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  1. Agreed. If I were judging, I'd have zero issue with using dice during a conflict. If knocked, the skill totals should not be too difficult to recalculate, as opposed to an Honor total.
  2. A handy HTML version.
  3. I don't have the specific wording right now, but this question has already been sent back via the Official Rules Form for clarification. No harm in sending a second email, other than wasting dev's time.
  4. So, has anybody who disagrees with the ruling by Nate actually followed up with another email? Or is all the time and energy being spent in this forum going in circles? As it stands, if something is not clearly covered in the Rules Reference or the official FAQ, a response from a developer is the next best thing. It is the law. Anyone who intends to use the community-built Unofficial FAQ will take Nate's current ruling as official, until he or another dev correct, or confirm, this ruling. If the UFAQ is not for you, then I guess you're at the whim of your tournament judges as to how they interpret Ide Trader's wording.
  5. Also, we don't have Tournament Rules, so any assumptions we have about whether they will only follow the RR is just that, assumptions.
  6. And when the Rules Reference isn't updated in a month? Six months? A year? There's a group of people collecting as many official FFG responses as possible, and compiling an unofficial FAQ (which is starting to become widely available). As FFG update their documents, the UFAQ can be cleared of any unnecessary rulings.
  7. Not strictly bribery. Not until you make it to the final, and offer your opponent a cut of the bounty to let you win. So, bounties were just money being put on the table to make certain story choices if available. If chosen, the bounties could be collected. (More in theme with Doomtown, but the premise is still the same)
  8. In the CCG, players had a lot more 'power' when making choices for story prizes. One example is, "if you win, name any character from your clan to do X", where X is whatever story AEG put forward. Hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars could change hands. Pre-tournaments, there were threads of "I'll give the winner $200 if they pick the character I like".
  9. It might depend on who FFG actually allow to make story choices. Gencon was a vote by the Hatamotos. Could be expensive trying to 'persuade' a group.
  10. Converted to PDF format. L5R UFAQ 20170907.pdf
  11. Assuming I am understanding your notations correctly, it appears that you're saying there is two action windows before the first conflict. I believe you need to move that first (Action Window) to the end, leading into 3.4 (Imperial Favor check). My interpretation, assuming all 4 conflicts are declared. 3.1 Conflict Phase begins (Action Window) following 3.1 (AW 1) 3.2 Conflict 1, including its own (Action Window) (AW 2) 3.3 Go back to after 3.1 (Action Window) following 3.1 (AW 3) 3.2 Conflict 2, including its own (Action Window) (AW 4) 3.3 Go back to after 3.1 (Action Window) following 3.1 (AW 5) 3.2 Conflict 1, including its own (Action Window) (AW 6) 3.3 Go back to after 3.1 (Action Window) following 3.1 (AW 7) 3.2 Conflict 1, including its own (Action Window) (AW 8) 3.3 Go back to after 3.1 (Action Window) following 3.1 (AW 9) No more conflicts, go to 3.4
  12. Yes, it is an action, so falls under the Once Per Turn rule. Simple answer for the second is Yes. You need two targets (also, it doesn't matter who controls them)
  13. Now apply this thought to both Hotaru and Toturi.