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  1. We are in the first 1/3 of 20`16 and I am slowly losing interest in L5R. If we could get a once a month Art or game concept I would find it easier to get to 2017
  2. Easy for all of you to say. I am 64 and 2 years is a long time.
  3. 35% was the number because it was the discussion time devoted to the story when we after-partyed. 35% was what madness had been gotten up to at the previous kotei. And the last 30 % was what we were going to get up to next. Admittedly, my greatest joy was the people, but many of you spent hours lobbying the story team.
  4. After reading 17 pages of opining over story team, I am amazed at the negative comments by many of you who played this game because it was story active. Players influenced the story more than some of the writers did. All I hope is that FFG understands 'the story' is fully 35% of what kept us coming back and I don't even want to discuss the art which made huge jumps and bounds from the beginning.
  5. Crab do not ally with the Spider. Rebellion would be the way of the Crab!
  6. Tri-state gamers is thinking of a BobCon Kotei. Celestial Arc with 1 exception. That exception is Hida Yagimaki, either non-exp or exp must be in your deck.
  7. I really wonder how long some folk will wait for the new product. The sooner we have it the better.
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