the choices. - Similarly, where is the campaign being set (at least initially)? Urban/rural? And where in Rokugan/the Colonies, if applicable? (you have no idea how desperately I want the Atlas. geographical placement in Rokugan is hellish *tiny fist shake*) - By the love of all, narrow down Clan/faction choices if one can manage it. An Emerald Magistrate (or what have you) game can be interesting, but it does nothing for helping floundering players (or GMs) get campaigns off the ground. - Avoid any and all extra material (from the Books of [Elements], etc) unless you absolutely plan to make use of it right then and there. try not to put the entire mountain of extra material on the table immediately. - Avoid as many canon characters as possible. The campaign is about the player's characters. - if applicable, don't have Canon Events [tm] hanging over your player's heads. Let the campaign flow where it will, do not force the canon plot onto it. Ironically, perhaps, the best results I've seen have been with new prospective players who are interested in playing in Rokugan but are not interested in the details of the backstory, and never touch the details of the backstory. Without all those years of story and material pressing down as What Is And Is Proper, with the established cast of Heroes And Villains, it all plays out as much more freeing. Really, it comes down to, for me: I would like to be able to see that freedom straight 'out of the box' again. The AEG material would be, and is, already out there for folks to pick up and add back in if they feel like it.
  2. Exactly. The setting is much stronger than the convoluted story that followed. The setting really isn't that strong. It's got some cool elements, but a well-crafted, deep setting this isn't. It'S a bunch of random Asian cliché thrown together with some superficiail attempts to tie it all. It was the early stories (up to and including Gold), that really breathed life into the settings and made it work (not that those stories were particularly exceptional, but they took the elements that worked of the setting and made them come together while skidding across those elements that didn't work). And even as it suffered from that "giant mess", it still managed to develop iconic personalities who became emblem of their clans. That there was (a lot of) bad in those years doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of good, too. If there was nothing good throughout the era, then the game would have died a lot earlier. The benefit to FFG is pretty simple: -It appeals to the old fans. That's a plus: more returning buyers. -It doesn't harm the new fans: at worst they won't know who these are (same as with new personalities), and at best, the old fans will regal them with stories of their favorites (thus putting the new fans in contact with the setting's rich tradition). -It advertise that this is a setting with a history, not some new thing they just came up with. -It makes it easier for them to build the fiction and flavor text early on ; they don't really have to worry about it until the monthly packs start coming out (and then in smaller doses). Or, you know, scare away prospective new players with two decades of accumulated dangling threads, dense lore, character upon character, and creaking plotline 'decisions'. Certainly that has been far and away the largest factor I've encountered in attempting to recruit rpg players -- and my own return to the folds after some years' absence has been no joy of catching up, either. Begin again, having learned from the mistakes made prior. It would only make sense.
  3. Why is it that a new company, with a new direction for the games themselves, should feel beholden to twenty years of another company's scattershot development generated by the vagaries and whimsy of tournament prizes? Why feel beholden to this rather than make their own mark?
  4. I'm willing to wait the two years and see what happens. My 4e books should do just fine in the meantime. Better not to rush things.
  5. Alas I think an argument can be made that turtling immediately rather than allowing the playerbase to react on AEG's own home ground forum likely is only adding to the bile from some quarters. It looks poorly, even if it spares the moderation team the misery. Lose/lose situation, really.
  6. Not the Clan Wars again, please and thank you. We just had the Seige set from AEG before all this shook out, and some familiar faces in the cards in the P'an Ku storyline; that's more than enough -- and I say this as a huge fan of Hoturi. L5R needs to move forward, not backward. At that, I'd be good with a Rokugan + Colonies clean sweep setup. Retain the basic framework (essentially, that the colonies exist), rewrite everything else. New personalities, new conflicts, shake off all the mistakes and missteps and rebuild from base principles. It is all castles-in-the-sky right now, of course, but what isn't at the moment?
  7. If this can revitalize L5R I am all for it. And, having floundered in the attempt to buy into the CCG side of Rokugan, I am looking forward to making the attempt at the LCG.
  8. I certainly hope to hear more about the rpg side of this new L5R equation soon. I have no opinion yea or nay on the roll-and-keep mechanics, however; give me a solid system that and a well-presented setting, and I will be happy.
  9. If any Clans are to be cut, I would expect it to be the Spider and/or the Mantis. In the case of the Mantis, that may even be designed as a temporary removal (much as the Onyx storyline looked to be aiming towards). Worrying about removed Clans before FFG has whispered so much as an iota of their plans, though, and with two years before the game sees life again; won't that be the fast track to a good deal of quite possibily unnecessary anxiety?
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