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  1. 34 minutes ago, Tonbo Karasu said:

    I disagree, I think that the best place to start would be the Clan descriptions on the LCG page followed by the fiction piece in the LCG Learn to Play document.



    Very much so, yes. 

    FFG has started us all off anew; digging back through AEG's creation (lovely as it was) is unnecessary. 

  2. 1 hour ago, DarwinsDog said:

    I would be surprised if this was anything more than a troll account/post. OP has one post and hasn't been back to the site since. If they were really concerned about the topic, they would be interacting in the thread. Well done OP. 5 pages and counting. That's some good trolling.

    If I were to make an account, post on a topic I were concerned about, and immediately became dogpiled with multiple shrill calls of "troll" and "ban this" and "delete this thread", I would sure as fire not come back again either.

    But, of course, divine as you will.

  3. Just now, rmunn said:

    Maybe it's because there's no such thing as a rational discussion on this topic on the Internet, and it always seems to devolve into people pointing fingers and accusing each other of bad motives. Like, say, a snide insinuation that everyone who wants a highly-controversial post closed so we can discuss the game ... might have an ulterior motive.

    I came to this forum because I wanted to find out more about the game. I'm sick and tired of the "all SJWs are fascists!" "All men are oppressors!" BS that the Internet swims in, and I wanted to get away from that for a moment and find out more about an awesome game that I'm excited about. And now instead of feeling excited, I'm irritated, because the gender wars that pervade the rest of the Internet are being shoved in my face, AND there are people snidely insinuating the most malicious, gossipy things about their opponents. Gee, is it any surprise that some people don't want this kind of malicious behavior cluttering up what should have been a fun forum?

    I wasn't going to join in the call for this thread to be closed, but now that I've read your comment, I've changed my mind. Your comment advanced no evidence for your statement, and in fact made no argument whatsoever other than "everyone who disagrees with me is a big poopy-head". When the debate degenerates into that kind of name-calling, it's time to close it, as it has long since gone past the point of usefulness.

    That's an attractive strawman, but that's all that it is.  Neither am I particularly impressed with this tactic of "but you see, it's you who are the oppressors", which is also one I am well familiar with. 

    Ah well, so it goes.

  4. Just now, Wintersong said:

    I would bet that one reason would be certain people starting a WAAAGH!!! whenever they see something they think is wrong. Not talking about people just sharing their own viewpoint, doing a debate and such, but the crusading ones that do not even bother to check the facts, context or anything like that. Just witch-hunt.

    There may surely be other reasons but the previous group is the one that can make devs at an AMA panic due to some breach of etiquette by one of them. 

    And you can blame that kind of people from having others to become defensive whenever that kind of topics are touched. Altough if the joke had been about two males instead of two females, I doubt anyone would had raised an eyebrow. Which would be comparatively sad.

    It may well be.  Perhaps.  Maybe.

    But, you know, somehow I strongly doubt that is the lion's share of the reason.  I've seen this dance too many times before to not recognize a desperate attempt to shut down any and all criticism of the "boy's club" when I see it, and if these certain bodies, here in this thread, are going to behave like this when there is not a drop of "crusading" to be seen here?

    Well then.

  5. One does have to wonder at all the various calls for deleting this topic. 

    One, specifically, does have to wonder just what could possibly seem so threatening about such a mildly-phrased opening post and such measured explanations as to why some feel -- as do I, may I add -- that the situation was inappropriate.

    Why, one could almost suspect that certain elements of the playerbase feel threatened by such people feeling they can speak up and air their concerns.

    I wonder why that may be.


  6. 5 hours ago, Kinzen said:


    I see people saying things like this from time to time (not always about the Scorpion, but the "rules for X" mentality in general), and I have to ask -- what rules? The Scorpion weren't declanned for long enough to substantively change. The ones who were trained before their GC status got the axe still have their techniques, and in many cases can probably go on learning from their sensei, because the clan wasn't massacred. Those who weren't trained, or who lost access to their sensei, are now the mechanical equivalent of ronin, for which we already have rules. If a hundred years went by and the Scorpion were surviving as "ronin" but secretly training themselves to stage some kind of revenge takeover, then I could see the need for new schools or at least paths to represent their new mission. But their de-clanning lasted only, what, five years? What rules are needed, beyond saying "Status = 0"?

    I'm fairly certain what is being meant is that they hope there would be (in that scenario) full rules for playing PC Scorpion in the actual ruleset, even though technically the Clan "doesn't exist" at the time.  So, that a Clan Wars book would still include the means to build a Scorpion PC even though the start-point assumes "no Scorpion, officially, in the Empire".

    You're debating from an in-universe perspective; I think Suzume Tomonori is looking at it from a game production perspective, and uses the hypothetical of "if there were only one setting I could have/if a new L5R rpg was set in one specific setting, I would like the Clan War, but I would still like to have Scorpion PC support even though in-universe the Scorpion are defunct".





    The other Clan write ups are en route shortly, I imagine?  I'm curious to see them!



    The idea of the primer was to convey a general atmosphere for the Age of Ruin. That meant focusing on certain factions over others. Fear not, though! All the clans have at least their own full-page summary in one document. http://winter-court.com/docs/The_Current_States_of_Clans_and_Factions.pdf


    Ah, thank ye kindly!

  8. Good news everyone! The primer for character creation in the Age of Ruin is now posted. There are answers, yes, but also questions- Question for which you must seek the truth.




    Also, the Out of Character boards as well as the Clan private forums are now open to players.


    The other Clan write ups are en route shortly, I imagine?  I'm curious to see them!



    Yeah, cut/reboot a storyline and upset lot of people at the start!

    No matter what they do a fair number of people will be upset at the start. The question will be if the influx of brand new players who join will be greater than the number of upset players who do not return depending on the choices made.



    New players won't care if it will be reboot or not. 



    New players will care plenty -- and not be new players for long -- if a brand-new game requires more reading and study then university exams.


    A fresh start is the only sensible choice.  Cut those apron strings and all the cruft and complications of the setting, story and timeline in recent times can be moved past.

  10. I'm not so certain about so completely removing the onmyouji from courtly life, given that historically they were such a part of the Heian court and governmental systems that they made up a branch of the government.


    Really, onmyou/in'you is quite the opposite of removing oneself from the public eye and courtly influence.


    This sort of submit or die as the only options for non-spider is what really kills this. There is so many other possibilities. What about the player votes? What about the actual struggle to get Kanpeki on the throne? What about the other Hantei blood out there? Kanpeki is not the only descendent of the Hantei bloodline. What about the Iweko line? Currently the Emerald Throne is seated, albeit Seikin is an oddball, and a bit daft... but he is Emperor.


    I would second this, and also add: "submit or die" and be forced to continue to do so for a thousand years makes the entire notion even more unpalatable to me, personally, as even a speculative alternate universe.  I have no interest in being told that in a given setting, no matter what is done, whatever may be attempted to drive off the darkness clutching the Empire, it will fail, because, because.


    A Thousand Years of Darkness was a vaguely interesting thought experiment that created a scarce handful of interesting characters.  As something inflicted as a blanket directive in a setting?  Never.  And that is what this storyline notion still is, because it removes all ultimate agency from all groups but the Spider.  Because they will fail, by fiat, for a millennium.

  12. I could do without so very much being determined by tournament wins, yes indeed.  If only to eliminate at least some opportunity by folks to comment -- when others are unhappy with a choice/decision/direction and choose to voice their disappointment -- that the folks voicing their opinions essentially have no right to, and if they wanted to have something else they should go win their own tournaments. 


    This of course is a truly wonderful thing to say to others, including those who may never get to a tournament for financial/geographical reasons, and surely does so much to foster discussion besides.

  13. Copyright is broader than just direct copying of exactly the same words.


    There's also a difference between "here is a supplement that is compatible with D&D" and "I'm going to print my own fantasy RPG that uses D&D's systems." I can guarantee you that the latter is going to bring WotC legal down on you like a ton of bricks.


    It depends on the version of D&D, and whether it matters.  Judging from the abundance of D&D "retroclones" of all editions and stripes, it doesn't really matter much at all, at least for any iteration not resembling 4e; I don't imagine anyone has felt a need to attempt 5e yet.  ;) 


    And then there is Pathfinder, nicknamed "D&D 3.75" for a reason.

  14. I have always been more interested in Heian-era Japan, as far as historical sources go; but the Sengoku era makes a compelling second runner.


    While it may not be a perfect fit between the two, for things L5R the Crane come close -- how could I resist once I heard they were a faction in the game?  And with duelists as an added bonus, no less.


    Even if you are not using Heroes of Rokugan timeline, HoR modules are great way to start GMing.


    I could not agree more.  The first Heroes of Rokugan is equally amazing but are hard to find these days, I think I have most of the modules on a hard drive somewhere, if I can find them I'll put them up on a Dropbox.


    If you do find them, posting them would be very much appreciated!  I never did manage to find/download them before they up and became so scarce --

  16. FFG has already given "hope" to the fans that their efforts wouldn't be in vain, and to do it now would seriously damage their creditability with the L5R brand.


    I keep seeing references to this, but the meat is scant on the ground.  Aside from a passing reference to "Rokugan and the Colonies", which reveals nothing but an intent to retain the Colonies in some form or another, where is this assurance that somehow all will continue as it was story-wise?

  17. This would be a nice time killer. I also noticed that people tend to bash eras that happened outside of their sight, especially ones before they came - I think lot of this comes from not witnessing the actual era, but only reading depictions that are, as you put it, "bones". Even Clan Wars, when summarized to people, often sound quite bad.

    This is especially common with RPG people, who consider anything past starting point of 1st Edition (so pre-Scorpion Coup) as dumb and "out of character" - including Coup itself, Kisada's gambit, and so on. 


    Kindly don't generalize about we rpg players and our preferences, if you please?

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