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  1. How I Would (you) Implement the Spiders?


    I wouldn't :). I am part of the (very) vocal members of the playerbase that find the creation, the forced acceptance and continual refusal from Alderac to man up their choices regarding the Spider to be insulting.


    I found the Lost concept incredible in the L5R, and as a Dishonor player I would have preferred from AEG to make it a more viable option instead of shoehorning the lore of a faction. Daigotsu was cool, at least before AEG decided to ruin him, because he rejected the Empire. If L5R story were a book, I would have nothing but respect for the Story Team to manage to turn this prideful samurai, completely obsessed on making his own Empire into a Deux-ex-machina that wants his son to be emperor of the "losers" side. As a CCG/RPG player though, I find insulting that AEG forced SH players for this, that AEG didn't disbanded the Clan after RftT or that the SH simply dissipated.


    So, no. I wouldn't put them in the game. They are, in my opinion (as the rest of this post), a fundamental part of the what made Emperor and beyond the worst epoch of L5R.

  2. Well, and doing that (reining the impact and/or number of Story prizes) other thinks will become more be enjoyable. I distintly remember in a couple forums and conversations the fear Onyx's Paths produced  (specially, but not only, in the Spider): "How will I choose a path if I am left to the whims of the design to actually DO something". It was a consideration: "well, I don't like this path, but it will have more potents cards to affect the storyline as my clan will be more powerful...so be it"

  3. Responding to OP:
    It's complicated. Yes and No would be my answers. (and I am sure others thinks the same and have said so)


    I liked the fact that L5R CCG shaped the story, but I liked two things about it. The dynamic it generated and the stories that built the world. It is/was/will be awesome when I am talking with someone and he/she/it tells me "Yeah, I went to a LARPG and I made XXXX famous" or "Yeah, I won a Kotei and named a province in the memory of XXX". I loved how ST played with the prizes and built compelling stories that made me care for the characters and the world.


    Sadly,by the time I stopped playing the amount of prizes produced many problems: There were SO MUCH tourneys and prizes that it got ridicolous, new gem tourneys, who marries who, who find the missing sash of Otomo XXX, etc, etc, etc. And not only the amount and scope was turned to 11, but there were SO MANY prizes that ST had to stuff as many prizes in each story. This produced what I like to call, Story Time Inflation. There were so many names, prizes and titles that they progressibly lost any kind of meaning. You couldn't be excited about getting a Champion of Bushido, because in 1 year there would reset you, and your character wouldn't even appear in any story, you would become worried whenever you won something, now you have something new to lose. And since new prizes where 'Meh', thenyou upped the scope even further!.

    Or even worse, you could be left, forgotten, in a corner of the Empire because Design can't make a mechanic that make your clan WIN a tourney.


    So yeah, I liked the fact that L5R the Card Game allowed to change the world. I disliked profoundly HOW it was implemented. For example, if you win you can put a name to the card. Or choose from a set number of personalities, or make him marry some1 of your clan, or something. The fact that NO Keeper of the Five elements were a Phoenix tells you a LOT about how broken the system was. In fact, if you want to see how bad this was, just look at the Phoenix. By no fault of their own (I personally know they do try their best to win) they haven't won an important, global tourney in recent years.  Heck, I would say since at least Diamond :s. Tying EVERYSINGLE prize to a tourney win damage the setting and the game

  4. I disagree, I find that the apex of the story was middle of Gold edition. Such delicious samurai drama, such a possible civil war outcome...aah, good times.

    Then Tsudao was killed, Daitgosu survived because of course he did, Naseru got lobotimized and neutered, Kaneka kept on existing only to die an ignoble death and Sezaru went nuts. Yeaaaah, I pass

  5. Very interesting point, but I don't think the comparison is valid.


    SW old canon had tiers. It ranged from thing Lucas himself said, passed through stories told in movies, games, comics, book, etc and ended with fan fictions. In the old Star Wars Expanded Universe (or EU for short) you story was 'canon' while it didn't enter a conflict with something told in a superior tier.

    That is, partially, the reason the EU 'survived' the Disney reset. The most important part of the old canon are maintained (the 6 movies) and everything else didn't disappear but passed to the same realm that old fan fiction occupied: It could be truth, but you will never know until either Disney say so and if something in a superior tier contradict this, then it ceases to exist.


    With Rokugan you can't do that. Everything told in the fiction is canon and it used as such in the RPG and the CCG. You don't have tiers, or a clear-and.cut point where you can say: "it will be canon up to this point", because the fictions also re-told facts of the past, or gave more insights to famous arcs. The first day of thunder was given another look, Shinsei built the Tomb of the Seven Thunders when he disappeared, the Throne exchanged hands a couple times. Heck, even a peasant revolt appeared in the past.


    I support that FFG changes the canon, not only because it's now his IP and I would like that they feel comfortable with how they want to tell the story of their Rokugan, but because I feel that the insane amount of player-decided factors actually damaged the setting. The Spider is the most flagrant offender, but the 'reset of power' necessary for the Race was even worse: ANY Rokugani with Status died because reasons prior to the event, EVERY SINGLE one. They just died, some lobotomized (Naseru, political genius, abandoned Rokugan to die in the middle of the Shadowlands, leaving the Empire without an heir...after 2 arcs trying to win and maintain the throne...), to deaths that don't even make sense (the Empress killed herself to avoid getting taking hostage...although no raider entered her sanctum and every guard actually did their job).

    A story driven by the players is cool, but when you need to constantly reset the world to make room for even more prizes, you are doing it wrong. Because of this I support a total reset of the setting, I don't care if even the Clan wars are re-told.

  6. Oh god no, no multiple face'd dices and wacky system.

    I like SW system for SW, but WHFantasy system was AWFUL, I can't imagine either of them working for the Rokugan either :s.


    I have played half a campaing using WHFantsy before we grow tired of the system, and I am currently playin a SW one. I am all in for changes in the overall system, but changing R&K for 5 different dices? No ty :s.

  7. In my head, there is no reason at all, from a ST stand point, for the continual existance of the Spider Clan after the last couple of fiction(and only because I have to gripe with He Who Should Get Everything **** of creating a pantheon for Jigoku and then making himself the God Of Jigoku...go figure). In fact, I expect a full frontal attack on them and finally, my top cause of gripe for the story will be eliminated. I haven't been silent about my opinion, I know that the Spider players are an awesome bunch. Great Clan status is BS, it was a terrible done ST lane in a god awful lane of fictions/plot of the destroyers.


    Go back to the SH, the vote showed that given the choice the majority of Spider players prefer to BE the Shadowland Horde that a great clan. 




    Hi there! :D, Gosh all I see are notable Scorpions, I wish I had won at least one kotei xD.


    Pfft, I never did better than 3-2 in any formal event. :D Kotei winners were the exception, not the rule!



    That may be, but still, I can't believe I am posting in the same topic with Kiyo/Eiji and Kwanchai 'winners' :D, also Kaze :D. Now Walbert arrive (he is/Was a Scorpion that won like, 5 or 7 of the 11 Koteis in which I participated and an incredible amount of other tourneys) or eFe (another Scorpion that won almost every prize available) I would be almost overwhelmed xD.

  9. Hi all. Unlike most of you--based on what I've seen of the discussion here so far--I don't have any experience with the L5R CCG. But I will definitely be trying out the LCG, because I am a huge fan of FFG's model. With the exception of Warhammer: Invasion, I've played them all to some extent (have dabbled in CoC, LotR, and Netrunner, used to play Star Wars and AGOT 1E seriously, currently play WH40K Conquest and will play AGOT 2E), so I know that, at the very least, I'll be trying out the L5R core when it comes out in two years.


    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on good ways to get caught up and introduced to L5R, both in terms of the game itself and the lore. I've read a bit of the wiki so far, but if there are any particularly good ways to introduce myself to the franchise, I'd love some pointers.


    I don't recommend Kaze no Shiro or get to know the CCG. The amount of story is, to put it simple, overwhelming. Story Team (short-called ST) did their best during a sustancial part of the 20-years to give life to Rokugan. As for the CCG, well, it will drop into a 2-year hiatus so I can't possible recommend it.

    My first recommendation would be: focus small first, then get to know the rest. To get to the current L5R in lore I would recommend to check the profiles of the Great Clans: Crab, Crane, Dragon, Lion, Scorpion, Mantis, Phoenix, Unicorn and Spider. What they represent and the role they play has not changed since their inception so I would first check those up: The Great Clans.


    With a somewhat of an idea of which Clans might interest you I would recommend the second step depending on what you want to get:

    - CCG rules: The CCG had some great ideas to make each Clan/faction feel distintive from the rest. One problem with this approach, though, is that is really hard for starters to learn it from scratch so, now that you have some clan(s) to focus you can begin studying the general rules and the specific rules. For this, I would recommend heading to your local store and asking for help, L5R community is, almost to a fault, really nice and if you show some interest they would help you out. If that is not possible, this is the PDF with the rules and a couple of sites and resources to be able to build decks, for example: Oracle of the Void, L5RSeach.com or http://www.eggofpanku.net. My recommendation is to seek help in the flesh, the CCG was approaching the last expansion so the pool of possible cards and mechanics could be easily overwhelm you.

    - RPG rules: The have been 4 editions of the game in the L5R life. The beloved Roll and Keep system (R&K) has accompanied all the editions (a system in which you roll X keep Y dices. Roll X d10 dices and only keep the result from Y), during second edition the IP was owned by WoTC so it also used d20 (as in: every clan has classes for its bushi...but also has 'schools' for the R&K system, really confusing). There is only one book missing print for the 4th Editon, Atlas of Rokugan, and 4th is regarded as one of the finest versions of the R&K so I would recommend starting with the 4th edition L5R Core, is a beatiful book, quick to read, with timeline and explanation of Rokugan and each clan, plus all that you need to play.

    - Only lore: Well, for starters my first recommendation would be read the setting sections of 4th edition RPG core and First edition Core plus Way of 'The clan you liked' plus Secrets of 'The clan you liked'. Then move to the rest of the Way, and Secrets, then move to Clan forums (The links to the Home of each clan is at the end of the explanation of each Great Clan) and ask for nice stories in the fiction. THEN, go to Kaze no Shiro.

  10. Name: César Campos


    Where are you from, tell us about your playgroup?:

    I am from Santiago, Chile. My playgroup for the CCG was friends and students from the university in which I studied. My current group of RPG consist of pretty much the same friends.


    How did you hear about or get involved in L5R?

    Back when I was studying in the university I was part of an old student group that organized RPG events, tabletop games presentation and/or CCG tourneys. It was in such an event (think DragonCon but a LOT smaller) that a group from the local store where giving away starter decks (I now know that they were giving Gold edition starter 2-month prior to the release of Diamond edition). There, when I got to the front of the looong lane I listened to the quick explanation of the world and finally asked: "Which clan has cool ninjas" (I know, I know, but I was really young back then xD). 

    That was the start of my relation with Rokugan, I later delved into the RPG (my group, which at the time was almost 8 year olds, periodically donated pen-and-paper original manuals to the common library of the University) and haven't stopped playing one or the other for 11 years.


    Did you/Do you consider yourself a clan loyalist?

    Absolutely. Scorpion to the core. My fascination with ninjas lasted up until I read the L5R RPG and the Scorpion dedicated source-book. By the end of it I had been converted almost completely to magistrates, bushis and shugenjas.


    What did you like about or what drew you to your clan of choice?

    To be honest, ninjas. Then, when I actually read the setting, the whole story behind the clan was what got me into the clan for real: the necessity for someone to take the honor-hit and do what had to be done. Not the 'I die for you all, remember me' kind of hit, but the 'I will take the bullet and you will not know how close you were to die'. The tragic life of Shoju, the duty displayed by all the heroes of the Scorpion and the grim determination that the glory is for the arrogant, the Scorpion just get the job done.


    What was your first L5R tournament experience?

    It was both awesome, fun and sad. The L5R CCG community is awesome, btw, I participated in my first kotei with a deck of 80% cards bought by my. The rest were obtained from other Scorpions, Dragons and my own friends (Unicorn, Crane, Phoenix and Crab players). It was awesome (I was playing with a mix of bushi and ninjas) but I got elected for a random deck-check and sadly I had a miss-written a card. That left my deck invalid and thus I got disqualified :(.


    Favorite story or quote from the fiction? Why?

    Almost all the stories in Way of the Scorpion. From the story of the two scorpion lovers that preferred to die by each other sword during a duel than to be married to others to how a Crane was duped into seppuku after falling to take a city. The definitive story that marked me and finally pushed over the edge of the cliff, though, is Winter. In it, a Scorpion damnyo manage to force all the Clan damnyos to test just how loyal their samurai are. For this, they will issue a single command to one of their own bodyguards and the ones that refuse or doubt the order will be disqualified:

    "Which command will it be?" - the writer ask to the Scorpion damnyo, Bayushi Ujiro.
    "I will show it with my own - he responded.
    The first, thus, is the Scorpion, Bayushi Shunsen is the elected bodyguard and he sits in from of his lord while he waits for the command.
    "Shunsen", Ujiro said.
    "My Lord?"
    "Kill me"
    The Scorpion did not pause. "Yes, my lord". The damnyo's blood splattered all over the place. Then without a pause and before the damnyos body fell, Shunsen fell to his knees, dropped his katana, drew his wakizashi and killed himself with it. (For he has just killed his lord and the only possible outcome for it was for him to seppukku).

    PURE WIN! :D.


    Favorite character? Why?

    Shunsen and Ujiro of course, also Soshi Saikaban (founder of the Emerald magistrates). Kachiko, Shoju and Aramaro, Eiji and Kiyo, Sunetra, Yojiro, Paneki, Miyako and his awesome son Bayushi Nitoshi. The reasons are that each and every single one of the represent something of the Scorpion that got my loyalty. They are ruthless and caring, loyal and traitors, pragmatics and idealistic. A really weird description but what I like of Rokugan is the samurai-drama, how this human beings worst enemies are their own insecurities and how they manage to accomplish their duty.


    Best memory or experience you had playing L5R or because of L5R.

    The whole preparation during the Race for the Throne meta-game. Not so much how it ended, or how AEG managed it, but the idea was neat and I really enjoyed trying my best to win it (although AEG didn't really liked that the one clan got that much of an advantage so quickly).


    Favorite deck that you built or played and why.

    The Live-a-court deck. I played, just to win points for the Scorpion, with a deck that told an story. I wrote a fan fic about how a imperial was killed during a winter court and how the whole case was built. I, also, upped the difficulty and tried to build 10 scenes with it, forcing certain conditions (for example, I destroyed my own personality when I had in the board a combination of personalities to shown the 'assassination scene' ). So, in each match, I tried to explain my moves 'And, of course, the magistrate assigned blames Doji no-name(I bow and dishonor my own personality), then he commit seppukku to clean his shame'.
    I got stomped(of course), laughed at and I even forced an study of rules to avoid such decks in the future but I had an incredible time.


    Favorite Arc and why.

    Samurai. I started with Diamond and by the time Samurai was on I had already embraced the design. I studied decks and built graphs of gold economy trying to improve my gold curve.


    Favorite Tournament experiences

    Two awesome experiences. My first out-of-the-country tourney Rosario, Argentina, playerbase was awesome(the Argentinean community in general), a prime example of just how the game core functioned across borders. I ate asado, I crashed someone house to sleep and I even got a tour by the city...by perfect strangers who all that knew about my was that I played Scorpion. 
    And a custom tourney in which we played atop a map of Rokugan and each player (only 4 per clan) controlled an army. Battles were resolved by playing matches in blocks of 40 minutes with any and all allied forces that came to the same spot.

  11. I fondly remember the start of the Race for the Throne. I will not dwell in how in ended, but back when it started I was one of the most vocal of players in the Scorpion forums about it.

    I vividly remember taking part in any and all activies I could muster, just to remember some examples:

    - I bought the airplane tickets for the Top Scorpion player of my country to go to Brazil to play.

    - I folded like 100 mini origami scorpions. *

    - My girlfriend (now wife) and I flew to Argentina to play a Kotei and win a couple of points.

    - Creating an account in everysingle clan forum to check for possible alliances and/or oportunities and checking them daily.

    - Trying (unsucesfully) to form an alliance with the Unicorn and Phoenix players.

    - Trying (unsucesfully) to form an alliance with the Crab players.

    - Helping our Dragon allies to rally and participate in the Race (just at the Start, they got to their feet quick enough).


    Special mention too for the first time I flew to another country to play. The Rosario L5R community was awesome :).


    * I saved the picture of all the Origami sent to AEG :D


  12.   In the end, this is the card that guy made because of the tournament. attachicon.gifshowimage.jpg


    In another twist, since I was playing corrupt, Rich Wulf, had her husband Soshi Eiji betray the scorpion, but he ultimately died redeeming his name with the clan.  


    Thanks for listening.


    With Love,




    Are you kidding me? YOU are the player I have to thanks for that sweet piece of work :o. My longest living PC in a L5R campaing was BASED on Eiji :o


    Awesome, both of you (Mr Wulf and you) have my thanks :).

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