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  1. York, Leeds and Hull all have stores that run, or are still to run, events if that's help to anyone
  2. Just because the wording of this might be a little misleading.... When you say, "but knowing I can use them repeatedly as long as I meet the requirements," are you referring to Action abilities (which can be used repeatedly so long as you meet the play restrictions and can pay the costs), or to Interrupt and Reaction abilities (which cannot technically be used "repeatedly," but can be used once each time you "repeatedly" create the appropriate triggering condition)? Repeatedly as in 'more than once in a given turn' but not in the sense of 'multiple times per trigger'. Using the Chaos Sorc. Dude as an example I can use him to boost damage on Khorne Bob's attack by +1 and next attack I can use him to boost damage on Nurgle Nigel's attack by +1. I can't however use him to boost Khorne Bob's attack to infinite as it's still only once pre trigger. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. 1: Thanks for clearing that up. I asked because I've come from other card games where when something is 'exhausted' (or that systems variant term) it did turn off there activated non-always on abilities. 2: I assumed as much for the interrupts and reactions being once per trigger, but knowing that I can use them repeatedly as long as I meet the requirements changes things up for how I play. And also what I may consider building when I get more expansions/sets. Thanks for clearing it up.
  4. Just picked up the core set, and getting more things soon, but whilst trying to learn/teach. 1: What can Exhausted cards do? For example can you still use abilities like Interrupt and Reaction even whilst exhausted? 2: How many times per turn (combat round or full game turn) can I use abilities? I'm looking at the Chaos Sorcerer guy and if he can be triggered multiple times per combat round/turn then that's a massive swing in lethality (new player, but a +1 damage to everything seems nuts if you get it on every action that causes damage).
  5. Sheffield/Patriot Games have already been discussing hosting an event next year so there's that if you're UK based.
  6. How about moving a little away from the nostalgia and doing something with whatever the current state of affairs has been? A lot of effort and involvement over the last few years shouldn't be discounted.
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