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  1. there is a series of modules that are/were fan created (heroes of rokugan). you can google that and find a good starting point for playing. there are restrictions to some parts of the rules but those are laid out for you. there are also play by post sites out there as well. there is the l5r fb page as well. and there is an online HoR3 online gaming group on facebook as well.
  2. or as more of a group mechanic, the geisha could make raises to give the group a "pool" of free raises that anyone who attends the performance can use. Rank 1: Parlor Tricks- The geisha may call raises on any roll used to entertain others (GM approval) to better the mood of those in the audience, the geisha may only make a number of rolls per evening equal to their insight rank. For each two raises called on the roll the group gains one free raise that may be used by anyone in attendance of the entertainment. These free raises remain available till the next sunrise.
  3. probably more of a modern way of thinking about it. but defense would give them the ability to fend off drunken advances without actually attacking anyone (that was the intent anyway). What on earth would you give them instead?
  4. Quick write up that came to mind: Geisha (Alternate Path) entry: any Rank 1 non-samurai Status: 0 Glory: 1 Honor: 2 Skills: Defense, Etiquette (Conversation), Perform (any), Sincerity, Temptation, any 1 skill Technique: Gain choice of Sensation, Voice, or Soul of Artistry Gain Social Disadvantage: Geisha You may add your Glory rank to any roll for entertainment purposes (GM approval).
  5. kinzen (I think???) had a chart with different levels of rings/skills (there was a power build, a balanced build, and a skill build) that corresponded with middle of the level insight points for each rank starting at second. It basically said you have this many rings at this much and this many skills at this much. there were no points to buy "non-insight" items (advantages, kata, etc.), so I came up with some on my own. it also followed along with kinzen's idea that school skills should be important to the character and their rank needed to be as high as their next rank to obtain the next technique (or something close to that). I really like it. It helps mainly with NPCs creation and does decent as a starting point for PCs for me.
  6. How would a tattoo that gives him some form of the crystal quality fit in your game?
  7. I assume there will be an RPG forum at some point (soon hopefully). I need some place to ask all my asinine questions.
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