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  1. All characters. It would either use the word friendly, or "you control" if it was referring to just your characters.
  2. Check the RRG, under "Winning the Game" https://fiveringsdb.com/rules/reference#winning-the-game If both players would reach a victory condition simultaneously, the first player wins the game. This will shortly be updated to: If two or more players would reach a victory condition simultaneously, the first player wins the game if they have reached a victory condition. If they have not, the player closest to the first player’s left who has reached a victory condition wins the game.
  3. Finger of Jade can only interrupt an action that chooses/targets the character it is attached to. Miya Mystic only targets (chooses) the attachment, so Finger of Jade cannot interrupt its action.
  4. This one only lasts until the end of the conflict. [Tyler Parrott, May 11 2020]
  5. Since there's no duration specified in the text, is the intention of this card that the ring gains the elements forever, or just until the end of the conflict?
  6. Study the Natural World does two things, neither of which is a replacement effect: 1) It adds the corresponding elements to the contested ring immediately. 2) It creates a delayed effect that occurs during step 3.2.3. If you win the conflict, you resolve the contested ring’s elemental effects (all of them). This is separate from resolving ring effects during 3.2.6, meaning you can resolve one of the elements twice (you resolve all of the elements during 3.2.3 due to the delayed effect and one of your choice during 3.2.6 per the normal framework effects). If you activate Kami Unleashed while Study the Natural World is active, you choose a single element, as when instructed to resolve the effect of a multi-element ring you choose one instead of resolving all of them (RRG page 17). [Tyler Parrott, May 21 2020]
  7. (1) Is Study the Natural World a replacement effect, firing at 3.2.3 and replacing the normal choosing the element step of resolving a ring? It looks like it should be but the wording doesn't appear to match. (2) If I play Study and then trigger Kami Unleashed, do I choose one element or resolve all? Study references the player, unlike Kaede, but is the replacement effect in effect during the Kami trigger?
  8. You may choose no ring effects. Your opponent gets the ring effects of their choice, same as when Kaede is attacking and gets Display-of-Power’ed. Because Study the Natural World instructs the attacking player to resolve the contested ring’s effects when they win the conflict (during step 3.2.3) separately from the framework resolution of one of the ring’s effects (during step 3.2.6), Display of Power does not prevent the “you may resolve each of the contested ring’s effects” delayed effect but it does prevent the framework ring effect during 3.2.6 (which will only be of a single element of the defending player’s choice, thanks to Display of Power). If you are attacking Toshi Ranbo, the contested ring gains all five elements. [Tyler Parrott, May 20 2020]
  9. 1: if I win after playing Study the Natural World can I choose no ring effects. 2: if I win as the attacked and my opponent plays display of power do they get all the ring effects, one of the ring effects or what? 3: if attacking toshi ranbo which element would it be considered.
  10. Imagine this interaction already having a ruling. 😉 https://fiveringsdb.com/card/wholeness-of-the-world
  11. Can confirm, Covert and Seven Stings Keep do not work well together. I use the [Ruling] in the subject to keep track of which questions, and answers, have come directly from the developer. Thus, distinguishing them from player answered questions.
  12. Play the province as intended—you can trigger the ability even when there are no characters in your discard pile. [Tyler Parrott, Apr 8 2020]
  13. I have a question regarding Spectral Visitation and it’s intended working. At the moment it would seem like the target character mentioned in its pre-dash text would prevent Spectral Visitation from activating on an empty dynasty discard pile. As there would be no legal targets, hence the ability can’t trigger and costs can’t be paid. But the “Discard 4 cards” cost has a lot of people assuming that, Rules as Intended, it would always be sure to discard 4 cards first, so that you have a chance at a potential target even if the province would be revealed without any cards in the dynasty discard pile.
  14. If you trigger Back-Alley Hideaway’s action during the conflict phase, you may (in fact, you must) play that character using its disguised keyword. (Without the disguised keyword, you would only be able to trigger the Hideaway during the dynasty phase.) [Tyler Parrott, Apr 30 2020]
  15. Question about Back-Alley Hideaway (BAH) and Disguised. If a character with Disguised gets attached to BAH via its Interrupt, can if be later played with Disguised during the conflict phase by using BAH's Action?
  16. The characters leave play simultaneously, thus 1 honor is gained and lost simultaneously to result in no change in honor total. [Tyler Parrott, Mar 31 2020]
  17. A player is at 1 Honor, with two characters with no fate. One is Honored, the other Dishonored. Retire to the Brotherhood is triggered. How is this handled? Does the player choose the order of being discarded, like in the Fate Phase?
  18. You put into play a number of characters equal to the number of characters discarded. If Netsu prevents characters from being discarded, new characters will not enter play to replace them. If you have no characters with no fate, reveal 0 cards. You do shuffle. [Tyler Parrott, Mar 20 2020]
  19. How does Retire to the Brotherhood work with abilities that prevent characters from being discarded (ex: Daidoji Netsu)? Is the number of characters I reveal & put into play equal to the number of characters who are discarded, or the number of characters with no fate? Also, if you have no characters with no fate, do you still reveal anything? Do you still shuffle?
  20. Eminent provinces are faceup during setup, and both players can see what they are while taking their mulligans. [Tyler Parrott, Mar 6 2020]
  21. When is an eminent province is revealed to an opponent? Do both players see eminent provinces during setup? Or are they revealed on game start after setup? This could influence mulligans.
  22. In a 1v1 game, Privileged Position forces your opponent to pass their second (and additional) conflict opportunities as they cannot legally declare a conflict against you. (This conflict opportunity is not lost as in Waning Hostilities.) [Tyler Parrott, Mar 11 2020]
  23. Privileged Position has different wording to Waning Hostilities. "...cannot declare more than one conflict against you this round..." vs "...each player has only one opportunity to declare a conflict this phase." Obviously, Privileged Position is worded to allow the opponent to declare attacks against another player. But, in a standard game, is your opponent forced to pass their second conflict (as opposed to not having an opportunity to pass)?
  24. Yogo Hiroue may target a character who cannot be moved to the conflict and, if you win the conflict, dishonor the character. [Tyler Parrott, Mar 11 2020]
  25. With the removal of the dependent "then" rules, can Yogo Hiroue target a character that cannot participate in the conflict (eg. Dash skill), just to apply the delayed dishonor effect?
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