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  1. I magnetized my Flying Tricycle honor counter. I could toss it across the room and it would not lose track of the number it was set to and still rotated freely to be changed. Love me some neodymium magnets.
  2. I'll be using my Wasp honor counter as often as I can. I just have to find it.
  3. I believe the only real indication we have is the mention of Yoritomo in the fiction "Her Father's Daughter."
  4. As a Mantis player I have to choose another home while waiting to see if we return as a faction. Until then, I think I'll feel right at home with the Dragon Clan.
  5. Toturi is a character I think I can enjoy. I am interested to see what he will do.
  6. The people I regularly played the CCG with competitively have moved out of the area. However I have two or three guys who quit back around the time of Pearl that are interested in playing this.
  7. The forum icons were given at the time of the purchase. Even if at that time they'd intended to use all of the factions, things may have changed since then. That said, I suspect they will introduce the factions somewhere down the line.
  8. I like the system they've shown. Still looking very much forward to giving this a try. The clarification on Ring of Fire pretty much cements the idea that personalities enter play in a neutral state and that it take some other outside effect to either honor or dishonor them.
  9. I am 100% on board with a new set of minor clans to work with. As long as I get the Wasp. So 90% on board.
  10. I would assume that if the Mantis are introduced as a full playable faction they'd end up with a sea-green or teal color.
  11. RE: Moshi attire Wasn't that explained in-universe as a necessity of being out at sea? Or am I imagining that bit?
  12. I never really saw this as completely true, although I do think the Yoritomo got most of the screen time. This might be why I've been pushing for a Wasp-lead MCA this time around.
  13. I hope that if they do carded Black Scrolls that they give them that sickly green inverse colors look that the original ones had.
  14. Best Kotei ever. I have three swords because of that guy! Really you can put clan mons on almost anything and it'll be a hit.
  15. Wish I could attend GenCon and join in on the Mantis representation. I'm sure those who are attending will let them know the Mantis are still around.
  16. It's not that I didn't like the Mantis. Far from it. I would probably place them second just after the Wasp. I just really, really loved the Wasp.
  17. I do sorta feel like that's basically what Kumiko was. And since I really liked Kumiko, I'd be on board for that. Thinking about it, I think it might be more fun to leave the faction as a minor clan alliance. I picked them originally for the underdog aspect (and loving the hell out of the Wasp). At the very least leave the Fox alone. I voted against absorbing them during the Race. They deserve to be their own thing.
  18. Is some of it reasonable discussion? Yeah. But certainly there are people who are not being reasonable. I've seen at least once instance of someone claiming that another person made X statement but really meant Y. At the very least that sits poorly with me.
  19. Both sides have handled this poorly. Both sides have shown themselves to be impatient and rude to the point of libel. I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and walk away until they can handle this like adults.
  20. What I find the most troubling in this thread is the number of people ramming words into other people's mouths. There are some pretty major assumptions running around and that doesn't help anyone's case.
  21. Started off playing this game with a Yoritomo's Alliance starter deck way back in the day. Stuck with them as they became the modern Mantis Clan and never looked back. The Wasp were the ones who really got my attention. I want it to be the Wasp Clan that unites the minor clans. I like the sound of Tsuruchi's Alliance.
  22. This stance confuses me. From almost the moment of the purchase it was indicated that the new game would draw some inspiration from the original, but would ultimately be a different game that was incomparable with the original. Why would anyone expect them to simply reuse the same game with different cards? The CCG had much deeper problems than a bad card base.
  23. I have every intention of digging out my Wasp Clan mon honor counter.
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