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  1. Pax South Tournament Turnout Sad.

    100 players should only give you 7 players that make the cut (6-1 or 7-0). So you'll have 14 players playing out a top 16. I think the math showed you need closer to 130 to get a true top 16, including the challengers.
  2. Pax South Tournament Turnout Sad.

    FFG remove Koteis from the Kotei page a short time after the event has concluded.
  3. Facebook. And the above 'summary' is almost verbatim from the post. (Cascade aren't posting regular detailed information) Seems they will have presence in the two global Facebook groups going forwards. I have no idea about other platforms (reddit etc).
  4. Holdings question

    Rules Reference guide, Page 8, under Holdings
  5. Game Length

    Timer starts after setup. Once players complete setup, they must wait for a leader to announce the start of the round before beginning their game. If the round has already begun, players may begin playing immediately upon completing these steps. For the Melbourne Kotei, I will be having a 5 minute countdown, which starts when pairings go up. The 60 minute round begins as soon as the 5 minute clock finishes.
  6. Reprieve/Iron Mine + Way of the Crab

    Rulings found here
  7. Discarding the Favor When a player is paying a cost, the payment must be made with cards and/or game elements that player controls. The word "friendly" is used as a reminder of this in some costs.
  8. Under final dot point of Provinces: "...Do not refill a province until it is empty." Pretty sure it's meant to be "unless it is empty". Edit: Current wording works, but looks clunky. "Once a province is empty, refill it" would be clearer.
  9. Radiant Orator and The Imperial Palace

    The main issue is that, literally, the first line under Glory Count in the Rules Reference is " When the players are asked to count glory, ..."
  10. Ageless Crone

    Dev ruling sighted.
  11. Back Alley Hide Away

    The Duplicate rule only works for Uniques, not non-Uniques. That said, if a Unique character is under the Hideaway, you cannot discard it to add fate to a copy in play. The card in the Hideaway is not in the province. The Hideaway only allows you to play the character as if they were in the province.
  12. Miwaku Kabe

    Unless a triggered ability is preceded by Forced (see Steadfast Samurai), it is always optional to trigger.
  13. L5R FAQ - A compilation of rulings

    I've updated the post with the new roles. Working on a big update on the rulings document. When complete I'll post it to the Rules subforum, rather than here.
  14. Guest of Honor Struggle

    Tip 1: Ask in the General forums, instead of the Rules section.
  15. Cancelling reaction events

    Under Max X per [period] in the Rules Reference. (And a similar rule is in place for Limit).