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  1. thought you could download from soundcloud. Does this help? https://help.soundcloud.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003448787-Downloading-tracks
  2. I thought there was a pretty good netrunner scene in the north? Might see you in Dublin in the near future!
  3. If you are looking to cut carefully I use 3.5 and its perfect. Going smaller deffo has an advantage if you want to do quick and dirty cuts.
  4. Sake House Brawl guys have a proxy collection on their page in the links. Not sure it's updated with yesterday's batch yet, should be soon though. Linky! If you copy paste the cards into word, and scale their image to 3.5" that's a pretty decent fit. The other dimension should auto size to follow the 3.5".
  5. At least we will get our clan preview before Spider or Mantis
  6. Fair enough. But context is important. At the end of the day, a rubbish bin or a skip also store cards quite effectively
  7. Not sure why you are being so shirty about it Makes quite a big difference to me, i wanna be able to bring my entire collection with me to wherever I'm playing so I can tinker with ideas. I like something fairly sturdy and not made out of the really bad cardboard pulp that ffg make their boxes with. The whole quality of the box is cheap, and I don't complain that I need to buy new boxes to make up for that, just I don't see any use at all for the boxes their lcg's come in beyond their use of getting it to me in the first place!
  8. Im Too attached to the big AEG card storage boxes. They are too good!
  9. And the box over goes over it with the cards standing inside?
  10. @Tonbo Karasu You should have more likes for this! Great post!
  11. Am I missing something? What is the point of the influence value on the Stronghoolds if you can't play personalities?
  12. I may or may not be a scorpion player in disguise
  13. Would like to see that ! got a link? Thing is, if im going to go to the effort to get an insert to convert a box, i may as well just get a box altogether!
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