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  1. During the 1000 Years of Darkness when we could have 20 or so Characters on the table we did not have that hard of a time keepin track of actions taken or not taken. Another option I have used instead of tokens is that you move people to the left or the right of the game board.
  2. You can attach an attachment to any Character as long as they meet the requirements. Can only attach to a Bushi, attach to a Shugenja for example.
  3. They also had Bounties where Clans, or members of a Clan, would put up money to have the best players play their Clan for a Season, or a Tourney etc...
  4. Keeper of ________ : trigger after you win a Elemental Conflict. So I would guess that a Ring with multiple Elements would trigger off of this because you are winning that Conflict. But the Keeper and Seeker Initiates trigger when you Claim a Ring that matches your Seeker/Keeper Role. I would guess no, your Inititates would not trigger because you are not Claiming a Ring of your chosen Role.
  5. I remember the dark days of AGOT and Call of Cthulu where they had 40 Card Boosters, where you got 3 copies of 10 cards, and 1 copy of the other 10 cards. So if you wanted a play set of a single card, you would have to buy 3 of the 40 Card Boosters, and now you had 60 Dead Cards that you did not need.
  6. http://www.cardgamedb.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37000-akodo-toturi-and-resolving-rings-at-defense/
  7. I like the War of Honour approach to the Multiplayer. A few thoughts: 1. Honour bidding, every player bids as normal. Reveal Dials and Draw Cards as normal. Then starting with Players 1~2 compare dials and adjust honour, then players 2~3 do the same, then 3~4 etc... Not sure how that will actually work in game play, just an idea. 2. Enlightenment Victory (War of Honour Path): at end of turn calculate who has captured the most amount of rings that turn, and they move up the track. In case of a tie I think everyone moved up who tied.
  8. Plot Twist: Seeker vs. Keeper is actually Pan'ku vs. Fudo
  9. Seeker/Keeper Cards and Winter Court have the opportunity to offer mini rotations or shake ups in the environment. Normally in Netrunner they had to wait for the 6th Cycle to either release or be complete, I cannot remember before the first 2 Cycles rotate out. This is the same for Star Wars and I believe Game of Thrones 2.0. Now with every year your Role will be changing, and potentially the Seeker/Keeper portion will change as well that not only restricts what cards you get, but also adds what cards you can take as well. Also including Provinces and out of Clan Cards as well. This is no different really than when Old5R changed from Samurai to Celestial, or Celestial to Emperor , etc... etc... Oh no I cannot use my old Stronghold, I will now have to use a new one. I actually welcome this change up every year because it can help the competitive scene get less stale, and will help lower the potential for Power Creep. (which I sort of saw when I played Netrunner)
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