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  1. I'm sorry, but has there been official errata. I see the stuff of cardgamedb, but a designer email may or may not be treated as official in a tournament. Has FFG put something up that shows official errata yet? I hope so, but hadn't seen it - you're post makes me hopeful it's around somewhere...
  2. Toku. That's all.
  3. Played a bit more yesterday, and a few more interactions came up that we came to quick agreement on, but weren't entirely sure: Yokuni + Cloud the Mind: Yokuni had already copied another character's ability. After that, my opponent Clouded Yokuni's mind (and I didn't have a let go in hand.) Can Yokuni still use the ability he copied? We went with yes, because Cloud blanks his printed text box, and the ability he copied was not printed on him. The obvious counter is that what's printed on him lets him use that ability. Gifted Tactician + ?: Sorry, forget the card that was played on the tactician, something that stopped him from taking actions until the end of the conflict. His reaction gives him a card after winning a conflict. So, do you win the conflict before or after the conflict ends? We basically flipped a coin for that one.
  4. I'd tend to agree, except... We just did this locally with Hotaru and Toturi, assuming that there would be errata forthcoming so they'd work on the defense. Seemed a natural enough call, but at this point I'd switch that and bet against errata on them - just because enough time and tournaments have passed without it. That experience would make me hesitate to do the same with Pit Trap. Still, if I'm playing casually (which I usually am) and was against a Crab player who asked to play it that way before the match, I'd easily go along. If it came up in the middle of the match, I'd probably explain how the rules work, the whole bit with Toturi and Hotaru - and then play it as my opponent expects it to work anyway
  5. Would you please clarify this ring of the void problem? You've mentioned it before, and I still don't see the difference between them. On the card, the word 'may' is incorporated in the text, while in the rules reference it is omitted - but the top of the ring effects says that the attacker 'may' use these abilities. So I'm at a loss as to what functional difference you're referring to.
  6. Two questions came up in a recent game where we were reasonably sure on the answers, but enough doubt that I wanted to ask in here. 1. Court Games and Finger of Jade. My opponent played court games, and I had to choose a character to dishonor or bow. I had a character in play with Finger of Jade. I did not think I could use the finger of jade to cancel the card, because my opponent didn't target that character as a cost of the action, instead he had me choose the target. Correct, or could I have targeted that character and cancelled the action? 2. Display of Power and Keeper of X: My opponent attacked me, I didn't defend - also didn't lose the province, and then played Display of Power to claim the ring. I do not think I get the fate for the Keeper's reaction. I didn't win the conflict, just claimed the ring. On the other hand, I did claim the ring, so could put a Keeper Initiate into play. Both correct? Thanks for any help.
  7. I was at PAX, and my experience was not the same as yours. We did have to call the judge over for a ruling in one of my games, and the ruling went against me. When I looked it up after the game, I found out I was wrong and the ruling was right (my opponent was gracious throughout, both in calling over the judge and accepting my apologies when I found out for sure I was wrong.) I didn't hear other complaints about the judging while at the tournament, but must concede I'm not a high caliber player, didn't expect to win, and was mostly chatting with people who were in roughly the same boat. From your specific points: b. I understand Nate's answer, and think that's the better way to play it. However, it's not supported by the rules. Until FFG changes the rules reference or puts up a page of official rulings, I think Cascade made the right call. c. I had to look at the difference between the reference card and rules reference for Ring of the Void. The only difference I could see was that the card had the word 'may.' But the rules reference makes resolving the ring effects for the attacker optional anyway, so I'm not sure I see the difference here. Could you explain the problem? For the others, I think you've got good points. Hopefully they can improve as they move forward. I got a survey from PAX looking for ways to improve the convention, but haven't gotten anything similar (yet) from FFG or Cascade. I hope they send something like that out, and please add your complaints if they do. Personally I had a great time, but my goal was to win at least one game and just have fun (and I succeeded in both.) Being far less competitive, this wouldn't have had a big affect on me. I hope you still managed to have fun despite the problems. On the chant, I'm with you on preferring Banzai, but not so much on claiming the new chant is Nazi-inspired. Come on, the way to answer an overreaction is not with a counter-overreaction. I was moderately pleased to see the Banzai cheer after the official one, and both were mercifully short. My biggest complaint with the ceremony was actually introducing the hatamotos. I thought that was supposed to be a bigger deal, and instead they were just asked to stand up. Well, it took so long to get organized maybe anything else would have been a worse delay. I just had hoped to see a bit more ceremony around them.
  8. They led the new, 'For Rokugan' chant, and people went along with it. There was a short, but pretty much equally loud Banzai chant afterwards, and the organizers proclaimed we weren't doing that, and it died down pretty quickly. Then everyone got into the game and the whole thing was forgotten.
  9. Yokuni's does. (If he's copying Kachiko's ability.) (Sorry, just kidding around there...)
  10. You're not stuck in the past. In fact. I think you got it exactly right - there's more than one strategy. If you're trying to put dishonor pressure on your opponent, you're probably not bidding too high and can use your deck to put lots of pressure on. Your stronghold ability will only be useful early game in that case. On the other hand, you can go the other way (or switch midstream) and start pulling cards and breaking provinces politically. In that case, especially if you're spending honor, you can use your stronghold to recoup it.
  11. The problem is that the big picture is made up of details... I played Thrones also, and I know there were complaints about the Lannisters being too powerful and then getting an early deluxe box. However, whenever we tried drilling into it, the problem was that the Lannisters were powerful before their deluxe box, and stayed that way afterwards. The deluxe box itself had little to do with it. I actually thought FFG did a very good job with the deluxes in Thrones, and hope they do as well with L5R. I found they didn't make the recipient clan too powerful, they were very well balanced. Instead, they provided a better jumping on point for new players, who could get the deluxe pack of their choice rather than 3 cores to start playing. Now, that was an impact. After a deluxe box was released, we tended to see more players of that faction - wouldn't surprise me in the least if the same thing happened here. But, at least while I was playing, the deluxe boxes themselves didn't seem to be a problem. Again, Lannisters are the usual counter-example, but the problem there was pre-existing, and the deluxe box didn't fix it either. As to your Hearthstone example, I expect that goes better to the monthly expansion packs (or weekly for a few more weeks.) In those, they do seem to try to give each clan about the same. At the moment they're expanding on themes rather than introducing new ones, but that's expected for such a new game.
  12. For Dragon, at least, it also combos with the stronghold, and we can fetch, if necessary, with the swordsmith. I'm with you in still considering it marginal at best, but still better for Dragon than most other clans. Maybe with more stuff that keys off monk...
  13. That is an excellent point I hadn't really considered. At this point, I was just assuming the difference between this situation, and moving the stronghold was the difference between updating the rules reference and issuing card errata. But the fact that Crane and Lion are already very strong in the current environment is an argument that they don't need fixing. Drat.
  14. I was expecting an errata earlier, but since Worlds has passed and still nothing - probably time to give up the hope on that one. FFG hasn't put a page together for errata yet, so I suppose you can hold out hope that once they do, Hotaru and Toturi will be on it, but I suspect they'd have done so already if they were going to do so at all. Lion and Crane need to look to their new 5-costers, I guess.
  15. It's just speculation, as you say, but I hope that's not the case. I want FFG to keep the clans as reasonably balanced as they can, but that level of mirroring strikes me as too much. The clans are different, and some should interact with the favor more than others. That each clan is getting an imperial magistrate works great, and it doesn't bother me that some get more than others. Each clan getting a new 5-coster is a good way to boost the environment. And yes, within error each clan should get roughly the same number of cards over the cycle (+/- 1). But that's enough mirroring for me. Assuming, of course, that they continue to try to keep the clans reasonably balanced - perfection is too much to hope for, but they started well, with only 1 clan well behind the curve.