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  1. What upsets me the most are people who rage quit after the first conflict. You drew 6 cards and headlessly rushed into a Dragon province, only to reveal Resto? What a a shocking turn of events! To be fair, it happened even to me during my first games, yet I still managed to win. This game is not about a single conflict.
  2. Ambition is obviously influencing Kachiko, not Shoju.
  3. I am 100% certain it will be her. We've already seen her art in Tears of Amaterasu fiction.
  4. Kakita Yoshi. I love politics. He could also help us with honor running.
  5. Doesn't seem like a reskin to me - it has a board, screens, secret orders (but very different) and control of provinces... but that's all. I mean, I hate AGoT (and still I've played it hundred times). If this was just a reskin I wouldn't even bother.
  6. Well, I was speaking about medieval nobles, not modern masses of commoners. And at least in Russia the government was practically overthrown some years ago.
  7. It probably also has something to do with external threats. You want your nobles to focus on external wars so they don't have time and reasons to go against you. Hard to do during long periods of peace.
  8. What is funny to me is that in fictional universes (Dune, L5R) the rulers encurage internal conflicts so that their subjects don't unite and overthrow them... In history, kings struggled really hard to ban internal wars (and even tournaments) between nobles. Philippe IV the Fair achieved this and it was one of the highest points of his rule. When he died, his sons were not able to keep the law in function and the internal squabbles started again.
  9. Not my favorite fiction. Straight katanas, clumsy Crane courtier (if this is the best man we can send as ambassador to the Unicorn no wonder that Scorpions are controlling the courts), making marriage agreement without even mentioning the basic thing - who is marrying into which clan... As someone pointed out befor me, it seems like Unicorns arrived two decades ago, not two centuries.
  10. Chris Ostrowski and Mario Wibisono. April Lee and Drew Baker are also great. And the new artist that did Hotaru, Toturi (and probably Tsukune). I really like the style.
  11. Judging by Crane and Lion uniques (only Hotaru and Toturi from the Old timers), I believe she will be champion.
  12. We know she is 1 fate. Stats probably 0/1. And I am 99% sure her ability reads "When one or more fate is placed on this character - gain X (probably 1) honor.
  13. Lion is now complete. Somebody start testing so we can see how Crane and Lion fare against each other.
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