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  1. I think exile cards get a bad rep. If someone buys a 1 exp exile card 5 times during a campaign, then that's a 5 exp card, just with the upfront cost spread out. Individually, they are also seriously under priced for Standalone situations. Standalone Survivors can have a frightening amount of power in their decks. And those exile cards are Very Strong. These cards I would pay 5 exp upfront for in any Survivor deck (and I do put them in my decks): A Test of Will is more powerful than a 5 dot Ward of Protection and available Scenario 2. Sign me up. Flare gets free allies or totally nukes an enemy. (Maybe not nukes for Wendy, but free Leo de Lucas...) This card is probably why there are no Guardian 0-5/Survivor 0-2 investigators yet, and I bet that if one does show up, they will have ally restrictions. Still, let your Guardian friend get some Agency Backup and then Wendy can still steal it for 1 exp. Many Guardians saturate their deck with allies, including Yorick, so this hits quite often. Catch 'em all. These cards are used less and would commensurately have less exp spent on them: Devil's Luck stops a ridiculous amount of damage. (Dunwich treachery, anyone?) Calvin decks are also drooling. Stroke of Luck is an optional auto-success on any skill test. I mean... Why would playing this ever feel bad? Silas would probably upgrade this card to the "every game every time I need to exile it" list. For him, this card is a super-duper Lucky!. I don't own Silas, but I bet he has, uh, Nautical dreams about this card. This card is kinda trash, but might get played once or twice a campaign? I've never seen a situation I'd want it: Fire Extinguisher... because it's an asset. The second ability would be pretty good if the thing didn't to be in play first.
  2. Iuchi Toshimo

    Guardians of the Abyss

    Our Mark/Daisy pairing got totally smashed in both scenarios. We inserted Guardians in between Where Doom Awaits and Lost in Time and Space, so the investigators were no spring chickens. Daisy had the worst luck - pulling the autofail on her Deciphered Realities and having one of her Old Book of Lore draws show 3 weaknesses, then drawing a second weakness right after the shuffle. She also had to discard cards from her hand regularly due to encounter cards and spent most of the game staring at her Higher Education and wondering why college didn't prepare her for this. At least we got to farm a few VP and were able to pick our trauma type.
  3. Iuchi Toshimo

    Arkham Soundtrack?

    It's probably not for everybody, but we listen to Deadmau5 as we play Arkham. One of his albums has a song called R'lyeh's Lament. I think the album is called While 1<2.
  4. Does the fire expansion symbol on those promos give anything away?
  5. Iuchi Toshimo

    Solo campaign using Jenny.

    *sigh* I was so looking forward to your solo Jenny FA report for the Tomb Raider analog because I've always wanted to try that and yet never have the time to play a solo campaign. I was going to live vicariously. QQ
  6. Iuchi Toshimo

    The Deep Gate literally unreadable!

    Fun with English: center embedding edition! The rat ate the malt. The rat the cat killed ate the malt The rat the cat the dog chased killed ate the malt. Perfect grammar, yet harder to read than an plurality oversight.
  7. Iuchi Toshimo

    Amnesia when Drawing Multiple Cards

    The thing I'd lean on is the Grim Rule. If we disagree on this timing, then which is worse for the player? I suppose sometimes it would be the "Safe" option that would be worse, like when drawing Amnesia, Dark Pact, and Agnes' Dark Memory all at the same time while having the upcoming Tarot basic weakness already in your hand. Three safe cards and Fun Times await.
  8. Iuchi Toshimo

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/12/21/money-talks/ Joe Diamond seeker Preston Fairmont rogue All the investigators in this set look like a blast. I eagerly await the chance to try them.
  9. Iuchi Toshimo

    Are Relics a trap option for Ursula?

    I don't think they are traps, but many of the non-Seeker, non-Neutral options are sub par. Considering only those options: Charon's Obol , Grotesque Statue, and The Gold Pocket Watch can be quite good. Early Charon's can actually help her afford the Watch. The various necklaces from Mystic and Rogue each have their uses in specific decks, but are they better than the Seeker/Neutral options? Like what was said previously, Relic Hunter is actually pretty interesting to try in Ursula. I could see a Jewel of Aurelius/Lucky Dice redraw combo or something. Get 2 resources from the Jewel and spend them to redraw with Dice. Not certain how useful that would be though. I'm not sure Spirit Athame finds a place in Ursula unless you're all-in on an Ancient Glyphs clue vacuum strategy. The extra fight probably won't help her, but 1 exp to boost a fairly powerful spell might be worth it depending on her hand slots. On the other hand, having a dagger but no spell is a feel bad moment. I find Chthonian Stone immensely overrated since it can leave play as early as your next skill test (making it unreliable) and only locks special tokens instead of, say, a -5 token, which can actually make planning skill tests harder in many scenarios. Sure, sometimes it takes out a big minus, but mostly I felt like playing it actually increased the odds for failure and it sat in my hand most of the time. I can see in used in combination with Protective Incantation and Sign of the Seventh Seal, but I'm not a fan of it by itself. I feel Decorated Skull is more for goofy Akachi combos that never really worked well for me, although I Spiritspeaker-ed 9 resources off of it once in Carnevale after mind-nuking some baddies and letting all my allies kick the bucket. It's a tough card to make action efficient. YMMV.
  10. Iuchi Toshimo

    I want to play AHLcg but...

    My wife and I started playing this game by ourselves, but once we demonstrated it to our board gaming group, several of them bought their own copies and we play regularly. I found my gaming group by using the internet - in my country it's an app called "Meet Up" If Facebook is available to you, then there is an Arkham Horror LCG Facebook group which may connect players in your country as well. Correct English wordings, rules, and FAQS can be found on arkhamdb.com and on the FFG product page. I'm uncertain about other localizations. Best of luck!
  11. I am aware, and was more concerned with consistency, but should have mentioned as much.
  12. I mean, I already said I'm not sold on the guy, he can find a home in the binder for now, but since we're simply theory crafting: Mateo could run 7th Seal at start. Then, the investigator pool could contain up to 8 copies of Chthonian Stone and 8 of Protective Incantation, which could significantly limit the special tokens remaining in the chaos bag. Investigators with access to Mystic tend to run these cards sometimes, so it's not totally absurd. Seems expensive until we're drawing all the tokens with Henry and getting 10 resources per action. Fun, I guess, but why isn't everyone just winning instead? Still, aside from Mateo who carries the 7th Seal but not Henry, there are still Jenny, Sefina, and Jim who could run both Henry and all these Mystic cards. Sure, Henry's unique, so only one person gets to go crazy at a time, but that's not a bad team, and oppressing the chaos bag that hard might actually be a interesting style of play.
  13. Henry Wan is better early in campaigns before the token bag is glutted with special symbols. NotZ starts at 11S/5F with expected winnings of 0.92. Dunwich and Carcosa start at 11S/4F with expected winnings of 1.09. Hooray for small profit! Also, an early Dunwich spoiler follows: cheating in the Clover Club essentially makes Dunwich start at 12S/3F (1.45). FA starts 10S/4F with expected winnings of 0.99. Of course, having a Mystic around sealing tokens ramps this up pretty quickly, so this Ally might be a way for someone on the right team to afford their early campaign toys and then be upgraded into Hot Streak at the earliest convenience. Personally, I'm not sold, but he's an early game card if anything and that's decent soak for Rogue.
  14. Iuchi Toshimo

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    Agreed. My wife and I love the skin of our teeth suspense that nearly every scenario has provided. I've also noticed that we get more trauma than weaknesses through FA. In Cascosa, our lead investigator had 6 weaknesses in her deck by the end. A couple of trauma seems mild in comparison. We still have to start our Depths run, but we've accumulated 26 vengeance, so I think payback is coming.
  15. Iuchi Toshimo

    Shattered Aeons Player Card Review

    Seal of the Seventh Sign is easily a 5/5. My case revolves around Premonition, Grotesque Statue, and Olive McBride. Each provides planning and dependability. I can use any of them and be certain of the worst case scenario. They are all desirable options in a certain type of Mystic deck - one that hedges the odds in their favor. With the exception of Premonition, however, all them are role locked. Seal of the 7th Sign fulfills a similar role for everybody on every test. That's simply insane and, ya, the group will notice the contribution. It's much easier to enable otherwise "risky" plays when everyone knows it can't fail. It is a capstone card for specific deck type and I could see Akachi or Mateo easily slotting one of these. This is not Protective Incantation, which imo is a terrible card of dubious benefit. This is sealing the auto-fail, which means all the keen eyed guardians, the highly educated seekers, the Double or Nothing rogues, and the Resourceful survivors can go absolutely ham for awhile.