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  1. Forgotten Path Games in Vacaville (not too far past Fairfield) is doing release tournaments, and I would like to get a weekly game going there as well. PM if you are interested!
  2. If space is open then (in the past) you should be able to pay the fee and get in.
  3. Get generic tickets, don't buy the scalped ones, and just show up. Don't feed the monster.
  4. I am dusting off my old Naga site... I know there may be no Naga but hey, one can wish! www.thenagaclan.com If you want to join the forum, send me an email at shashasha@thenagaclan.com.
  5. While Naga was my clan back in the old days, I shifted over to Phoenix during the dragons deck days (Lotus I think) and ultimately to Dragon for enlightenment play. But to be truthful, I always liked to play random theme decks I put together... Dragon province deck Shadowlands goblin deck Mantis ancestral item deck ...among others.
  6. The Ancient Libraries of the Naga: http://www.thenagaclan.com Still holding out hope... ​
  7. As long as we get something, I'll stick it out. I've waited this long, what's two more years
  8. Given this recent turn of events, I am very apprehensive about the possibility of the Naga returning to the game. I like the change to LCG format, but what went from a 1.5 year wait starting in 2014 of getting my hopes up is now a minimum 3+ year wait and even then it would likely be more since the Naga would almost undoubtedly by an expansion rather than a core faction. Just putting this on the radar like the Nezumi thread. I'll continue to run my N​aga site and forum through the hiatus. Whatever I can do to keep the dream alive!
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