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  1. I cannot believe I have just read a post in which someone is in all seriousness attempting to argue that if a character is not acting in a (stereotypically) (to that person's biased point of view) "feminine" manner, then that character must actually really be male despite what we've been told and shown. This is already getting old.
  2. Hm; I don't see the dice app in the Google Play store (yet)? Has anyone else acquired the Android version; maybe it's just me with the problem?
  3. Very much so, yes. FFG has started us all off anew; digging back through AEG's creation (lovely as it was) is unnecessary.
  4. If I were to make an account, post on a topic I were concerned about, and immediately became dogpiled with multiple shrill calls of "troll" and "ban this" and "delete this thread", I would sure as fire not come back again either. But, of course, divine as you will.
  5. That's an attractive strawman, but that's all that it is. Neither am I particularly impressed with this tactic of "but you see, it's you who are the oppressors", which is also one I am well familiar with. Ah well, so it goes.
  6. It may well be. Perhaps. Maybe. But, you know, somehow I strongly doubt that is the lion's share of the reason. I've seen this dance too many times before to not recognize a desperate attempt to shut down any and all criticism of the "boy's club" when I see it, and if these certain bodies, here in this thread, are going to behave like this when there is not a drop of "crusading" to be seen here? Well then.
  7. One does have to wonder at all the various calls for deleting this topic. One, specifically, does have to wonder just what could possibly seem so threatening about such a mildly-phrased opening post and such measured explanations as to why some feel -- as do I, may I add -- that the situation was inappropriate. Why, one could almost suspect that certain elements of the playerbase feel threatened by such people feeling they can speak up and air their concerns. I wonder why that may be.
  8. I'm liking these changes -- more active antics are a bonus, and dueling is still present. So, I am looking forward to having the game in hand.
  9. The part of the passage that describes her as an "impossibly beautiful wife", I imagine.
  10. Why default to tradition here when we have an entire new version of Rokugan to play with?
  11. I'm fairly certain what is being meant is that they hope there would be (in that scenario) full rules for playing PC Scorpion in the actual ruleset, even though technically the Clan "doesn't exist" at the time. So, that a Clan Wars book would still include the means to build a Scorpion PC even though the start-point assumes "no Scorpion, officially, in the Empire". You're debating from an in-universe perspective; I think Suzume Tomonori is looking at it from a game production perspective, and uses the hypothetical of "if there were only one setting I could have/if a new L5R rpg was set in one specific setting, I would like the Clan War, but I would still like to have Scorpion PC support even though in-universe the Scorpion are defunct".
  12. The other Clan write ups are en route shortly, I imagine? I'm curious to see them! The idea of the primer was to convey a general atmosphere for the Age of Ruin. That meant focusing on certain factions over others. Fear not, though! All the clans have at least their own full-page summary in one document. http://winter-court.com/docs/The_Current_States_of_Clans_and_Factions.pdf Ah, thank ye kindly!
  13. The other Clan write ups are en route shortly, I imagine? I'm curious to see them!
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