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  1. I am pretty sure some people would ally with the aliens to exterminate their long time enemies. A lot of people did that along the ages.
  2. The ability in question says to resolve the Ring Effect. The Ring Effect says "the attacker...", therefore the ability in question says that the attacker makes the choices.
  3. They will give 3 of each card. It seems like this makes production easier.
  4. Most characters will be player during Dinasty Phase.
  5. Rules Reference, under Clan, has the following text:
  6. I don't see as impossible to launch in the Scorpion Deluxe Box one character dual-aligned with each clan, and maybe one neutral character with something like "Can be affected by actions as a Scorpion Clan character." So, 6 Scorpion characters in the Dinasty deck and 7-10 in the Conflict deck might be enough to make it a viable (even if not Tier 1) option.
  7. Fixed that for you. We don't know what the future brings (dual-clan aligned personalities; more splashable Scorpion characters; etc.).
  8. This would be so broken! And would hinder event design for the game forever.
  9. Yes, a bunch of dark-skinned Mantis (and Tortoise) sailors would be awesome. Maybe they are natives from the Islands of Spice and Silk that Kaimetsu-uo accepted into his clan.
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