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  1. My wife is my main opponent as well, so I can speak to this. It is not, generally, much of a problem - but it does come up on some occasions. We coordinate our main and splash clans so there's no overlap on those points. That eliminates a lot of possible problems right there. There was one point where we both wanted to do a Crab splash, which might or might not have worked out, but I just switched my splash to avoid any problems. We do have to share the same pool of neutral cards. With just the three cores, we did occasionally have to argue over cards (and I almost always lost those arguments...) Even with just the Imperial cycle done, that happens a lot more rarely - a combination of more clan and neutral cards to deal with. So, if you're buying in with everything, I suspect you'll be fine. If you decide to start with a few core sets to try out the game, you might have a few problems with your neutral cards, but it's still manageable. I would advise coordinating on your clans and trying not to have any overlap, though. Trying to build with the same splash clan probably would still cause some problems.
  2. Haven't started this yet, but it does bring up a question? How do you all choose basic weaknesses? Do you use them from all the sets you possess (in which case the odds of getting Doomed are getting progressively lower) or some other system. We were thinking of choosing from Forgotten Age + Core Set weaknesses only, but haven't actually decided yet.
  3. Come come now. Let's go full dragon - make it unnecessarily complicated and hard to use.. Dragon Sword +2/+2 If the sum of the printed costs of all characters on the board is even, attached character gains +1 MIL unless the attached character's printed cost is also even. If the sum of the printed costs of all characters on the board is odd, attached characters gains +1 POL unless the attached character's printed cost is also odd. If attached to a Champion: Action: Challenge an opposing character with equal or higher glory to your choice of a MIL or POL duel, ignoring honored or dishonored status. Dishonor the loser.
  4. Many other cultures have been mentioned in fictions. I don't know any details of the sale, and what FFG owns or doesn't. Still, my advice is to stay away from other cultures. The isolation of Rokugan is part of who they are. The eternal backbiting and fighting within the clans is exacerbated by the lack of an external enemy (which is why AEG's regular outside enemy attacks fictions wound up damaging the world, aside from being repetitive.) The Shadowlands is still there, but they're not such an overt threat most of the time - unless you're a Crab, of course The old AEG line worked really well, where Rokugan knew gaijin cultures existed. They'd fought them, and won, centuries ago, thus proving their inevitable and obvious superiority, and now they'd just put them out of their minds and never concern themselves with them again. And then the bloody Unicorn had to come back and spoil all that - unforgivable, really.
  5. You're a bit off on the timeline there. The Scorpion Clan Coup was pre-Clan Wars, and led to the Scorpion being simply destroyed. A few scattered members survived and did their thing - Kachiko as Imperial Consort, Aramoro as her servant, and a few others. During Hidden Emperor, after Clan War, with Toturi on the throne, Toturi vanished and the Scorpion were blamed. At this point, they were disbanded again, and this time they went into exile in the Burning Sands. It was a bit too much of a repeat of the setup for Clan Wars, and didn't prove to be one of their best stories, despite leaving us with several very memorable moments.
  6. agarrett

    Heart of the Elders

    Sorry for the digression, but does anyone know what stories this one is based on? I've read a lot of the reference materials for the other campaigns while I was in the middle of them, and found that I missed the reasons behind a lot of the cards, so I wanted to get ahead of the ball this time around. Thanks.
  7. agarrett

    Circuitous Trail questions/ideas

    It's Ichtaca from the preview who confuses me. If you use the ability and succeed, it says you convince her you're not an enemy and place a clue on her. But she doesn't become aloof or go away, as far as I can tell, so it looks like she's still engaged with you and would attack. As of now, I don't see the point of that ability - unless of course the scenario rules cover her specifically, and maybe define what 'convince her you're not an enemy' means.
  8. agarrett

    Looking for players Baltimore Md

    Titan Games and Hobbies has been trying to get this game going. It was going well briefly, but they can't seem to get the OP kit. Still, if you show up on Monday or Tuesday (I forget which is their FFG night) you can probably get in a game. And hopefully with the new release they'll be able to get things moving again.
  9. agarrett

    Elemental Cycle begins

    I'm on the 'six in six again?' pack here. Why? Third quarter also stands out. So we have about 9 months from Imperial to Elemental, with 1 clan pack in between. Is there some problem at FFG? This is starting to feel like there's some problem going on.
  10. agarrett

    Repentance Does Not Come First

    My recollection is that AEG offered different explanations at different times and in different stories. To me, this created the impression that the answer wasn't known to the samurai (maybe not known to the writers either ) In any event, that was the type of ambiguity I liked - things that the characters in story didn't know, and we as readers didn't know either. So each time, we would be introduced to the point of view of whoever was doing the story - and each time, in fitting with a samurai story, the answer was presented as definitively correct.
  11. agarrett

    Fu Leng's Name

    My Japanese is way out of practice, and I'm also willing to concede that there may be regional variations in pronunciation, but that pronunciation is not (always) what I would hear. Assuming you're giving the name alone, I think it would be closer to Go-ts (or Goats, but with a glottal stop at the end for the swallowed 'u'). However, in a sentence, followed by a word with a voiced consonant (anything but t, s, or k), I would agree with your substitution. I lived a bit north of Tokyo at the time, and I don't know enough about regional dialects to know how different their pronunciation was, but swallowing i's or u's at the end of a word or between voiceless consonants was very strong in that area.
  12. agarrett

    Togashi Tadakatsu explanation?

    I'm sorry, but I have to agree with psychie. His text does make following the rules impossible. The pieces -- Tadakatsu: "This choice is made before conflict type, attacking characters, and the attacked province are chosen. " RRG: "Each of the above items are considered to be performed simultaneously." You cannot do things both simultaneously and before. Now, how much follows from this is not determined, but at the least, Tadakatsu is introducing an order to this, and overrides the default rules that all these choices are considered to be made at the same time.
  13. My wife and I did much the same thing going from Core to Path to Carcosa. The first few scenarios felt very hard, because our card pool was so limited. There are at least a few cards in Dunwich Legacy that feel like they should have been staples, but they didn't have enough room in the core set - this is especially so for the seekers, but generally true throughout. However, by the time we were about halfway through Path, we were feeling better about our card selections. Because we started with so few cards available and were getting the new packs as we went, we allowed ourselves one free level-0 card per scenario with no xp cost. So, not strictly by the book, but it made it easier to upgrade our decks as we got new cards in. There are still some nifty cards in the Dunwich cycle, and I may yet fill them in some time, but I no longer feel like I'm unable to build good decks. Oh, and don't even think about playing on hard or expert - stick with standard or even easy. No guarantee that Forgotten Age will follow the same pattern, but it's still the way I'd bet...
  14. agarrett

    Novella Speculation

    Unless it's an all-seeker campaign
  15. Fair enough. BUT... Designers using feedback from numerous fans/playtesters and sorting through for good ideas > good idea. Potato, potahto.