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  1. Silas can do this infinitely, too, with Resourceful. Use Eucatastrophe to get elder sign, grab Resourceful from discard and add to the skill test. Return both cards to hand.
  2. I used 39 exp Rita to beat Guardians of the Abyss for the first time. That's after destroying FA with her. She is possibly one of the strongest investigators, imo. From the earlier presented top 6 list, 4 of them were survivors (Lola is a survivor acting like a neutral) and so I wonder if survivors just get a bad rap. I will admit, Calvin is the only investigator I've actively felt like a detriment to the team while playing, and I've beaten every campaign with a different Lola deck. Lola works when your team squirrels at the shiny during investigator pick and without strategizing. Lola and Jenny are both really good "fill or feed" types. So my vote is Calvin, an investigator I was constantly apologizing for.
  3. A recent deck on Arkhamdb uses Ancient Stone (damage when you draw cards) and Drawing Thin (to draw cards) to kill enemies before the token pull of a fight or evade action. Still seems pretty broken from here.
  4. Casual play does means that. However, you have inferred something from my reductio ad absurdum that I did not imply. I insult no one who plays this game. Play the game as strictly or as loosely as pleases you and your friends. In casual play, printing the errata on a slip of paper and cramming it in the sleeve seems sufficient, as another poster mentioned. In a tournament setting, please know all the rules and errata so that some sleeves are not thicker.
  5. I'm probably asking for trouble, but... why? Casual play means we can play as printed, draw on the cards with crayons, throw in some YuGiOh trap cards, and drink shots whenever we win a Water conflict. I'm not sure what the "stakes" are that errata needs to be followed.
  6. I wouldn't be okay with this, as a victim of opponents cheating in the past. In the higher levels of Old5R competitive play, essentially everyone knew the errata, but I'd bring a sheet with the errata printed just in case a newer player or a judge needed to see them and for some reason couldn't access the info themselves. It was never necessary. I'm not sure why all the hubbub from some folks. Casual play doesn't care. Competitive play should know the rules and the rules changes. Updated/Alt Art card would be neat, but they might wait and see if the changes are actually any good, since they might change them again or revert the changes. With alt printings floating around, that's when true confusion would set in.
  7. Hi, I'm Wendy and I like to discard cards to redraw tokens. If I use Drawing Thin, I get to draw a card and can immediately discard it if my token pull isn't favorable. That might turn a 60% chance of success into an 84% chance, but if I succeed on my first pull, I get to keep the card.
  8. Or, Hi, I'm Jenny Barnes and I have Streetwise in play. I can use Drawing Thin to gain resources and immediately spend them on Streetwise, generating a +1 bonus out of thin air. Hi, I'm Rex Murphy. I used 2 copies of Drawing Thin on this investigation to gain 4 resources. I then spend all 4 resources to get a +8 bonus to this skill check from my Higher Education. I'll think of more.
  9. Well, just one of many potential examples - My Rita deck had 7 Agility between Peter and Track Shoes. I play Will to Survive so I don't draw tokens. I use Drawing Thin on my Track Shoes reaction to generate 2 resources from Drawing Thin on a double move action without drawing a token. Also, I threw Resourceful into that "skill test" to get my Will to Survive back. At the end of the turn, I've generated 3 Resources, which enough to repeat the process. True Survivor recoups combo... it's not like I'm short on cash.
  10. The Restoration of Balance design reminds me of Endless Plains. But imagine that Endless Plains didn't destroy itself. Some games it kills Shiba Bob the scout that was bought just for that purpose, some games it kills Hida Kisada with 3 fate, essentially winning the game. Then it's still there, waiting to be broken. That's how Restoration of Balance feels to me. Sometimes, no matter how well a deck is designed, the optimal play demands putting 3 fate on Kisada and rolling the dice on Endless Plains. Sometimes, no matter how well a deck is designed, the optimal play demands bidding 5 and rolling the dice on Restoration of Balance. In either situation, it feels bad to play optimally given the situation at hand and then get punished because of bad luck. I mean, the errata could have had Resto breaking itself to do it's original thing and I would have still been happy.
  11. This just seems like "last word"-smanship to me. I feel like someone could lay a trap by agreeing with your position in subtly incorrect way and you'd still try and argue with them, just to have the last word and be most rightest. So let's test it: My playgroup contains people of various skill and experience, some of which would be absolutely thrilled to even learn that Machete or Rex or Higher Education are as good as they are, let alone become bored of them. Our struggle is typically not about over powered combos, but about how to not to spoil the scenarios for the newer players. In essence, I agree that my playgroup will not be implementing the Taboo list, or if we do, it will be on an individual basis. Drawing Thin is more frightening than everything on the list and is currently in every deck but mine in our current campaign, and that's only because my current investigator can't run it.
  12. I mean, maybe I'm misinterpreting the tone here, but, it sounds like these totally optional rules that were introduced to essentially change default settings aren't for your playgroup in that case.
  13. Exciting stuff. I can't wait to see if those new Scenario 4 acts interact with a certain decision from Scenario 3 in a meaningful way. This announcement also seems to verify the Arc/Return to release schedule. If so, then we'll get Arc 5 followed by RttFA, then Arc 6 and RttCU, and so on.
  14. So, yeah, Drawing Thin. I subbed it in my Rita deck for the last two scenarios of FA. With Will to Survive, Resourceful, and True Survivor, it made the game simple. I didn't even get all the combo pieces at once, but it was Enough for several broken turns every game. Did they playtest Drawing Thin sufficiently? I think it needs changes.
  15. We did a thought experiment on these forums trying to maximize the # of actions in one turn. People have mentioned the major takeaways, which I summarize here: Police Badge Double or Nothing/Quick Thinking combo Ace in the Hole .41 Derringer (2) Fast cards It really ramps up when your friends are contributing their own Police Badge(s). Borrowed Time and Guidance are net zero action cards but can create a bursty turn of many actions for one investigator. Gold Pocket Watch to skip Mythos Phase sorta gives everyone another 3 actions and resets Skids' OPT ability, so that is probably the wisest use, but directly repeating the Investigator Phase is also an option.
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