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  1. Talisman is a 6 player game, but you only get given 4 Good/Evil Alignment cards (leaving you 2 short). But if you’ve got both the Sacred Pool and City expansions, you’ll have 8 Neutral Alignment cards (giving you 2 extra).
  2. When you roll 3 or more when Escaping from the Deep Realms are these legal moves? Old Sewers > Thieves' Alley > North Side Alley > Rat Run.Catacombs > Cavern > Tunnel > Skull Passage.Skull Passage > Tunnel > Cavern > Catacombs.
  3. The Warrior card says: You may roll two dice in battle and use the higher attack roll to determine your attack score. So you can either choose to roll 1 die, or roll 2 and use the highest result.
  4. Talisman: LEGO Have a look here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661809@N02/albums/72157677726985670
  5. These are looking really good Jon. Could the 'Crown of Command' & 'Danse Macabre' ending cards be added as bonuses?
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    Total card count

    Beat me to it Jon (I was still counting them!)Here's my list (I just typed up!): Just noticed I'm 2 short on the ending cards against Nemomon's list. I didn't count the Crown of Command & Danse Macabre printable ending cards. TALISMAN (164xS/18xL) 104x Adventure Cards 24x Spell Cards 28x Purchase Cards 4x Talisman Cards 4x Alignment Cards 14x Character Cards (L) 4x Toad Cards (L) PROMO CARDS (2xS) 2x Adventure Cards REAPER EXPANSION (128xS/5xL) 90x Adventure Cards 26x Spell Cards 12x Warlock Quest Cards 4x Character Cards (L) 1x Grim Reaper Card (L) DUNGEON EXPANSION (168xS/5xL) 128x Dungeon Cards 20x Spell Cards 10x Adventure Cards 10x Treasure Cards 5x Character Cards (L) FROSTMARCH EXPANSION (128xS/7xL) 84x Adventure Cards 20x Spell Cards 24x Warlock Quest Cards 3x Alternative Ending Cards (L) 4x Character Cards (L) HIGHLAND EXPANSION (168xS/9xL) 142x Highland Cards 10x Spell Cards 12x Adventure Cards 4x Relic Cards 3x Alternative Ending Cards (L) 6x Character Cards (L) SACRED POOL EXPANSION (128xS/7xL) 72x Adventure Cards 16x Spell Cards 24x Quest Reward Cards 12x Stables Cards 4x Neutral Alignment Cards 3x Alternative Ending Cards (L) 4x Character Cards (L) DRAGON EXPANSION (168xS/12xL) 168x Dragon Cards (56x Varthrax/56x Cadorus/56x Grilipus) 3x Alternative Ending Cards (L) 3x Draconic Lord Cards (1x Varthrax/1x Cadorus/1x Grilipus) (L) 6x Character Cards (L) BLOOD MOON EXPANSION (128xS/7xL) 111x Adventure Cards 10x Spell Cards 1x Time Card 6x Lycanthrope Cards 3x Alternative Ending Cards (L) 3x Character Cards (L) 1x Werewolf Card (L) CITY EXPANSION (168xS/9xL) 82x City Cards 12x Armoury Cards 12x Pet Cards 16x Magic Emporium Cards 16x Potion Cards 8x Stables Cards 18x Wanted Poster Cards 4x Neutral Alignment Cards 3x Alternative Ending Cards (L) 6x Character Cards (L) NETHER REALM EXPANSION (36xS/3xL) 36x Nether Cards 3x Alternative Ending Cards (L) FIRELANDS EXPANSION (119xS/7xL) 81x Adventure Cards 19x Spell Cards 19x Terrain Cards 3x Alternative Ending Cards (L) 4x Character Cards (L) WOODLAND EXPANSION (152xS/8xL) 103x Woodland Cards 10x Adventure Cards 20x Path Cards 14x Destiny Cards 5x Spell Cards 5x Character Cards (L) 3x Alternative Ending Cards (L) DEEP REALMS EXPANSION (40xS/2xL) 20x Bridge Cards 20x Tunnel Cards 2x Realm Cards (L) HARBINGER EXPANSION (127xS/6xL) 32x Omen Cards 10x Terrain Cards 75x Harbinger Cards 10x Spell Cards 1x Harbinger Sheet (L) 3x Character Cards (L) 2x Alternative Ending Cards (L) CATACLYSM EXPANSION (168xS/9xL) 40x Denizen Cards 47x Adventure Cards 25x Remnant Cards 6x Warlock Quest Cards 10x Spell Cards 6x Talisman Cards 24x Purchase Cards 10x Terrain Cards 5x Character Cards (L) 4x Alternative Ending Cards (L) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1992x SMALL CARDS ----------------- 1. 623x Adventure Cards (104-Talisman/2-Promo/90-Reaper/10-Dungeon/84-Frostmarch/12-Highland/72-Sacred Pool/111-Blood Moon/81-Firelands/10-Woodland/47-Cataclysm) 2. 170x Spell Cards (24-Talisman/26-Reaper/20-Dungeon/20-Frostmarch/10-Highland/16-Sacred Pool/10-Blood Moon/19-Firelands/5-Woodland/10-Harbinger/10-Cataclysm) 3. 52x Purchase Cards (28-Talisman/24-Cataclysm) 4. 10x Talisman Cards (4-Talisman/6-Cataclysm) 5. 4x Alignment Cards (Talisman) 6. 42x Warlock Quest Cards (12-Reaper/24-Frostmarch/6-Cataclysm) 7. 128x Dungeon Cards (Dungeon) 8. 10x Treasure Cards (Dungeon) 9. 142x Highland Cards (Highland) 10. 4x Relic Cards (Highland) 11. 24x Quest Reward Cards (Sacred Pool) 12. 20x Stables Cards (12-Sacred Pool/8-City) 13. 8x Neutral Alignment Cards (4-Sacred Pool/4-City) 14. 168x Dragon Cards (Dragon) 15. 1x Time Card (Blood Moon) 16. 6x Lycanthrope Cards (Blood Moon) 17. 82x City Cards (City) 18. 12x Armoury Cards (City) 19. 12x Pet Cards (City) 20. 16x Magic Emporium Cards (City) 21. 16x Potion Cards (City) 22. 18x Wanted Poster Cards (City) 23. 36x Nether Cards (Nether Realm) 24. 39x Terrain Cards (19-Firelands/10-Harbinger/10-Cataclysm) 25. 103x Woodland Cards (Woodland) 26. 20x Path Cards (Woodland) 27. 14x Destiny Cards (Woodland) 28. 20x Bridge Cards (Deep Realms) 29. 20x Tunnel Cards (Deep Realms) 30. 32x Omen Cards (Harbinger) 31. 75x Harbinger Cards (Harbinger) 32. 40x Denizen Cards (Cataclysm) 33. 25x Remnant Cards (Cataclysm) 114x LARGE CARDS ---------------- 1. 69x Character Cards (14-Talisman/4-Reaper/5-Dungeon/4-Frostmarch/6-Highland/4-Sacred Pool/6-Dragon/3-Blood Moon/6-City/4-Firelands/5-Woodland/3-Harbinger/5-Cataclysm) 2. 4x Toad Cards (Talisman) 3. 1x Grim Reaper Card (Reaper) 4. 33x Alternative Ending Cards (3-Frostmarch/3-Highland/3-Sacred Pool/3-Dragon/3-Blood Moon/3-City/3-Nether Realm/3-Firelands/3-Woodland/2-Harbinger/4-Cataclysm) 5. 3x Draconic Lord Cards (Dragon) 6. 1x Werewolf Card (Blood Moon) 7. 2x Realm Cards (Deep Realms) 8. 1x Harbinger Sheet (Harbinger) COUNTERS ETC. ------------- 1. 8x Large Strength Cones (Talisman) 2. 32x Small Strength Cones (Talisman) 3. 8x Large Craft Cones (Talisman) 4. 32x Small Craft Cones (Talisman) 5. 8x Large Life Cones (Talisman) 6. 32x Small Life Cones (Talisman) 7. 36x Fate Tokens (Talisman) 8. 69x Plastic Character Figures (14-Talisman/4-Reaper/5-Dungeon/4-Frostmarch/6-Highland/4-Sacred Pool/6-Dragon/3-Blood Moon/6-City/4-Firelands/5-Woodland/3-Harbinger/5-Cataclysm) 9. 4x Plastic Toad Figures (Talisman) 10. 30x Gold Coins (Talisman) 11. 6x Six-sided Dice (Talisman) 12. 1x Grim Reaper Figure (Reaper) 13. 40x Varthrax Dragon Scales (Dragon) 14. 40x Cadorus Dragon Scales (Dragon) 15. 40x Grilipus Dragon Scales (Dragon) 16. 6x Dragon Strikes (Dragon) 17. 6x Dragon Rages (Dragon) 18. 8x Dragon Slumbers (Dragon) 19. 1x Crown Token (Dragon) 20. 19x Sleep Tokens (Dragon) 21. 1x Werewolf Figure (Blood Moon) 22. 34x Fireland Tokens (Firelands) 23. 5x Growth Tokens (Woodland) 24. 6x Spider Tokens (Woodland) 25. 3x Portal Tokens (Woodland) 26. 5x Hidden Path Tokens (Woodland) 27. 3x Totem Spirit Tokens (Woodland) 28. 1x Harbinger Figure (Harbinger)
  7. I think Jon deserves to miss a turn over Christmas.
  8. My thoughts exactly. One thing I miss on the Talisman cards is limiting to 1 Talisman per player. (As in 3rd edition, shown at the bottom of the page here: http://www.talismanisland.com/?page_id=3042 ) On the subject of 3rd edition and Talisman Island: When are you going to hang your Celestial Baubles on your tree Jon? ( https://www.facebook.com/talismanisland/photos/pb.210797339010312.-2207520000.1481802501./1155793321177371 )
  9. What they need more than anything is some indication saying which effects are one-offs and which are continuous. I brought this up on an earlier (long) post: Edit: Just noticed that Bludgeon has already brought up this issue, I missed that post
  10. Rocky McRockface (named after the Rock Face card)
  11. Thanks for answering my query with the Woods space (never spotted that in the rulebook!) and thanks for taking my 'ditching a random item' idea on board, I like the idea in the post above about 'ditching a random follower' (imagine having to ditch your Horse & Cart and 8 items then see them all shuffled into the Border deck!)
  12. Looking good so far, I like the idea of drawing a random Purchase deck card. I thought maybe there could be a card (or die roll on a card) to make you drop a random object (imagine seeing your Arnkell being shuffled back into the Border deck at the end of the turn) ​Another thing, what happens if you get ignored or you don't find anything and have to exit to the adjacent Woods space if there's a Terrain card on there?
  13. One thing I've noticed is that if you visit the Elder Village and you have a Mule or Horse & Cart, you'll have to ditch the objects they were carrying on this space as Followers can't be used there. If my Horse & Cart was carrying 8 good items I'd avoid that space like I would with the 'Cataclysm' Cursed Glade space. Looking good so far PS: The Ent picture you used for the Forest Guardian, was the one that caught my eye when browsing through the Deviant Art pages.
  14. ...or maybe an Ent there's a few of them on Deviant Art and it'll fit in with the theme.
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