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  1. I just have an image in my head, of some Scorpion player winning a story prize and seeing Yoritomo's name on a list of people to kill, smiling at the crowd as all the mantis players plead for mercy he/she chooses to sign Yoritomo's death warrant as all the mantis players descend into despair. Joking aside, I wouldn't be surprised if the story team already have a pretty solid plan of what they want to do with yoritomo's alliance and/or the mantis. On the other hand, a 7 faction game is far more manageable.
  2. There is one thing I wonder about the rotation of L5R card game sets and that is how does it keep up with the story? With Netrunner and AGOT there are sets that are evergreen, and will always be legaly, but the small expansions are what rotate out. Question is, does L5R have this as well, and if it does do we just have the characters in evergreen sets forever legal? Just for arguments sake, if the game lasts a good 5-10 years, the story would have advanced but all the original characters are still legal? how does this work and feel? This isn't a problem for AGOT as much, because even though charcters die, the whole setting is set in a fixed story. L5R is a bit more unpredictable, IF ffg do indeed take a lot of story contribution. After giving this some thought, I think (and hope a little!) that maybe we won't have evergreen sets in L5R, and I actually think mechanically and thematically that would be a good thing.
  3. I backed the Rising Sun kickstarter and one of the stretch goals was some nice looking koku tokens. I very nearly got them because I thought maybe I could use them in the new L5R. Found it amusing when the game was announced and there was no longer any koku! - A lesson in managing expectations!
  4. This crossed my mind too! And I think when we start to play they game, they will start to feel the pressure of balancing how much honor they have vs. how important the duel effect is. I also like the aspect, that if a scorpion DH deck issues a duel to someone near enough to being dishonored, they are going to be SUPER careful in the duel, and it pretty much gives the DH deck free reign to abuse their opponents' precarious situation! This is also great flavour! It's hard to see now, but I fully expect that once we get stuck into the game, it will be far more nuanced than it appears to people now. There is going to be a huge amount of bluffing in duels (and in the card draw mechanic) and I can see this leading to a lot of memorable moments during the game, with lots of hands being thrown into the air in both despair and delight! I'd have the same inkling as you in seeing this as a strategy of the game! I think this is a really important point! I'm sure there must be some dueling support that affects the honor aspect of the duels somewhat.
  5. I pointed it out to him on twitter that it was O-Ushi, and he replied to me with caps of "NOPE" . This was before the reveal so I call shenannigans!
  6. Thought Yokuni was a girl from the first set of pics
  7. I saw the announcement went live and then someone came to my desk for a meeting, couldn't concentrate on what was being said, jsut wanted to read L5R!
  8. I remember questioning what he said on this forum about what the "two sets to be competitive" meant. I had the feeling that being competitive, and having a complete set are two different things. If he said, "two sets gets you a complete set", then it is fair to say he misspoke or lied. Saying "two sets to be competitive" is obviously open for interpretation (it had me asking what he meant at the time), and for you to draw the conclusion that he misspoke or lied, is presuming to know his mind, which you of course cannot know given that you are not him(I assume!)
  9. To add to this, I am sure there are some benefits for having high honor in the game, until I see something you get for having high honor (like old imperial favour) then I think I will wait to pass judgement on trading honor for cards.
  10. Do you think you can get a refund on the tattoo as well?
  11. I'd be surprised if there wasnt some kind of combo.
  12. So nice isnt it! Reminds me of a certain someone! https://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=3160,#hashid=d73af478499ee27cdd8c4f1fe5c582b3,#cardcount=4
  13. Wasn't sure about the mons when they were displayed at GAMA. Seeing this one bigger and more close up I really like it a lot!
  14. Emma-O could require him to retire and join the brotherhood as a way of cleansing his soul and seek enlightenment. IIRC Emma-O was a monk at some point and could not fulfill enlightenment. Maybe Emma-O wants ur PC to fulfill that which he could not!
  15. Only 4 sleeps until sant...I mean L5r announcements!
  16. Do you think having sun and moon up and running again for the lcg is a realistic goal? Were both @Sparks Duh and @kempy involved with Sun and Moon? Any idea?
  17. Fair enough, I guess it's down to who you know! Nobody from my playgroups thinks the game should stay the same!
  18. I wouldn't agree that this is a fair statement. I think the vast majority of people who love and played L5R up until the end would agree that the game really needed changes. I'd echo the fear about victory points, and I'd be worried it wouldn't do the brand justice. People aren't worried about change as much as they are worried that the game would lose it's identity. Bringing something as blunt as victory points I think would mean L5R's identity is lost.
  19. Yeah haha! The reason it works too though is people are expecting a prank from FFG too! So you think its a prank from FFG, but its a prank of a prank of FFG! Prankception!
  20. Having checked the source code I feel a bit silly now! The whole thing is a beautiful hoax!
  21. Haha, that's a nice little article. I think there's defintely some nuggest of truth in it. Would they really be cruel enough to say that mantis and spider will be added afterwards as just an April fools joke?
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